Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Tropical Eau De Toilette Spray Review

Hello sun shines,
We all hunt for good fresh smelling summery perfumes during the hot summer days to keep us all lively and boosted up. Elizabeth Arden perfumes come at a very reasonable price and I have had a good experience from the ones that I had tried earlier, so this time, I picked up the EDT from the Green Tea range named “Tropical”. Let’s see how this one worked for me.
Elizabeth arden green tea tropical edt

Price: Rs 1300-2000 for 100 ml (price varies from store to store)

Product Description by Elizabeth Arden:
Get your day off to a fresh start when you spritz yourself with Elizabeth Arden green tea tropical eau de toilette. This refreshing EDT combines tropical and fruity top notes with green and fresh middle notes, while ozonic base notes round the aroma. Simply spritz yourself in the morning before heading out to work or after a work-out to freshen your appearance.

Top notes: Litchi, passion flower
Middle notes: Green tea, tea and magnolia
Base notes: Musk and tropical fruits

My Experience with Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Tropical Eau De Toilette Spray:

I saw a couple of variants in the green tea range but my eyes were glued to this one since I am more into fruity scents.

Packaging: The EDT comes in a very fresh looking parrot green box with the name nicely written over it. It has all those fancy leaves over it which gives it that “tropical” feel. The price for 100 ml is pretty reasonable and I think anyone who wants some budget friendly perfume can try this one. The bottle is super sleek yet broad. It is a see-through bottle so I can easily notice the quantity. It has a nice leaf with a bright green cap. I really liked the packaging and did not find any flaws with the packaging.

Smell: The moment I spritz it, the amazingly refreshing and crisp fragrance gets mixed up with the air around me. It revives my senses completely the moment I spray it. It opens up with a fruity blend of green tea, tangerines, pink grapefruit, sweet limes and fresh litchis. It doesn’t smell of typical green tea because the base is very mild while the tropical fruits dominate the scent. It is said to be a fruity-floral scent but I can smell those fruity hints more; the floral hints are not very recognizable. It is pretty over-powering at the beginning since the sillage is high but once it goes to the middle and base notes, it becomes pretty mild. It is a perfect scent for summers because it reminds me of a beach with fresh water, shores where you can relax, sunset and those fun holidays. I love the musky base of it but only if I can smell it because it is super mild. I liked the fragrance a lot because it was a different one to try; but this is nothing new to me. If you want something for daily use then this is a good one but not if you want to try something new!
Elizabeth arden green tea tropical packaging

Staying power: The staying power disappointed me to the core. This lasted for a very low time of just 2 hours and this totally failed to serve the purpose. No doubt the sillage was good for 20 minutes or so but once it reaches to the base notes, I can no longer sniff it. I wish the lasting power was a bit high of at-least 3-4 hours because I can easily get 2 hours of staying power from a body mist or a deodorant which will cost a lot lesser than this. So it loses a lot of marks as far as staying power is concerned.
Elizabeth arden green tea tropical

Pros of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Tropical Eau De Toilette Spray:

• Looks very refreshing in fresh green colour.
• Handy; the bottle is sleek so would fit into the travel-friendly category.
• The scent is super fresh, crisp and tropical.
• It smells of fresh blend of green tea and tropical fruits like tangerines, sweet-lime, litchi and grapefruit.
• It smells very fruity with hints of floral scent.
• It totally lifts up the mood and revives the senses.
• Lot of variants available in the green tea range.
• Affordable.

Cons of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Tropical Eau De Toilette Spray:

• The lasting power is pretty low and lasts up to 2 hours.
• The scent is very regular; nothing new, I have tried such scents before.

IMBB Rating: 3/5 (low lasting power)
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Tropical Eau De Toilette Spray?
No, I wouldn’t pick it up again nor would recommend it because although the scent is fresh and crisp, the staying power totally disappointed me. There are so many better options to try out rather than this one.

Conclusion: I personally am not that impressed with the green tea range from Elizabeth Arden! I like the other ranges from them more.

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