Electrolysis Hair Removal Vs. Laser Hair Removal

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Thinking about permanent hair removal? Electrolysis hair removal and laser hair removal are the two most trusted and famous methods to go permanently or semi-permanently hairless. But, which one is better? Here’s a basic guide for you.

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What is electrolysis hair removal?

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In the simplest words, electrolysis hair removal is a permanent hair removal technique, which has been (in actual) declared ‘permanent’ by FDA, for the removal of hair. It generally works by damaging the hair follicles with the help of electric current up to an extent that they do not grow back for a longer time – a real permanent thing!

What are some points that you need to know about electrolysis hair removal?
• Electrolysis hair removal method actually works and helps to get rid of unwanted hair. It is the only FDA approved permanent hair removal method.
• Electrolysis has the best record for permanent hair removal.
• No matter what your skin type and skin nature is, electrolysis has something good for almost all the skin types.
• Electrolysis method of hair removal can be done anywhere on the body (legs, eyebrows, face, etc)
• It has almost no side effects. Especially, it doesn’t affect vision in any way, though precautions are to be taken.
• Electrolysis can be used to achieve permanently well-shaped eyebrows. Plus, it can also be used to treat eyelash disorder.
• Electrolysis is time-consuming as every hair follicle has to be treated separately/individually. If the hairs are thick with more density, it could consume even more time. And also, multiple sessions are required.
• In rare cases, the method of electrolysis can cause discoloration of the skin. But, this can be prevented well enough by the dermatologist.
• Electrolysis can be painful, yet tolerable. In the nutshell, it can be called uncomfortable, tolerable and a bit painful also.
• It ‘can’ be costly.

What is laser hair removal?

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Laser hair removal is another technique that helps to get rid of body/facial unwanted hair. But unlike, electrolysis hair removal, laser hair removal is not permanent or long term. Although the number of body hair will be considerably reduced, as new follicles develop, new hair can grow back. In the nutshell, one would not rate laser’s results over electrolysis’s result as the time-affectivity is variable.

And some points about Laser hair removal?
• It can be called a ‘semi-permanent’ method to remove hair. Moreover, with consistent sessions, hair growth can be discouraged up to a point where it gets almost non-visible.
• It can be as painful as electrolysis. Both the methods work by passing a small amount of electric current into the hair follicle.
• It can be done anywhere on the body.
• It is costly.
• It isn’t really declared ‘permanent’ or even ‘semi-permanent’ by FDA.
• It can cause irritation to your skin and cause your skin to become red, and if done in the wrong way by untrained physicians, it can cause scars and marks on your skin.
• More the difference between your skin and the color of hair/follicle, faster the equipment will help you to get them removed. Though, special equipments are used for darker skin tones.

Electrolysis hair removal Vs. Laser hair removal:

Both the methods will help to achieve perfectly hairless skin. But which one is better and worth investing?

Electrolysis hair removal

Why should you be getting electrolysis done?
In case you’re looking for a one-time investment to get permanently rid of your hair, electrolysis is the best method to go with. It isn’t only safe but gives permanent results.

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Why should you be getting laser?
If you’re looking something more than just hair removal, laser can help you. Though, a bit pricey and requires multiple sessions, laser actually helps to lighten the hair making them less visible. But, you’ll have to maintain the sittings with your physician every now and then.

Tips + Recommendations:

• Get electrolysis/laser hair removal done from a professional only. Make sure that your physician is board certified and has the latest equipment.
• If your skin is too sensitive, your physician might prescribe you topical medications like gels or serums which should not be skipped at all or replaced by ‘your’ products.

What do you recommend/prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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