Are Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Worth the Hype?

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Makeup brushes are an integral part of flawless makeup application. Cleaning these brushes becomes a time-consuming and labor-intensive task if you have a lot of makeup brushes. I always wanted to simplify this process and gave this electric makeup brush cleaner and dryer – which I’ve been seeing a lot in my social media feed – a try. So, are such tools worth the hype or should you stay away from them? Let me tell you!

Are Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Worth the Hype


Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Tools
This gadget not only washes your brushes, it dries them up too. The one that I tried had following attachments:

1. Cleaning Bowl – A vessel to pour water and washing liquid so that we can dip in the brush to induce cleaning.
2. Motor Head – A battery-operated handheld tool with a switch to facilitate automatic cleaning. It has an option for plugging in the brushes for cleaning.
3. Brush Heads – Different sizes of brush heads are provided so that we can plug in the appropriate brushes into the motor head.
4. Drying Cap – An array of brush heads to plug in the washed brushes for drying the same.

How to Use:

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Demo

To use this tool, mix water and washing liquid in the cleaning bowl. Then, take the required brush head and plug the corresponding brush to it. After this attach the same to the motor head. Now, dip the brush into the cleaning bowl and switch on the motor. The brush starts to spin on its own once you press the ‘on’ button. This spinning cleanses the brush. This process can be repeated until you are satisfied with the results.

Once the brush is cleaned, we need to remove the brush from the bowl and then press the motor button again so that the brush spins again, which results in a semi-dried brush. After this, the semi-dried brush should be plugged into the drying cap to make the brush completely dry. This is the whole process of automatic cleaning and drying. This may sound simple, but actually, it is time-consuming and requires some manual activity.

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers How to Use


Now let’s discuss the efficacy of this gadget. The cleaning process may look easy but it’s extremely exhausting and boring, at least for me. The brush heads are a pain to choose and not all brushes fit into the provided heads. Though the brush heads are adjustable, certain brushes don’t fit into them, which is a bit of a letdown.

The cleaning process is actually the spinning of the brush head in the water and this is not similar to the actual scrubbing, which we tend to do manually. This clearly indicates that the spinning alone is not enough to clean the brushes completely; this being said, this cleaner cleanses the brush up to 70%, which questions the actual efficacy of this gadget.

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Drying Spin

I will definitely say that though the cleaning is questionable, the drying is super fast and easy with this one. Spinning gives you a quick dry and brings out ninety percent of water in just two minutes. The remaining ten percent can be dried by using the drying cap. This gadget is cool but pressing the button again and again for cleaning is boring. And I feel my hands become tired and numb.

Moreover, this machine ends up damaging the brushes as they are spun again and again. The handle of one of my cheap brushes cracked a bit because of this gadget. I didn’t get the expensive brush cleaner cum dryer but they all work pretty much the same.

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners and Dryers Before and After


• Dries the brushes in a jiffy
• Easy-to-use
• Does not consume a lot of time
• No need to scrub the brushes


• Brush heads cannot fit every brush
• Spinning doesn’t ensure optimum cleaning of the brushes
• Tiring process
• Can damage the brushes


Though this device was created to simplify the entire process of brush cleaning and drying, I don’t think it does anything extraordinary or life-changing. I would have preferred it had they marketed it as a drying tool. Overall, I think the core cleaning part is compromised and the quality of the brushes gets affected. In conclusion, I would say this tool is a miss.

That’s it for today, folks. Hope you enjoyed the post. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. 🙂

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  1. Being a makeup artist, I was very keen to buy this initially. The only thing which was bothering me was- wouldn’t the brush get spoilt since its bristles would be sprung open – the brush may lose its shape right. The bristles wouldnt be as densely packed as before.

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