Eight Homemade Hair Masks to Promote Hair Growth

I have put together eight easy to do hair masks, if you are dealing with hair issues like hair fall and dandruff or you could also use these for your regular hair care routine to promote hair growth.

Eight Homemade Hair Masks to Promote Hair Growth

1. Onion Juice for Hair Growth:

Eight Homemade Hair Masks to Promote Hair Growth

I know, I know, as weird as it sounds, it is equally true that the most common item you would find in any Indian household and without which a lot of Indian cooking is considered incomplete can actually do wonders to promote your hair growth and can also help in reduction of hair fall. All you need to do is take an onion, peel it off and grind it in a blender/mixer in to a fine paste. Now extract the juice from the pulp and using a cotton pad apply this to the scalp and hair but concentrate more on the scalp so your roots can absorb this well. Leave it in for a couple of hours and then you can wash it off with your regular shampoo. If the onion juice smell is too bothersome to you, you can add a few drops of rose water, preferable freshly extracted from a rose, to drive away the smell. The number of onions you might need depends on the length and volume of your hair, one onion serves well enough for shoulder length hair.

2. Amla powder and Coconut Oil mask for Hair growth:

Eight Homemade Hair Masks to Promote Hair Growth coconut oil

If you are looking for something that can give you a considerable increase in length of your hair, then you should try this. The combination of two teaspoons of Amla/Indian gooseberry powder and one teaspoon of pure organic coconut oil when used as a mask on the scalp, along the length of your hair can promote hair growth and also helps in increasing the length of your hair. Once applied, leave this mask on for three hours and then wash off with your regular shampoo. Use this mask on hair twice a month for quick results.

3. Egg White and Green Tea for Silky & Shiny Hair:

Eight Homemade Hair Masks to Promote Hair Growth egg

This am sure is quite a common remedy for those who aim at getting soft and silky hair with loads of healthy shine. Separate the egg white from yolk and add a few drops of green tea, whip it up and apply this mixture to the entire length of your hair and leave it on for anywhere between 30 minutes to an hours depending in how long you can bear with the egg smell. Once done, wash it off thoroughly with your regular shampoo and you shall be left with shiny smooth healthy hair.

4. Oil Massage & Towel Steaming for Soft Hair:

Eight Homemade Hair Masks to Promote Hair Growth towel

If you have had issues with dry or rough hair, this is the remedy you are looking for. I have tried this and it works perfectly.Oil your hair, don’t hesitate, indulge and oil it with ample amount of any oil, you can use coconut, almond or amla oil, just work with what suits you the best. Once you are done giving your scalp a nice massage, now dip a turkey towel (DO NOT use the normal cotton towels as they can’t retain the steam inside) in hot water and strain the excess water, be careful not to burn your hands while doing this as the towel tends to be really hot. Now wrap this towel around your hair and let it sit there on your head until it cools down completely. While you do this, you are basically letting all the steam in the towel in to your hair and scalp. You can repeat once more if you want to. Doing this at least once a month would give great results, the oil massage and steaming will leave you with soft and silky hair.

5. Aloe Vera mask for Silky Smooth Hair:

Eight Homemade Hair Masks to Promote Hair Growth aloe

Once again, this one is an easy hack for instant results. Scoop a good amount of aloe vera gel in a clean bowl, you can use fresh aloe vera gel or you can also use the one available in the market. Now add a few drops of lemon and rose water to the gel, mix well and apply this mixture all over your scalp and hair. Leave it on for an hour and wash off. You will see instant results of a health shine in your hair.

6. Yogurt and Lemon mask for Dandruff:

Eight Homemade Hair Masks to Promote Hair Growth yogurt

Apply a mixture of yogurt and some lemon juice on your scalp, leave it on 45 minutes and wash off. Doing this twice a week will give you definite results if you have been suffering from dandruff.

7. Olive Oil for Dandruff:

Eight Homemade Hair Masks to Promote Hair Growth olive oil

Olive oil can act as the simplest hack, if you want to get rid of that stubborn dandruff. Apply olive oil generously over you scalp and leave it in overnight while you doze off. Make sure to use cloth over your pillow else the olive oil can stain your covers. Next morning wash it off with your shampoo, make sure you have enough time on hand for the shower as olive oil is very sticky and you need to wash it off thoroughly. This sticky nature of olive oil helps in pulling out that stubborn dandruff that has been resting over the scalp.

8. Methi Paste for Dandruff:

Eight Homemade Hair Masks to Promote Hair Growth fenugreek

And here’s my last hack for dandruff again, this one is a common hack you must have heard your granny suggest. Soak some methi seeds/ fenugreek seeds overnight and next morning make a fine paste of it. Apply this paste all over your head, concentrating on the scalp. Leave it on until it dries, again you will need ample amount of time to wash it off as this mask is quite sticky in nature. This has been a popular fix for dandruff since ages and definitely works.

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