Elizabeth Arden EDP Spray- Mediterranean

 Elizabeth Arden EDP Spray- Mediterranean

This is my first perfume review since I love perfumes after shoes. I used to have ten different perfumes, but all of them are over now and this is the last one of them. I will try to get them all again soon. I have a great collection of watches as well. This is one of my favorite party wear perfume from Elizabeth Arden.

Elizabeth arden mediterranean edp spray

Product description:

Sophisticated and enticing, this luxury scent is a tribute to the generous and encompassing beauty of the ocean. Channelling the spirit of the perfect woman who is graceful, alluring and carefree, Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean uplifts her into a realm of liberating calm. Created by Claude Dir, this captivating Eau de Parfum is crafted for the elegant house of Elizabeth Arden.

An alluring combination of fresh notes of mandarin with fruity peach and luscious extracts of plum make up the top note. Moving into the heart of the fragrance, experience the spicy floral hints of wisteria with clean and sweet orchid and lemony tint of magnolia. The fragrance ends with a rich fusion of distinct sandalwood, smoky aroma of amber and velvety soothing notes of musk. A skill full blend of fresh and warm extracts makes this woody floral fragrance an ideal companion to crisp and magnificent evenings. Ensconced in a fluid oval shaped glass flacon resembling a drop of pure aqua, the azure blue hue of the fragrance flows sensuously. Topped with a textured silver stopper that adds a sparkle to this elegant structure. Holding the refreshing and seductive essence of the ocean, this fragrance is for the woman who goes through life as if it were a carefree swim in the ocean.

elizabeth arden mediterranean perfume2

  • Top Note Mandarin, Plum, Peach
  • Heart Note Magnolia, Orchid, Wisteria
  • Base Note Sandalwood, Amber, Musk


It was a gift from my aunt. According to the website it costs 3500 for 100 ml.

My Experience with Elizabeth Arden perfume Mediterranean:


It comes in a beautiful ocean blue colour bottle elliptical in shape with a silver textured cap. The total package again comes in cardboard package in silver and blue. Its win’s my heart there since blue is my favourite after brown.


It’s a perfect party fragrance with a hint of sophistication. It’s kind of a mix between floral and masculine fragrances. It is ad bit strong for every day wear. Few may not prefer it. Musk is kind of masculine and many tend to avoid it.  It’s a really long lasting perfume best used for functions and meetings. The problem is that it loses its top note and heart note too fast and settles on base note when not sprayed properly. It doesn’t get sickly-sweet though unlike other perfumes. This is best used by dabbing with cotton.

elizabeth arden mediterranean perfume

It’s a bit strong if worn on your neck. It might give you a head ache. But then armpits, wrists work just fine. It lingers even after getting washed. Be careful with jewellery though especially pearls. I got my earring degraded because of this.

Initially, you may find it alcoholic in smell immediately after spraying. That is a con again. This shows it contains alcohol a bit more than necessary. It’s a glass bottle so it is risky while travelling. The cap comes off as well sometimes. And the bottle itself is huge to be carried.

If you spray too close to your skin, it leaves a mark making it obvious for everyone.

Pros of Elizabeth Arden perfume Mediterranean:

  1. Beautiful package.
  2. Sophisticated fragrance, good for professional women.
  3. Staying power is great. Lingers even after washing.
  4. Easily available.
  5. Good price for the quantity.

 Cons of Elizabeth Arden perfume Mediterranean:

  1. Many may not like it as it’s a bit masculine too in smell.
  2. The pungent smell of alcohol immediately after spray.
  3. Loses power when rubbed accidentally and settles on base note.
  4. Leaves a mark when sprayed too close.
  5. Too strong for everyday purpose.
  6. Gives you a head ache and ruins pearl jewellery.( sigh! it’s my mistake actually)

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Would I Repurchase  Elizabeth Arden perfume Mediterranean?

Hell yeah! I don’t care about the cons though. Most of them are my mistakes and accidental. It’s my favourite nevertheless. It’s perfect for a girl like me who prefers sneakers to stilettos any day.

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9 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden EDP Spray- Mediterranean

  1. Hey Dharini.. Headache is one thing that i too agree 2 this.. but dint know it spoils pearl jewellery 🙁 Bad.. However I find this smell to be a bit mild for my taste..thats why gifted it to my sis

  2. My faourite from EA is pretty but i also like green tea , they dont give much of a headache since they are a bit lighter

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