ELF Glossy Gloss – Berry Blush, Merry Cherry

ELF Glossy Gloss – Berry Blush, Merry Cherry

Lip Glosssssssssesssssss……. They instantly transform dull – boring – everyday lips in to beautiful -supple – kissable – succulent lips. Even most women, who do not spend too much time or money on their makeup, invest in a lip gloss. And when e.l.f recently had their 50% sale, I thought I’d try some of their famous “Glossy Gloss” lip glosses!

e.l.f Glossy Gloss in Berry Blush & Merry Cherry

Where to buy:

I bought these lip glosses on e.l.f’s official website but Amazon, eBay, and Target are other places where you can find e.l.f cosmetics. As always, when buying cosmetics online, please be wary of the colour and seller you’re buying from. e.l.f describes these lip glosses as the following: “Looking for ultra-shine without the shimmer? Glossy Gloss is here! Our high shine, pigmented Glossy Gloss delivers a beautiful sheen and a rich tint of color to your pout. Great for wearing alone or over your favorite e.l.f. Cosmetics lipstick, lip pencil, or any lip color for a vivid gloss effect. The Vitamin E infused formula provides intense hydration and moisture, for lip pucker perfection”.

e.l.f Glossy Gloss in Berry Blush & Merry Cherry (8)


You get 0.24 fluid ounces or 7.01 ml, which is a lot more product than you get with more expensive brands like MAC; Granted, you don’t use as much of a more expensive brand either. It comes in a little cuboidal tube with a funny applicator. It is almost like a nail paint applicator drenched in the product (think Benefit’s Benetint, Posietint, and Cha Cha tint!!!), which keeps the fine hair together.

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e.l.f Glossy Gloss in Berry Blush & Merry Cherry (9)

Price and Shipping:

At $3.00 + tax per tube, it is very moderately priced and very affordable. Most people just wait for e.l.f’s sales (like yours truly) and end up buying them for just $1.50 + tax which is a great price for the product. I don’t love the packaging, but for three bucks, I’m not complaining. If you do buy from e.l.f, their shipping is pretty fast (my orders always shipped within a week).

e.l.f Glossy Gloss in Berry Blush & Merry Cherry (6)

e.l.f Glossy Gloss in Berry Blush & Merry Cherry (5)

My Take on ELF Glossy Gloss – Berry Blush, Merry Cherry :

I am not a big “lippy” person. I usually sport bare lips or lips with the sheerest tinted lip balm. I prefer playing up my eyes because honestly, my lips are too dark for everyday colours (I’m too afraid to wear redddddd!!). But these lip glosses, actually show up on my lips. Not as a super bright, obvious colour, but a happy nude-y colour. They are not sticky, but slightly goo-ey, like most lip glosses. They apply easily and have decent staying power. As you can see, I got two colours – Berry Blush and Merry Cherry and I like them enough to place another order for Funky Fuchsia and Tangy Tangerine. I will update you guys on those when I receive them.

e.l.f Glossy Gloss in Berry Blush & Merry Cherry Swatches

Berry Blush is a beautiful muted-pink-mauve with brownish undertones (it looks better than I make it sound!). It is a super wearable colour if you work in a professional environment (and I mean super boring – dominated by men kind of an environment!) or for days you’re trying to keep it simple. I like this colour a lot. It gives me a “my lip colour, but better” look.

e.l.f Glossy Gloss in Berry Blush & Merry Cherry Swatches (2)

Merry Cherry is even more spectacular than Berry Blush. It is this semi-sheer red colour with pinkish undertones to it. Don’t get alarmed by the “red”. It is perfectly wearable for everyday purposes and makes your lips a beautiful colour. I’m in LOVE with this colour!

Here are things I LOVE about ELF Glossy Gloss – Berry Blush, Merry Cherry:

• The price. Between $1.50 to 3.00 + tax, they are awesomely priced!
• They are smooth and non-sticky.
• They do not bleed, run, or feather around my lips throughout the day.
• They have a decent staying time; Up to four hours without eating and a couple of hours if I eat/drink something.
• I like that the colours are not completely opaque or completely sheer either; They’re just perfect and you can always build the colour up, or play it down
• They have high shine and “gloss” and contain no shimmer/glitter.

w/o gloss.

lips (2)

Things I’m not so much in-love with about ELF Glossy Gloss – Berry Blush, Merry Cherry

• The packaging. More specifically, the applicator! Who thought that was a good idea?! What’s wrong with the standard doe-foot applicator/squeeze tube?!
• Any packaging that is not a squeeze tube is not very hygienic.
• Even though you get a lot of product, if used on a daily basis, you would probably run out of it fairly quickly.

Merry cherry


Berry blush

lips (3)

IMBB Rating:

I in no way claim to be lip gloss junkie, but with my little experience with lip glosses, I would rate these two colours as a 4/5.

Last Thoughts:

The e.l.f glossy gloss is a fun way to experiment with lip glosses. If you don’t mind re-applying your gloss during the day, this is a good alternative. The problem I can see that some people might have is a limited colour selection. But if there is a colour you like, I’d suggest at least trying these. They might just be the cheap gloss you’ve been looking for!

Peace out! <3


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