10 Effortless Tips to Make Your Hair Less Oily

We know how frustrating it is to have an oily scalp as one minute your hair looks great while the next minute your hair turns oily. Also, oily hair can cause acne on your hairline, shoulder and neckline. A lot of factors can cause oily scalp and hair. Some of them could be pollution, stress, using wrong products or hormonal imbalances. Also, when your hair gets too oily, it starts attracting dust particles which result in an itchy scalp. Every other day, my hair looks dirtier and greasier. However, it is not always possible to shampoo your hair whenever they look greasy, so we have to take care of few things. Here I am with few tips to make your oily bangs look gorgeous all the time 🙂

1. Shampoo less often:

We know that shampoo helps to remove the excess oil and dust particles from our hair. Shampooing every day is not at all good for an oily scalp and hair. If you wash your hair every day, it dries out your scalp and fades your hair colour as well. You might not notice it at first, but when you start to shampoo less, your hair starts looking more natural. It happens because shampooing every day can strip the natural oils from your scalp, which in turn, leads to excess sebum production. You should try to reduce shampooing your hair often.

10 Effortless Tips to Make Your Hair Less Oily6

2. Avoid moisturizing products:

Everyone knows this, but I think it is worth to mention it. You should never use moisturising shampoos, leave-in conditioners, products designed for lustrous hair or thick conditioners if you have an oily scalp. All of the above hair products make your scalp oily and attract more dirt onto your scalp, which in turn, make your hair greasy and heavier. Do not use oil or hair spray near your roots or scalp.

3. Right shampoo for right hair:

Select a shampoo suitable for oily hair. It should be a mild shampoo. Also, you can use a clarifying shampoo once in a month. It helps to remove any extra layer of oil, dust and product buildup from your scalp. If you are using a clarifying shampoo, then do not use it often. Also, don’t use a shampoo that contains silicones.

10 Effortless Tips to Make Your Hair Less Oily1

4. Proper conditioning way:

Even if you have an oily scalp, it could be possible that your hair ends may be dry. So, it is important to apply a conditioner but do not use it on the scalp. Also, do not use a conditioner often.

5. Choose right hair brush:

If you are not using a right hair brush, then it may be one of the reasons for your oily scalp and hair. If you use hair products like mousse or hair spray, they start to build up on your brush bristles. So, it is important to choose your brush carefully and clean it periodically. If your scalp is oily, use a wide-tooth brush than using a densely packed one. A wide-tooth brush will smoothly distribute the natural oils on your scalp.

10 Effortless Tips to Make Your Hair Less Oily4

6. Avoid heat on hair:

If you didn’t know this, let me tell you that heat causes excess sebum production. So, if you want to style your hair, it’s better to do it with cold air.

7. Use a dry shampoo:

Dry shampoos come in handy on dull hair days. They come in spray or powder form. Dry shampoos are so effective in maintaining the texture of your hair and add volume to your locks. However, don’t be too dependent on dry shampoos as they can damage your roots.

10 Effortless Tips to Make Your Hair Less Oily

8. Try some sneaky hairstyle:

If you don’t like using a dry shampoo, then try changing your hairstyle because when your hair is greasy, it looks flat. You can curl your hair for a better look as curls make your hair look less flat. You can also try a sleek ponytail as it makes your hair look less oily.

10 Effortless Tips to Make Your Hair Less Oily2

9. Massage once a week:

Massaging your hair once in a while is essential to keep your hair healthy. One may think that using an oil on an oily scalp is a bad choice. But, massaging your hair and scalp once in a while boosts the blood circulation and reduces oil production. Also, don’t oil your hair more than once a week or twice a month. A better option would be using jojoba oil with tea tree essential oil.

10 Effortless Tips to Make Your Hair Less Oily3

10. Gentle shampooing:

Just because your scalp is producing too much oil, it does not mean that you should be rubbing your scalp and hair very roughly while shampooing. When you rub your scalp with force, you remove all the oil from it, leaving it dry which only leads to more production of oil. So, be gentle when you wash your hair and handle your tresses with care.

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  1. Yeah sure 🙂
    I mix 2-3 tablespoon of jojoba oil with 8-10 drops of tea tree essential oil for my hair and scalp. You can use the amount according to your hair need. Since my scalp is oily and dandruff prone, I prefer using jojoba oil and tea tree essential oil because of the light texture and dandruff fighting capability respectively. I massage with this mixture before an hour of washing my hair instead of leaving it overnight.

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