ELF Essential Glitter Eyeshadow in Nature Girl Review

ELF Essential Glitter Eyeshadow in Nature Girl Review

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As a child, the first thing that really attracted me to makeup was glitter. Anything that glittered or glimmered got my immediate attention.  I have improved with age, but a bit like fine wine. :p  Now, I prefer things that give off either a subtle shimmer or just glimmer in different lights, very important for a goth rocker chic image. 😉  The product I am going to review is a very subtle glitter, that is probably a bit of a product defect, but works brilliantly for me.

ELF+Essential+Glitter+Eyeshadow+in+ Nature+Girl+Review




4 grams


This pressed powder eyeshadow comes in a little compact type package, with a lid that feels sturdy enough, but somehow, I am not sure if it will hold up once it’s dropped. Due to this flaw, I feel frightened every time I open this cute little product, but nevertheless, I think it might just be me being melodramatic, it seems sturdy enough to my friends.

ELF Essential Glitter Eyeshadow in Nature Girl 2


ELF Essential Glitter Eyeshadow in Nature Girl 3

My Take on ELF Essential Glitter Eyeshadow in Nature Girl:

Emerald is one of those colours that is universally flattering and can be a perfect pop of colour for any skin colour. This eyeshadow is a very pretty hunter green, darker than teal, but not a grass green. It is not an incredibly pigmented eyeshadow, but it can be built up, so it can be as subtle or dramatic as one wants it to be. It’s wear time is approximately 4-5 hours on its own, but can withstand a record time of 9 hours when swatched over a primer, even if there is some fading on the outer corners of the eye. Also, when swatched over a primer (or even wet), it becomes incredibly pigmented and dramatic which can even bring together a punk chic outfit. (I speak from experience :p)

ELF Essential Glitter Eyeshadow in Nature Girl 4

Even if this product comes under the Essential range, it’s double the regular price of any product in the range ($1). Which I find more than a little astonishing, because I don’t really see the point in a 100% price difference. But nevertheless, it’s a huge amount of product (4 grams!), so perhaps it is justified.


Glitter eyeshadow

Green glitter eyeshadow

Unlike regular glitter eyeshadows that have an abysmal amount of fallout, this one has a very little amount, but the problem here, is the lack of glitter particles. Off the top of my head, I can say that for every unit of glitter particles, there are about 5 coloured particles (this is not a scientifically conducted study.. :P), which is pretty low for what claims to be a glitter shadow. For me, this is a brilliant ration because the final effect turned out to be glimmery as opposed to shimmery. While this looks stunning (at least for me), it’s an obvious flaw in the shadow.

Pros of ELF Essential Glitter Eyeshadow in Nature Girl:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Travel-safe packaging.
  • Unique colour.
  • Smudge proof.
  • Pigmentation can be built.
  • Glitter particles are not all that much.
  • When swatches are wet or over a primer, it’s pigmentation improves drastically.
  • Minimal fallout.

Cons of ELF Essential Glitter Eyeshadow in Nature Girl:

  • The packaging looks a tad too flimsy.
  • For a glitter eyeshadow, there isn’t as much one would expect.
  • Gritty in texture.
  • Not the widest choice of colours.
  • No applicator is provided.

Would I Repurchase ELF Essential Glitter Eyeshadow in Nature Girl?

Nope! I would like to try something else.

Would I Recommend ELF Essential Glitter Eyeshadow in Nature Girl?

At the price point? Hell to the yes!

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    1. The price ranges differ. This product is from their essential range while the baked ones are from their Studio (higher priced range) one.
      I love their Studio products, but sometimes it’s fun to mix things up. *haan ji*

    1. Seeing as I ordered this product without checking out the review, I agree! *preen*

      Thank you for the compliment! *puchhi*

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