Revayur Lip Blams, Moisturizer and ELF Blending Brush Haul & Review

My mini haul: Last weekend, I went to big bazaar to buy some carlo du roma products after finding that out on the beauteboutique website. To my disappointment, big bazaar did not have any such brand. They had the regular Revlon, street wear, lakme and colorbar counters. 🙁 Meanwhile, it was already nine when we reached and you know how hubbys are, so I had to rush through what ever I could between the narrow alleys of shahanz hussain, lotus herbals, nature’s essence. The place is always crowded but to my relief, the cosmetic counter was at the ground floor just near the entrance so while hubs stood in the billing line, I managed to pick some products. I couldn’t possible return home without any such goodies and only lugging around our grocery bags. I found a new small brand called Revayur in one of the alleys and the girl there was quite sweet but before she could help me, I already picked up these awesome looking tubs of fruity lip balm in three flavours. They actually have five which I checked out on the Revayur website later but big bazaar only stored 4 out of which I did not pick up the orange flavor. The flavours I picked up were blueberry and vanilla. Lemon and vanilla and grapes and vanilla. They did not have cherry and vanilla which would have been my obvious choice. The SA also had some testers there of these balms and OMG the tubs had sliding lids and they were so cute and definitely something that I did not have, I have many lip balms but none in this sort of a packaging. They also had testers for a day cream and an aroma moisturizer. So I also picked up the aroma moisturizer quickly and ran looking for my husband. He was still waiting in the line Revayur Lip Blam, Moisturizer, Elf Blending Brush

What I love about these lip balms:

  • They cost me 55 rs for each tub for 7 grams. These are made in Taiwan FYI
  • I love the packaging in a tin tub with a slide open cap . 🙂
  • They are super glossy and last for hours. Trust me I wear these at night and in the morning the lip balm is still intact on my lips with that glossy feel
  • It softens my lips and great for every day use
  • It has a mild tingling cool feel to it which lasts for 5 seconds on application. Initially I thought that must be only for a particular flavour but all the flavours I bought have that tingling factor.
  • It’s so easy to carry and its ideal for teenage girls who are not into glosses yet but still would want some thing glossy on their lips always. This baby can slide into their pockets just next to their cell phones
  • The product is very smooth and glides well on the lips
  • Great flavours combined with vanilla (orange, blueberry, cherry, lemon, grapes)

Revayur Lip Balm Not so good factor about these fruity lip balms is that you need to slide your finger on top of the balm to get the product. I kinda mind that with long nails. Not to mention I hate the thought of contaminating this product with my finger again and again so I always need to wash my hands before I apply it. All have a vanilla scent which I am not fond of. One of the tubs rests on my dresser top and another in the kitchen and the third in my wardrobe for easy access all day. I plan on getting the cherry flavour too. Also, these lip balms are not tinted. They are neutral. Well I can’t say about the cherry one but will let you know when I get it.

The Revayur aroma moisturizer with aloe vera: aqua plus for face and body

Revayur aroma moisturiser with aloe vera Price: Rs 55 for 75 gram I bought it as a multipurpose cream as I have oily skin and ideally I use an oil free moisturiser. I also read that the lotions meant for the body are not to be applied on the face so this cream defeats the whole purpose. But it’s a hydrating cream definitely and is great for rough spots like feet and elbows. The oil in it gives sheen to my legs which I kinda like. It’s slightly oily for my hands though. Over all, this is a light textured cream like any other available in the market.

  • It has aloe juice. Indications on the pack are :
  • Fine textured formula that absorbs into the skin
  • Locks moisture within skin for deep hydration
  • Helps skin to maintain optimum moisture levels
  • Light aloe formula ideal for all seasons, leaves skin soft and comfortable.
  • To use: gently massage onto clean face and body. For best results, use twice a day.

Apart from Revayur, what I got was a horrible

ELF blending brush.:(

ELF Blending Brush

  • I don’t even want to talk about it. I have some other elf products like bronzers, eye shadows, blushes, foundation brush, facial whip, eye liners. But this of all products was the worst. This is more scratchy then my house hold jhadu. It scratches and hurts my eye. Forget about blending. Not to mention it cost me 149 rs and it’s prolly gonna sit in a corner of my cup board for the rest of its life. Poor animal which lent its hair to this brush.
  • The brush claims to blend multiple eye shades while softening dramatic edges and fine lines.
  • Brush can also multi task- use it to set powder or liquid concealer.
  • But sadly I will never use it again.
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32 thoughts on “Revayur Lip Blams, Moisturizer and ELF Blending Brush Haul & Review

  1. I want those lip balms.. elf has something like this but they dint launch it here.. what a pity..!!!

    When i ordered from Makeup mix shop this was the only brush that was OOS and i was thinking of buying it from here only.. but i guess there’s some quality problem with E.L.F. in India since the brushes i have are soft.. they do shed a bit but they are soft nevertheless.

      1. Ya the studio line is oh so soft..!!! and doesn’t sheds a bit it has already gone through three washes by now..!!

        The normal line is also good and soft but not as soft as studio ones..!!

  2. Hey neha..the lipbalms are supercute….I also kinda don’t like lip balms in tub form but I am surely gng to buy these…will keep an eye during my next visit to big bazaar..

    Sad the brush isn’t of good quality….the ones I had checked out were pretty decent no so bad…but on a lighter note u cud probably use this for cleaning purpose 😉

  3. Aw, the tin tubs are so cute! I would love to get a couple of flavours – blueberry and lemon are sounding good to me. I have waayy too many cherry flavoured ones! 😛

  4. tHOSE lip balms are really cute……..vanilla…..mmmmmmmm :silly: 😛 . I have been to Big Bazaar in Hyd and I have not seen them yet, hope they stock up here also. I like the joke about the brush being compared to jhadu…. :laugh:

  5. Hi Neha,
    Could u let me know where from u got the ELF blending brush….i am looking to buy a blending brush…..i have the body shop one but it is too thick…i want the ELF one..pls let me know where u got it from………..

    1. hi rati and anu…i just saw this
      anu first of all this particular elf brush is very rough…so dont waste ur 149 rs
      their studio line is good but not available in india

      secondly i hate to say this 🙁 🙁 but i saw that revayur is a maharahstra manufactured product…..hence chances are slim of getting it there yet…but u never know…but do come down to pune and get it 😀 u r welcome

      meanwhile check out their website

  6. Hi Rati
    I have been wanting to buy the ELF brushes…..could u let me know where to get them from in Delhi?
    See ya

  7. Thank you Rati. You are too prompt I say. Well I saw that neha had mentioned she got them from ig Bazar. Was wondering if it was a Big Bazar in Delhi or somewhere else..if so where?

  8. Hi Neha
    So u r from Pune Eh? Great. I actually need a blending brush. ELF seems to be the only one in sight…….the Body shop one is a bit too big and flat. I need a rounded brush. MAC 224 is good but a bit expensive…..may be i will have to buy that if i am left with no choices..i also have the vega professional brush set of 10 pieces.but they only have a crease brush……not a blending one……….why is there such a dearth of blending brushes in india………

  9. Even I was attracted towards these lip balms because of their packaging. A couple of days it worked just ok for me, the balm doesn’t stay for long. Then after few days of usage all of a sudden I discovered chapped, red, itchy and swollen lips. I thought my lips are not well moisturized and kept on using this balm and the very next day I discovered my lips turned dark as if I smoke a lot 🙁 Now I am doing so many remedies to get back that pink color :/
    I truly hated this brand, tried moisturizer (too watery) and body wash (crap) nothing is good. This balm is made in Taiwan and simply imported in India, no contents list present, nothing !
    I advise do not use this one… Now I am back to my Lotus lip therapy 🙂

  10. hi! i am from india. i would like to know where i can find these lip balms. Please let me know. i really want to buy one of these!!

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