Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick – Red Door Red

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick – Red Door Red

Hi Beauties,

As Elizabeth Arden had quoted: “To be beautiful is the birth right of every woman”.
These words have been the most inspiring words of my life; in regards to beauty and skin care. I was an extremely geeky and studious girl in my college. Infact; till my marriage a few years back; I did not have an iota of knowledge regarding skin care and makeup. My daily routine used to be, cleansing my face with a foaming face wash and followed by my sunscreen. In case I wanted to dress up, the only additional products used to be powder, kajal, bindi, and some lipstick. I was a complete novice where foundations, concealers, blushers, mascara, eyeliners; etc were concerned. But since last few years; in fact since I have been following IMBB, I have learnt quite a lot. I have understood the difference between pink and yellow undertones. I have realised that my skin type is combination to dry. I have realised that the purpose of foundation is not to make me look fair. Slowly and surely, I was understanding the slight nuances of makeup and skin care. Thank you IMBB.


Today, I will be reviewing a lipstick , which I bought as an alternative to Mac Ruby Woo. Whenever I visited a Mac store for a Ruby Woo lipstick; it was always out of stock. Coincidentally, I bought this lippie from Elizabeth Arden. My hubby was in Hyderabad at that time, and on return; to my surprise; he had bought Mac Ruby Woo for me. I was doubly pleased.

About the product: Lush, luxurious colour that lasts for 12 hours. Keep lips feel moisturised all day with a single swipe of long-lasting, high pigment colour that’s comfortable to wear and sumptuously soft. Ultra-conditioning and hydrating, Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick immediately feels moisturising and smooth on your lips with rich, silky pigment in just one stroke. It’s like a treat for your lips with luxurious wear and sumptuously soft comfort.Created with moisture-enriched pigments that help provide rich lasting colour, while help keeping lips feeling soft and smooth. Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturising Lipstick provides exceptional colour payoff that lasts for 12 hours without feathering or fading. Infused with Volulip™, Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick imparts and helps to seal in moisture deep within the lip’s layers to give lips a fuller, more sumptuous appearance. Volulip™ has been shown to increase the look of lip volume by 15% and firmness by 13%. The lipsticks are embossed with the Red Door logo emblem and housed in modern package designed a sleek gold tube with the signature Red Door design. Clinically and dermatologist tested.

Directions: Start in the centre of the lip and glide colour to the outer corners, following the natural line of the mouth. Evenly fill in lips, using all angles of the bullet, for maximum conditioning benefits and long lasting wear



Key Ingredients:
• Moisture Binding Spheres: Hydrate and seal in moisture to provide smoother lips.
• Volulip™: Delivers and locks moisture into lips to give them a fuller, plumper appearance.
• Moisture Enriched Pigments: Moisturising spheres surround and moisturise each pigment providing rich, lasting colour, while making lips feel smooth and soft.
• Shea Butter: A natural emollient that soothes and protects lips.
• Vitamins A, C, E: A powerful blend of vitamins to help keep lips looking moisturised and healthy.

Price: 17GBP for 3.5g

My Experience with Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick – Red Door Red:

When I first bought this lipstick, I was looking for a blue based red. But if I compare it to Mac Ruby Woo; where Ruby Woo is a blue based red; this one is a more neutral to blue based red.

This lipstick comes in a gorgeous gold and silver based packaging; and inside this is the heavy golden metal case. The metal case of all the lipsticks in this range have been given a door-like corrugated appearance; and a red-door logo is present on the outer packaging as well. The metal packaging shuts with a click; thus protecting the bullet inside; and you may carry it safely in your purse during your travels. The shade number and name is written on a sticker, at the base of the lipstick. However, this is the only differentiating point between the different lipsticks of this range; the outer and the metal packaging of all the lipsticks look exactly the same.

The bullet also has the door logo imprinted on it; which gives it a classy touch. Red door red is a beautiful cool toned red; which will look flattering on almost all skin tones. The lipstick tends to drag a bit on application; however, it is extremely forgiving on the dry patches or fine lines on your lips. The finish is satin and creamy and goes opaque with just one swipe. It has an immediate brightening effect on your face; and makes your teeth look whiter. IT does not dry out the lips at all; infact; it is moisturising on the lips ; and provides continuous hydration on pursing the lips together.

Now regarding the staying time of the lipstick. It has an excellent color payoff; just sticks to your lips; yet is very moisturising. And it has an excellent staying time of atleast 5-6 hours; with meals in between; and without any drying, fading or migrating. It a staining lipstick; the glossy look disappears after 3-4 hours; but the color remains intact; and by the end of the day; a very pretty and uniform stain is left on the lips. Even after it fades off, it never ever leaves the lips dry. I just love the balance which Elizabeth Arden has achieved with this new range of lipsticks; it is definitely moisturising; and yet it has an extremely decent color payoff and staying time. The lipstick does not bleed at all.

The lipstick is moisturising; and has a soft, creamy and glossy texture. Its application should ideally be exactly like you would apply any dark, steamy red. Your application technique has to have a lipliner and a tissue paper; and the application has to be very precise and crisp. The fragrance is beautiful; just like the Red Door Perfumes, a bit fruity and pleasing to most noses. It does stain the cups and glasses a tiny wee bit; but after 1-2 hours of application; there is absolutely no transfer.



It also contains vitamins A, C, E and Aloe Vera, so it keeps your lips healthy at the same time. The lipsticks are ultra-conditioning and hydrating, highly pigmented and so silky this lipstick glides on beautifully leaving amazing looking lips and feeling moisturised (very important). It indeed makes Elizabeth Arden’s words come true. To be beautiful is the birth right of every woman; and these lipsticks indeed do their work to make you look and feel your very best.



Pros of Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick – Red Door Red

• Comes in a beautiful gold and silver packaging
• The metal case is sturdy and attractive; and easy to carry around.
• The bullet has a door-logo on it; giving it a classy look.
• The color is what may be called as “An Universal Shade of Red”….. neutral to cool toned…looks very glamorous.
• It is very easy to apply
• It is moisturising and conditions your lips
• It is extremely forgiving on the dry areas and fine lines of your lips
• It contains an amazing array of good ingredients
• It does not feather or bleed
• Finish is satiny and creamy
• Does not dry out the lips
• Goes opaque with a single swipe.
• Excellent staying time
• Stains the lips; leaving a very pretty; uniform shade of color
• Brightens up the face
• Makes your teeth look whiter.
• Pleasing, fruity fragrance

Cons of Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick – Red Door Red

• Expensive
• Tends to drag a bit during application
• Transfers a teeny-weeny bit.
• All the metal cases look same; you have to look at the sticker to identify the shade.

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5

Will I repurchase Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick – Red Door Red?

No, and that is only because I want to try out the other shades too. And many other brands also have gorgeous red shades; hence would love to try those out as well. Will I recommend this: Yes, I would. These Lipsticks do carry the punch; to put anyone else off the mark and go on gazing at you; totally mesmerised.

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32 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick – Red Door Red

  1. I jst luv ur swatches you make every lipstick so beautiful..I read ur rev on Bourjois velvette lippes n cldnt resist myself I sum how cajoled my hubby n got 4 of thm..,this shade looks so pretty on you Arpita

    1. Ha ha melissa…. U got 4 of them…. Those are one of the best lip stains i have used…. How was ur experience…. Did ya like it… Which shades did u get… Btw thnx… Luv u so much

  2. it looks really hot on you!
    and even i should thank imbb…. i have learnt alot from each one of you here! coming from medical background i refrained myself from buying make-up. but now i know make-up and made-up are two different territories 🙂

    1. Wow parul… Tumhaare and hamaare khayalaat kitne milte julte hai… Me too a medical professional…. And humne bhi bahut kuch seekha hai from imbb and the entire team

    1. Awwww sweety…. Thnx for the complements…. And this one is an universal shade of red… I believe it will look good on everybody… U just havta hav belief in urself

  3. XX doc, great pic, love the shade though its not fully blue based as you wanted but still looks adorable. the best part is the texture and the staying time, love the packaging and great review and clicks doc! hats off….:)

  4. No dear….this one is not a true blue based red…. But close enugh i guess…. And now that i hav got ruby woo…. Well …. I m not complaining

  5. Well I shd say I just adore them they are the best lippes I hav ever used…so true ur reviews were based n I agree on every word jotted down…I got nudist peach club 02 n grand cru…simply amazing…need to really tnku u for this.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous lip swatches, Arpita! 🙂 This is an amazing red! Looks so good on you! I am definitely checking this out!

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