Elemis Liquid Layer – SPF 30 Review

Elemis Liquid Layer – SPF 30

Hello Ladies,

I have another product review for you, yet again. It is a product by.. any guesses? Yes it is Elemis! It is a sun screen lotion for the face. You all know for my love for Elemis, so this is another product I decided to try and test for my skin and I shall be displaying my verdict over here for you lovelies.

Product Description

This lightweight, broadspectrum physical barrier is your first line of defense against sun damage and pre-mature skin ageing. Formulated with naturally occurring mineral Titanium dioxide, Elemis Liquid Layer provides water resistant SPF 30 protection against the sun’s UVA/UVB rays and pollution.
Polymeric spheres diffuse and redirect UV light, preventing harsh, multiple assaults from the environment. Cellular protecting Anti-Oxidants and Photoprotectants help defend against daily pollutants, which can accelerate irreversible free-radical cell damage.
Defined by nature, led by science

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Product Price– £ 27.00

My Experience with Elemis Liquid Layer – SPF 30

This sunscreen comes in a long white squeeze tube, with a silver screw cap on top. It is a very plain classic packaging. The Elemis logo and the product name is inscribed on top of the tube in wine red. I particularly am a big fan of their packaging, because, despite them being plain and simple, it is really classic.

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The colour of the product is white in colour, it is of a very runny consistency. To be honest with you, I find the consistency rather irritating. When I unscrewed the cap for the first time, without even squeezing the tube, there was product EVERYWHERE. On my jeans, my hands, my carpet. It was just flowing like a tap was opened. I spent a really long time cleaning the mess and it was not too easy to clean and I was super annoyed by the end of it. So definite negative points for that attribute.
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As for the fragrance, it has a subtle fragrance to it and it smells like a cream. I did not find the fragrance to be anything special, it was pretty ordinary and not overpowering. The good thing about it being so runny was that it was completely lightweight, and felt really light and comfortable on the skin. No greasiness or discomfort was endured during the application of this product on my face. Also, it does not sit on my face when I apply it, I wear it on my face. I usually apply it before I apply my moisturiser and it is a great feeling on my face if I am honest. Okay, so what I did not know though was that it was meant for dry skin beauties, and I definitely do not fit in there. So I ended up with breakouts! *sigh* So, this one did not go down well with me, because I had irritation of skin and flaring up of the same. But it might result well on people with dry and less sensitive skin.

Overall, despite it being so lightweight and all. It generally did not do well on my skin and I had to endure a lot of redness, breakouts and irritation. This broke my bubble of Elemis slightly, only kidding.

Pros of Elemis Liquid Layer – SPF 30

– Has a SPF of 30
– Feels lightweight on the skin, no greasiness is endured.
– Absorbed by the skin.
– Classic Packaging.

Cons of Elemis Liquid Layer – SPF 30

– The liquid was too runny and it created a mess when the lid was opened.
– The fragrance was ordinary.
– It was for dry skin beauties and it resulted in irritation of my senstive skin.

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Will I repurchase Elemis Liquid Layer – SPF 30?

A definite no!

IMBB rating- For me it was 2/5 (cause of the breakouts).

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