ELF Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection Review

ELF Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection Review

ELF Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection Review

Hi again beautiful ladies!

Brushes! Ah the sheer joy a makeup lover gets when looking and working and also paying with brushes! There is something so satisfying about owning a range of brushes.  It makes me want to do makeup more often, makes me try new things, makes me more confident, but these are not just some pieces of vanity, there is a reason they are called tools and owning a set of high-quality brushes shows us exactly the difference good brushes make to our look.  I had been eyeing this ELF Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection for a long time and finally got my hands on it and boy was I glad! I’m loving these brushes and I cannot believe the amazing affordable prices ELF offers for real high-quality tools!

elf 02

Product Details (from the website):

Our ultra-luxe Studio Brush Collection contains 11 of our Professional Makeup Brushes, each one designed, tested and proven by a team of makeup artist pros to provide precision application every time. One of our most popular Makeup Brush Collection Sets, the Studio 11-piece Brushes are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand – with everything you need to create a flawless finish!  This Professional Brush Set is ideal for any makeup artist at heart, at home or on the go. Perfect for traveling or for your busy, fast-paced lifestyle. You’ll love how you can quickly grab and store any of the 11 Studio Brushes included without taking up a lot of space.  Our customers rave about what a time-saver these easy-to-use, easy-to-hold, and easy-to-love brushes are – whether going out for a night or going away for a week! And the Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection features a sleek, water-resistant case that holds and protects the full collection of beautiful, high-quality brushes. Talk about a great gift!  Each anti bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush is softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products. Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with this e.l.f. Studio brushes!  Each Brush is Vegan Friendly.

Dimensions of the bag:

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Closed: 7″L x .75″W x 9″H Open: 14″L x .45″W x 9″H

The Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection includes:

  • Sleek, Water-Resistant Case.
  • Eyeshadow “C” Brush.
  • Complexion Brush.
  • Small Angled Brush.
  • Small Smudge Brush.
  • Fan Brush.
  • Powder Brush.
  • Angled Foundation Brush.
  • Concealer Brush.
  • Small Precision Brush.
  • Blush Brush.
  • Contouring Brush.


$ 30 (~Rs. 1650).

elf 03

It also comes with a nifty little booklet that highlights the key features and uses of each of the brushes. Another thing I’m loving about these brushes is that each has its name written on it and they are available individually too at ELF. So, one need not pick up the whole set, just get the ones you need and each brush is priced at $3 (~Rs. 165).

elf 03 booklet

Let us look at each brush in a bit more detail:

Eyeshadow “C” Brush:

elf 04

elf 05

Website description says:

  • Creates the perfect smokey eye.
  • The medium size brush gives more control for more specific blending needs.
  • Use with any powder eyeshadow product for color blending.

I use this brush also when I need to sweep a single color on my entire lid.  Because it is so dense, it picks up a good amount of color and places it evenly over the entire space. The C-shaped edge is excellent for getting in the crease and not only placing the color but also blending it out.

Complexion Brush:

elf 06

elf 07

Website description says:

  • Creates an even and natural finish.
  • Expertly sweeps all types of powders across the entire face and sculpts features beautifully.
  • Use with pressed, loose, or translucent powders, blush or bronzer.

This is becoming my go-to brush for powdering my face.  It is soft yet sturdy enough that it picks up the least amount of powder and disperses it evenly. I always use it also to go over my face after I’m done with the blush, contour, powder, etc., to smoothen out and further blend everything.  This brush is very soft, therefore it does not help when you are looking for full coverage of powder or a deep application of blush or contour. This is good for only creating soft looks.

Small Angled Brush:

elf 08

elf 09

Website description says:

  • Creates precise color application.
  • Creates even, thin and straight lines every time.
  • Use to apply lip color, eyebrow color, or to line eyes.

Love this for applying my eyeliner and for filling in my brows. It is very dense but very tightly packed, so it gives the thinnest of lines when needed. This brush says exactly what it says it will do, but there is one flaw in it and that it’s too long! I get too close to the mirror at times while applying eyeliner and this brush always ends up hitting the mirror, so that can get a bit annoying after a while! Otherwise, it does its job.

Small Smudge Brush:

elf 10

Website description says:

  • Creates detailed pin-pointed color application.
  • Great for blending in eyeliner and shadow to create a smokey eye look or to fill in brows.
  • Use to apply powder to line eyes or create concentrated color definition

I use this to smudge out color below the lower lash line and also to place color in the inner corner. It is really tiny and gives a very precise application. It is also very good while blending out color in the eyebrows, its small size fits it well in the tiniest of places.

Fan Brush:

elf 11

Website description says:

  • Unique fan shape blends away makeup mistakes.
  • Dusts, wipes, and contours powders.
  • Use to create soft color over the cheeks, to apply a touch of loose powder to cover shine, or as a blending aid.

Does not help with blending anything! It is the softest brush and very loosely packed. It is only good for brushing away any fallout from eyeshadows or for applying sheer highlighter on the cheeks or other areas. The claims for this one are a tad too tall!

Powder Brush:

elf 13

elf 14

Website description says:

  • Creates a professional sculpted look.
  • Full coverage color.
  • Use for powder or blush for perfect contouring.

This is my favourite brush in this set. When it says full coverage, it means it! I have used it for buffing liquid foundation, used it to pat powder, to disperse product when I have applied too much; it works well for anything. It is VERY dense and has a flat top. The edge of this brush is excellent when it comes to contouring as well, especially on the hollows on the cheek. It gives a precise application, which you can then buff out with the flat side. An amazing brush for both liquid and powder.

Angled Foundation Brush:

elf 15

elf 16

Website description says:

  • Creates flawless coverage.
  • The angled shape allows you to apply product with precision in hard-to-reach places.
  • The brush applies foundation and other liquid products evenly across the face and within the creases of your features.
  • A decent angled brush, nothing extraordinary but no cons as well. It is very true to what it claims. Nothing more and nothing less.

Concealer Brush:

elf 17

Website description says:

  • Creates even and full coverage.
  • Applies and blends concealer smoothly and evenly to eyes, face, and blemishes.
  • Use with any cream products, including concealer, foundation, primer, eye cream, or cream shadow.

Yes, its good for concealer but I prefer it for applying eyeshadow.  Its flat surface makes packing on color very easy. It is one of go-to brushes for placing color on my lids. I also love to use it below my eyebrows to create a clean line with concealer to better define my brows.

Small Precision Brush:

elf 18

Website description says:

  • Creates thin lines and precise coverage.
  • Applies color evenly for small targeted areas.
  • Use to apply concealer, smooth on lip color, or line eyes.

I personally like using it around my lips with concealer for making the lines more sharp. Other than that, it is just the elder sister of the Small Smudger Brush as evident from the image below. It can perform all those functions but covers more area.

elf 19

Blush Brush:

elf 20

Website description says:

  • The tailored design allows for easy maneuvering and precise color application creates a beautifully defined and sculpted look can be used to apply blush or bronzer.

EXCELLENT as a blush, contour and highlighter brush. I’m hardly using any other brush for my blush. The triangular shape and compact size gives a very precise application on or around the cheeks and then the same can also be used to effectively blend it all out.

Contour Brush:

elf 21

Website description says:

  • The domed bristles pick up a lot of color and deposit it onto the eyelid for extra definition.
  • Adds depth close to the lash line and in the corner of the eye.
  • Use to sweep colors along the lash lines for concentrated color.

Yes, it works well for its claims, but I use it for my under eye concealer. I like the round shape and dense packing and soft bristles to evenly distribute the liquid or cream concealer, I then use my finger to blend it out more.  Overall, a wonderful set of brushes to have.  I washed it before using it for the first time and they did not shed at all, only the Complexion Brush and Concealer Brush had noticeable shedding, but even that happened only after the first wash. I wish that instead of one of the two very similar Small Smudger and Precision brushes, they should have included an eye liner brush, not an angled one, but a thin brush. Then, the set would have been truly complete. Nonetheless, I love this set and use it a lot.

Pros of ELF Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection:

  • Wonderful quality of bristles – soft, durable, withstanding multiple washes.
  • Do not shed even after the first wash. Some do not shed at all.
  • The beautiful handy black case.
  • 11 essential brushes in one set – each brush is usable.
  • Very affordable.
  • Looks super sleek.
  • Lightweight, easy to hold and use.
  • Each brush can be purchased individually, so easy replacements available.
  • The color black! I love it! 😀
  • Vegan friendly.

Cons of ELF Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection:

  • Availability in India.

I have mentioned one or 2 cons with some brushes, but overall as a set of 11, it just is a great addition to the makeup kit.

Do I Recommend ELF Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection?


Will I Repurchase ELF Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection?

I hope these last long and I won’t need to 😀

IMBB Rating:

4.8/5, they really should have included a thin eye liner brush, they do have one in their Studio range, it is sorely missing.

Hoped this helped ladies and happy Makeuping!

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17 thoughts on “ELF Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection Review

  1. I have the powder brush and the contouring brush from this line and I absolutely adore them! You are right when you say that the powder brush is multi-purpose, its just too good.
    Great detailed review and pics Nafisa, I am lusting after these now.
    Did you order them online? And do they ship to India?

    1. Thanks Aarbee 🙂
      I ordered them online when my mom was in US, she got them for me 😀 elf site doesn’t ship to india but thr r odr websites here wher these r shipped internationally

    1. the reasons for my recent goodies is that my mum was in US at my sis’..sh came back a month back…i got LOADS of goodies 😀 *happy dance*

      1. u ordered them online to US na..how much time did it take in shipping and is it better to get these in stores or buy them online in US..my friend might go to US in future so wanna plan 🙂

        1. i have heard from my sis that most of the popular products r always out of stock in stores so i think online ordering is ur best bet 🙂
          shipping regularly is 6.99 somethin lik tat, but they usually have some offer or the other so do use that n i have a code also ECD4 if it is still valid u can use that, it should give u buy 1 get 1 50% off 🙂 *thumbs up*

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