ELF Marsala Blush Moisturizing Lipstick Review

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I am sure ELF as a brand needs no introduction. Recently, they added seven new shades to their “Moisturizing Lipstick” range. I picked up the shade “Marsala Blush.” Read on to find out more about the lipstick.

ELF Marsala Blush Moisturizing Lipstick


Product Description:
The velvety, satin texture glides on lips with vibrant color and luminous shine. Enriched with Shea and Vitamins A, C, and E to nourish and hydrate the lips. The rich, creamy formula seals in moisture for long-lasting wear and comfort.

ELF Marsala Blush Moisturizing Lipstick

My Experience with ELF Marsala Blush Moisturizing Lipstick:

Packaging: This lipstick comes in a black plastic tube. A band at the bottom matches with the color of the lipstick and helps in identifying the lipstick if you have multiple shades. The packaging is quite standard but efficient. Also, it never feels that you are holding just a $3 lipstick.

ELF Marsala Blush Moisturizing Lipstick

Shade/Pigmentation:  I ordered this lipstick online without looking at any swatches. And so, I was expecting this shade to be a deep marsala color, but I guess I should have also paid attention to the other word in the name – “blush.” This shade is what you will get if you mix a marsala and a blush color – a dusty nude rose.

ELF Marsala Blush Moisturizing Lipstick

I was disappointed because I was expecting something else; but the shade in itself is a beautiful muted shade of pink. It is a MLBB shade for fairer skin tones but might wash out duskier skin tones.  The lipstick is decently pigmented but you will need at least 2 swipes to achieve an even finish.

Texture/Finish/Staying Power:  The lipstick is quite soft and creamy and glides on the lips. There is no tugging at all when you apply the lipstick. It feels quite light on the lips and is very comfortable to wear. It does not dry out the lips and feels quite moisturizing. However, it started to clump after a few hours of wear.

ELF Marsala Blush Moisturizing Lipstick

The finish is a lovely semi-matte finish; there is no sheen.  The lipstick has a strong vanilla fragrance. I personally do not mind it, but those of you who do not like fragrances in their makeup products will not like it.

ELF Marsala Blush Moisturizing Lipstick swatch

The staying power of the lipstick is quite average and it lasts for about 3-4 hours with little snacking. It cannot survive a whole meal. It does not leave behind any stain.

Light pink lips

Pros of ELF Marsala Blush Moisturizing Lipstick:

  • Nice rosy nude shade.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Decent pigmentation.
  • Nice semi-matte finish.
  • Does not dry out the lips.

Light pink lips

Cons of ELF Marsala Blush Moisturizing Lipstick:

  • Poor staying power.
  • This shade might wash out some.
  • Strong vanilla fragrance (though I personally like it).
  • Starts clumping after a few hours.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend ELF Marsala Blush Moisturizing Lipstick?
You can try it out if you absolutely love this shade, but otherwise there are better lipsticks in the market. I will not repurchase this one.

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3 thoughts on “ELF Marsala Blush Moisturizing Lipstick Review

  1. The shade is nothing like Marsala, but it is a pretty shade, nonetheless. I find semi mattes more comfy than super than on my lips.

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