ELF Studio Lip Stain First Date Review

ELF Studio Lip Stain First Date Review

I bought some ELF products through my cousin in US. I was not expecting much from them, but just wanted to experiment with various products.  I am reviewing the ELF Studio Lip Stain in shade “First Date” today.

ELF Studio Lip Stain First Date Review

Product Description:

Achieve full coverage that lasts for hours with this long-wear formula. Enjoy silky matte color or layer on the moisturizing clear gloss for a shiny look. With key Vitamins A & E your lips stay smooth all day long.


First Date is a doll pink colour.


It has dual side packaging, one side contains the stain and other side contains clear gloss. Applicator also looks good.

ELF lip stain


3$ in US.


My Experience with ELF Studio Lip Stain First Date:

I liked the packaging; it felt sleek and classy on the first glance. Texture of the lip stain is runny, somewhat of a weird texture. It’s very difficult to apply it uniformly throughout the lips. This shade is very sheer and has to built up in order to hide pigmentation. I like the shade because I felt that the shade is quite pretty and looks good on me (I think :D).


Like most of the other lip stains, I first have to apply the stain, and when the stain has dried up, the clear gloss has to be layered on the lip stain. The clear gloss has a very low staying power, but the stain remains on the lips till I remove it with a good remover. When the clear gloss wears off, the lip stain makes the lips dry and patchy.  Still, I like the shade and I also like sheer lipsticks, so this was not a total fail for me.


Summing up:

What I Like about ELF Studio Lip Stain First Date:

  • Packaging looks good.
  • Shade is also very pretty.
  • Comes at a very cheap price if bought from the US 😉
  • Lip stain stays on lips until I remove them.

What I Did Not Like about ELF Studio Lip Stain First Date:

  • Application is quite tricky, very difficult to apply it uniformly.
  • ELF is not available in India.
  • It won’t be useful for hiding pigmentation of the lips.
  • Not suitable for dry lips

What I Hate about ELF Studio Lip Stain First Date:

  • Smells weird (like some chemical).
  • Gloss hardly stays for 40 minutes on my lips, and without gloss, the stain makes my lips dry and patchy.

IMBB Rating:

3/5.  I won’t recommend this product to anyone. But considering the price, it’s a good try without hurting the pocket.

This is how it looks on my Lips, but I am warning you, without gloss it really looks odd and the gloss has a poor staying power!


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