Elle 18 Color Bomb Nail Polish No. 7 Review and NOTD

Elle 18 Color Bomb Nail Polish No. 7 Review and NOTD

Hello Sweeties,

I’m gonna review my first Elle 18 color Bomb Nail polish in Shade No.7 (in fact my overall first color bomb product).

I never had an idea of picking any Elle 18 products off late. I have used their nail paints and lipsticks when I was in college. Also, their color bomb range seemed to target teen gals more. So, I always relate that brand as a college gals brand :tongue: .

I was doing some toy shopping for my nephew in some random fancy store and was waiting for the shopkeeper to give me the change. There I saw 2 (only 2 ) Elle 18 color bomb nail paints lying in a container. One was a very glittery shade and other was the No. 7 shade, which was a decent-looking pink. It looked so nice in the bottle that I had to pick it up!! (the shopkeeper told me not to swatch as it was not a tester and he didn’t have one :-/ ). That’s how I picked my first Elle 18 color bomb :announce:

Price:  Rs.45 for 5 ml.

Lemme try to explain the shade better.  It’s neither a bright pink nor a baby pink. It’s between nude shade and pink shade. You can even call it as a dirty nude pink :dumb:

Elle 18 Color Bomb Nail Polish No 7 Review and NOTD

When I applied it on my nails, it made them look fresh and nice. Guess what ? I feel so much comfortable with this shade that I have applied this second time in a row :jiggy2:

The swatch photo below is as close to the real one:


But, when I took the bottle to apply for the second time, I saw a layer of liquid separated on top. After shaking the bottle, it became okay, can’t expect more from a cheap product like this :nono:. Can you see what I’m trying to say in below picture.


Also, I liked the concept of smaller quantity (5ml) than other brands which are usually 8ml. That way, I can finish up the nail paint pretty fast and don’t have to store it for long time until it gets dried. In case if I like a shade so much, I can always go ahead and buy another bottle of it after finishing it up. Also, the cheaper price would give us freedom to try so many more shades :haanji:

Lets see the pro’s and con’s.

Pros of Elle 18 Color Bomb Nail Polish No. 7:

1.  Cute packaging.
2.  Consistency of the nail paint was neither too runny nor too thick, perfect to glide on without much effort.
3.  Two coats of it gave a complete opaque and medium glossy finish.
4.  Each coat took about less than a minute to dry.
5.  Came with a decent brush.
6.  Affordable price and quantity of 5 ml is a pro for me.
7.  With 2 coats it stayed for 4-5 days without chipping.

Cons of  Elle 18 Color Bomb Nail Polish No. 7:

The separation of the liquid when left idle for a long time :yuck:

Other than that, I don’t have any other complaints.


4.5/5 (-.5 for the liquid separation).

Overall Verdict :

This is a very good nail polish and very easy on the pocket for nail polish junkies like me. They have so much fun shades and I’m gonna try most of them :jog: :jog:

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64 thoughts on “Elle 18 Color Bomb Nail Polish No. 7 Review and NOTD

  1. Such a beautiful color and totally agree on the smaller quantity thing, I hate it when nailpolishes get goopy and dry. Smaller ones will finish faster as well, so less chances of my mom freaking out over how many nailpolishes I have! 😉

  2. PRETTY SHADE…..I have a similar shade in avon simply pretty & love it…..I totally agree on the lesser quantity & lesser price thingy. :yahoo:

  3. :yahoo: :yahoo: kaps u n i hv same nails and hand types :whistle: :whistle: i m gonna try tis one also I m intrstd in such colors :stars: :teddy: :makeup: :makeup: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  4. YEah krupa. This is perfect pink for office. Not too bright or not too light. DO try it. Saw it available online in some sites :thumbsup:

  5. I have the same shade and I love it ! :happydance:
    Though they do get dried up pretty fast,I think its just because of the shape of the bottle..this is the first nail paint that i actually repurchased :rotfl:

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