Effects of Computer Radiation on the Skin and Remedies

Effects of Computer Radiation on the Skin and Remedies

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I wanted to do this post since a very long time, but was just busy and not in a frame of mind to compile this post. Well, there was always a question that used to come to my mind, that how do I protect my skin from the harmful computer radiations. I have pigmented skin and also I get easily sun/radiations burn, hence have to really take care to control the pigmentation on my skin. All these issues always made me worry and think as to how I could protect my skin from the very harmful radiations of the computer.


We spend on an average 9-10 hours a day in front of our PC, can you imagine the extent to which these radiations are adversely effecting our skin? My Gosh! This thought nearly scared me to death; because how much ever we take care of our skin, it was almost impossible to protect our skin from the computer monster! *scared* So today’s article is an insight on how harmful the computer radiations are and how can we protect our skin from these radiations.

Radiations doing its job on our skin!

  • The main reason of the negative influence upon the face skin is an electrostatic field and free radicals around the computer. The electrostatic field affects the acid-base skin balance causing irritation. As for free radicals, they lead to the premature skin aging. No matter what type skin you have, its condition deteriorates significantly.
  • The computer can seriously hurt the human skin and cause various skin problems, such as the decreasing brilliance.
  • Many times we have noticed that even though we do everything possible to make our skin look bright it just doesn’t! Yes, it is the radiations working on your skin.
  • Pigmentation is one common issue among most of us. This pigmentation can occur due to sun and computer radiations.
  • Noticing dark circles? Yes, welcome to the world of technology.
  • Again fine lines, wrinkles, yes these are caused due to ageing as well, but if you are aging faster, well you can thank your computer!
  • Skin peeling and becoming dry is also one of the side effects of these radiations.

Computer Radiation

All these horrifying signs on the skin that we run from, are running behind us in the form of the radiations. Guys, I am very serious on this one, because we spend so much time, money and efforts on various products to make our skin flawless but those will not work unless and until we take care of our skin from these basic monsters!

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In order to improve the skin attacked by the radiation, we need to cultivate certain dietary as well as external habits. Here it goes! 😀

Some internal habits that we need to cultivate:

    • A cup of yogurt is necessary every day. Yoghurt contains proteins, minerals and abundant probiotics. The intake of yogurt can supplement water and whiten the skin. In addition, it can help the skin regain brilliance. The vitamin B contained in yogurt can effectively resist the harm of radiation for the skin. Hence Yogurt plays an important role in alleviating the harm caused by radiation and repairing our skin.


    • Indulge yourself in a nice cup of green tea every day once you are back from a tiring day. This will not only refresh you but the proVitamin A contained in green tea is transformed into Vitamin A in our body and thus improve the harm caused by the computer radiation. The anti-oxidants present in green tea helps to reduce the darkening of skin caused by these radiations.


    • Increase the intake of foods like carrot, cabbage and bean curd to supplement vitamin A and protein. In addition, the intake of fruits and vegetables should also be increased so as to effectively remove the toxins from the human body. This will protect your skin and your eyes.


  • Citrus juices are possessed of antioxidants thanks to the high C-vitamin concentration.


Now something externally:

  • Give a treat to your skin once a week by applying face mask. Radiations can absorb the dust in the air due to the static electricity, thereby clogging pores. A face mask will help pull out all the junk and gunk from your skin.


  • Make full on use of your make-up base. Did you know your makeup base can not only resist dust but also alleviate the radiation!
  • Apply and slather sunscreen every 2 hours on your face! Yes, I know this is extremely difficult but at least ensure that you apply it once before leaving home and second time after your lunch break! (I have personally started doing this and I can see the difference, my skin does not look that dull or dark at the end of the day *happy dance* )


  • Put a moistening gel or cream at the under-eyes and eyelid area. That will prevent the skin from water loss, under eyes “bruises” and swollen eyelids.
  • Try to turn away from the monitor for some time in a day, to breathe some fresh air.
  • Clean your skin thoroughly in evening and apply moistening and nutritious creams to restore the skin balance.
  • Since computer radiation is emitted in all directions, computer placement is very important to reducing radiation. Make sure that the back of your computer screen is overlooking an area where people pass by. The second strongest radiation is behind your computer screen. You should have an ideal eye distance of about 80 cm away from the screen to reduce computer radiation.

So these were the basic things that we need to follow in order to stay young and beautiful! You will notice that your products are working better on you as well! 😀  Sorry for the long read, I did try to make it short but had to share this with all of you pretty people.

Thanks a ton for reading, Lots of love *puchhi*

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