Can I Use EGA Cream With Bleach? Ask IMBB

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Suzan Asks:

My dermatologist recommended me to use ‘EGA cream as an anti aging’. I am using it at night from past 5 days. However, I’ve also started bleaching once a month from past 3 months due to post pregnancy pigmentation and bleach instantly lightens the skin. Ega has Retin A 0.15 and I’m little worried about it. Is it ok if I use fem fairness bleach once in a month and after 2 or 3 days continue my application of Ega cream. Also if U know a bleach better than fem please let me know. oxybleach is good but it doesn’t lighten the skin as fem pink does.

Fem Fairness Creme Bleach – Apple and Peach
Fem Fairness Creme Bleach – Blueberry with Milk and Pearl
Vega Large Powder Brush and Bleach Brush


6 thoughts on “Can I Use EGA Cream With Bleach? Ask IMBB

  1. Suzan…..there should be a good interval between the two creams and you should never use both the creams simultaneously. Also, Oxybleach is the only bleach that does not cause a visibly negative reaction on my skin, I would advise you to use Oxybleach.

    1. Thank you jomol. But is it ok If I stop using ega cream for 2 days and then use oxybleach and again after 3 or 4 days, use my ega cream. One more thing how often can we use oxybleach

  2. you MUST consult your dermatologist for this:) we don’t know the exact contents of the cream, only your dermo does…I’d say, don’t risk it!

  3. ladies , dont bleach, try natural stuff like vit c (lemon extracts ) , mulberry extracts, yoghurt and licorice maybe, why is it that when we decide to leave our scalp free of sulphates and bleach , but dont take the same precautions for our facial skin instead ? Plus , I agree with ritu R , retin A reacts with peroxide. and a lot of other ingredients, so you MUST talk to your dermatologist about this. – Just a humble wellwisher ^_^

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