E.L.F. Essential Brightening Eye Color Quad Teal Dream Review

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I hope you all are having a wonderful day. Today, I would like to share about a quad from ELF’s Essential Line that is the most inexpensive line of products in the makeup-sphere. Each product is either $1 or $2. I don’t know how such a low price is possible when I use a product from their Essential line and it is actually decent! This particular quad is halfway decent, it is not their best but not the worst either.

ELF Essential Brightening Eye Color Quad Teal Dream (7)

Product Description:
Luxuriously smooth, pigmented formula provides your eyes with a bright and beautiful sweep of rich color. The formula blends into skin for a long lasting, beautiful effect. Each quad is comprised of 4 coordinating shades that allow for both natural and dramatic looks. Built-in mirror and applicator included.

Directions For Use:
 Apply to upper lid.
 Gently glide on powder.
 Blend as desired.

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Price: $1.00

My take on ELF Essential Brightening Eye Color Quad Teal Dream :

It comes in a white plastic base with a clear plastic top. Inside, we have a tiny strip or mirror over which the dual sponge tip applicator resides. The 4 colors are packed in triangular pans. It is hard to get the color out with fingers but a small headed brush helps in better color pick up. The applicator is fine. I do not discard sponge tip applicators as soon as I see them, I am a firm believer that they are great for packing on color and fixing mistakes, they are also very handy to carry in the bag. The plastic feels very cheap, but for $1 I was not expecting any miracles at all.

ELF Essential Brightening Eye Color Quad Teal Dream (6)


The four colors in this quad – Teal Dream – are:

 A shimmery Bone/White
 A Shimmery dull Taupe
 A Satin Light Sky Blue
 A Satin Mossy Green


The colors feel very creamy if rubbed in the pans but once you swatch it on your hand or pick it up with a brush to apply on the eyes, it feels powdery. The Dull Taupe shade is the most powdery color. For 1/4th of a dollar each though, the shades are not at all bad in texture; they are decently workable. But there is nothing special about them. The shimmer in the colors is more prominent for the lighter shades, the darker blue and green ones appear more satin than shimmery shades.

ELF Essential Brightening Eye Color Quad Teal Dream (6)

Usage and Staying Power:

The sponge tip applicator is not a bad way to apply these colors but it is only good for packing on the colors & doesn’t help in blending them out at all. The taupe color barely showed up on my skin, it looked like ashy shimmer on my eyes. The blue and green, though decent shades during application are so close in their hue that they bleed into each other once their edges are blended. So, on my eye it looked like I was wearing just a teal color in the outer 2/3rds. If this is intentional then kudos on the name – Teal Dream! But why would they then make it a quad and not release it as a trio of colors! The staying power is decent for a 1 dollar product but for oily lids it will crease up after just 2-3 hours. On my normal lids, they worked well even for 7-8 hours, my only complaint was that the shimmer in the taupe color transferred around my tear duct area & also below the lower lash line. It was looking very unflattering after 5 hours of wear. Same applies to the lightest Bone color. The blue and the green stayed put much better. With primer, each shade performed much better and the blue and green showed up distinctly. A tacky primer will also help in reducing shimmer fall out.

ELF Essential Brightening Eye Color Quad Teal Dream (1)


I am not wearing any primer here. I have applied the taupe color in the inner corner; the blue is in the centre and the green in the outer edge and also has been used to smudge out the kajal on the lower lash line. The lightest color has been used as a brow bone highlighter. The liner here is Lakme Insta Liquid Eyeliner, and Kajal is the Bobbi Brown Black Ink Gel Liner and the mascara is Maybelline’s Colossal Volume Express Mascara .

Pros of ELF Essential Brightening Eye Color Quad Teal Dream :

  •  Inexpensive.
  •  A complete palette to create an eye look.
  •  Texture is creamy, good for the price.
  •  Comes with an applicator.
  •  Tiny and travel friendly; with a mirror.
  •  Decent color pay off
  •  Easy to blend

Cons of ELF Essential Brightening Eye Color Quad Teal Dream :

  •  Not sturdy packaging.
  • They need a primer to perform well
  •  Sponge tip applicator is not preferred by many
  •  The mirror is unusable because it is very small
  • Colors show up better when applied with a finger; with a brush the pay-off is pretty average.
  •  Non-availability in India.
  • Even in US or UK, they are mostly available online. Very few stores carry these.
  •  Even online, not more than 5-6 colors are in stock at once.

IMBB Rating:

2.5/5 – the price is amazing, but the packaging and the color pay off have nothing special to it.

Do I Recommend/ Will I Repurchase ELF Essential Brightening Eye Color Quad Teal Dream?

If you have a younger sister or daughter or someone who is too young for high-end products, then these are good quads to get them started. I will not be repurchasing this because I have better palettes with similar shades. I own 13 of these little guys and it took me 3-4 separate orders to collect them as usually only 5-6 colors are in stock. There are better quads in this range though; they are definitely worth a look if you can get your hands on them.

I hope this helped you all and until next time, Happy Makeuping!

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