ELF Warm Eyeshadow Palette – 32 Piece Set Review

ELF Warm Eyeshadow Palette – 32 Piece Set Review

Hello Ladies,

I am reviewing ELF warm eyeshadow palette here. This is my third review on IMBB, my first review was in March 2012, Last year was super hectic that I just took photos for the reviews and stopped there. Let me see how good it goes this time.


Now, coming to the product, it’s a 32 piece eyeshadow palette from ELF that I got a year ago.  I bought this as it was on sale. This palette mostly has neutral and wearable shades.  It comes with a dual-sided applicator and a mirror attached to one side of the palette. The shadows are of various finishes – matte, satin and few shimmery ones. This is mostly my go-to palette these days. I do pair these shadows with the ones from other palettes that I have.


5 USD – I got it for 3.50 USD when it was on sale at Target.

Packaging:  It’s a very sleek palette and can be easily carried when you travel, but the package quality is very bad. I’m not sure if it’s just the unit that I got. When the product got shipped to me, one of the shadows fell apart. The mirror came off too. The palette itself is not very strong and it broke right near the joint. It’s your luck if you get a good one. The applicator is a regular one and is good.

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ELF eyeshadow palette 2

Product:  This warm palette has shades that include browns, plums, purple, grays, black, some taupe shades and few pinks. There are three to four highlighter shades depending on your choice. It has some metallic shades like bronze and few others. As I mentioned earlier, the shades are of different finish. I also noticed that some shades look similar when applied on the eyelids though they look different in the palette.

ELF eyeshadow palette 3

Texture:  The texture of these shadows is of mixed nature. Some shadows are very chalky and it’s hard to pick them with a brush. Few metallic ones become gritty and flake over a period of time. There are other shadows which are good and they get applied very well – the ones with rich pigmentation in the pictures.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation is rich for few shadows – the dark browns, purple and few plums. The matte ones don’t pay off much color and it’s hard to get the actual color on lids. The highlighting shades are good if you use them only for highlighting. I don’t think they go very well on the lids. The shadows with satin finish work really well.

Longevity: I usually use a primer/base as I have oily lids. They last really long on top of a primer and don’t crease much. The creasing is very less and not noticeable. I have used them on top of foundation also and they stayed long too.

My Take on ELF Warm Eyeshadow Palette – 32 Piece Set:

I don’t wear eye shadows on a daily basis. To me, this is definitely a good product for the price. If you are a beginner and want to buy some affordable eyeshadow, this will be a good buy. You get 32 different shadows for the price of 5$ and the product performs well from most of the aspects. You will definitely find your favorites among these.

ELF eyeshadow palette 4

What I Like about ELF Warm Eyeshadow Palette – 32 Piece Set:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Pretty and wearable shades.
  • Long lasting.
  • They do not crease much.
  • Most of the shades perform well or above average.

What I Do Not Like about ELF Warm Eyeshadow Palette – 32 Piece Set:

  • Few shades are chalky.
  • Packaging quality is bad.
  • Some shades are not pigmented enough.
  • Availability.
  • Some shades look similar on eyelids.


Row 1:

Row 1 - 1

Row 1 - 2

Row 2:

Row 2 - 1

Row 2 - 2

Row 3:

Row 3 - 1

Row 3 - 2

Row 4:

Row 4 - 1

Row 4 - 2

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend ELF Warm Eyeshadow Palette – 32 Piece Set?

Yes, if you are looking for a decent performing and an affordable eyeshadow palette that has a wide range of shades. You can skip this if you already own some neutral shades.

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  1. i liked this palette *hifive* but did not like all the shades in there… but some of them are really pretty-looking but wouldn’t pick this as half of the shades would go wasted.. would rather try some which are smaller in size than this one *haan ji*

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