ELF Little Black Beauty Book-Review

ELF Little Black Beauty Book-Review

By Shagufta Y.

Hey ya girlies.

So…this is kind of my very first official review of a product on a blog…Without much jibber jabber…I will directly get to the point.

elf little black beauty book

So I got this baby delivered to me by one of my friends who stays in the UK.I chose this from the official website of ELF. This one is the “cool collection”,so,its called “The ELF Little Black beauty Book Cool collection”.They have another one which is the “warm collection” which is full of all pastel and earthy colors.

elf little black beauty book (3)

Price :

5$ (app Rs.280 INR)

Contents :
elf little black beauty book (4)

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20 lip glosses to the left and 28 eye shadows to the right. Well I am not very interested in the glosses though these are of pretty decent quality…but I just love the colors and awesome quality of the eye shadows. The eye shadows are a beautiful variety of blues,greens,pinks and purples and also a couple of blacks and whites.

Now all these are matte except for a couple of shimmer colors.The color pay off is just fantabulous and for the price I paid am just too happy with the product I have.The packaging is nice and sturdy but the plastic cover casing has to be retained always else there might be fall outs in to the glosses.

elf little black beauty book (5)

Pros of ELF Little Black Beauty Book:

  • Pretty Affordable
  • Great color pay-off
  • Great quality
  • Staying power is decent

elf little black beauty book (2)

Cons of ELF Little Black Beauty Book:

  • The lips glosses could have been skipped for a few more eye shadows
  • Not easily available locally, need to be ordered online with heavy shipping charges.
  • Plastic casing needs to be retained after every use which is quite a task.

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11 thoughts on “ELF Little Black Beauty Book-Review

  1. ALL THIS for 280 rupees ? 😛 Whoa. wow man. Elf gotta come here. fast. 😛 I loved the pinker side. Will like to try the warm palette if i can get my hands on one. 😀

  2. shagufta thanks you so much for this review! have been eyeing the earthy collection of this for a long time and was wondering whether or not to ask my bro viting from us to buy it! For the price and quality i think it is a steal! I will ask him to get it and all thanks to you!

    1. Am so glad it could help…and its even more special as this is my very first review of a product on a blog like i mentioned….. 🙂

  3. heyy.. its a very pretty collection, that too in budget for a college goer like me… 😉 could u please tell me from where i shall get it online?

  4. Thank you rati….. oh yes….what you said is so true…i felt the same too….because browns n earthy tones always come in handy…..nevertheless….love this one by all means…. 🙂

  5. Just a thought – the browns and earthy tones must in the warmer palette whereas this is the cool one – gotta check 😛

  6. i would so love to buy this… so sad no elf in India yet…. 🙁 the $10 one is also amazing it has 100 eyeshadows !!! good review!!

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