Elle 18 Color Bombs Color Burst Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

Elle 18 Color Bombs Color Burst Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

I also got a Color Burst lipstick from the Elle 18 Color Bombs Range. The shade name is Spice-ginger No 11. It’s a brown –beige color. I do Not normally wear browns. But somehow the shade looked very nice in the light and indeed it is a beautiful shade.

The package reminded me of Mac as per the look. But although the package looks expensive, it is not. It is flimsy compared to the last packaging which I think was a sturdy one. Here is how it looks

Elle 18 Color bombs Color burst lipstick
Elle 18 Color bombs Color burst lipstick

Price: 100 INR I got it for around 95
Quantity : 4.3 ml ( as much as a Lakme lipstick, quite a good amount)
Shelf-life: 30 months from packed
Composition: not mentioned
What the company claims: the company claims it has cocoa butter. Apart from this nothing is there.

Elle 18 Color bombs Color burst lipstick
Elle 18 Color bombs Color burst lipstick

This is the Color Burst lipstick. Its is frosted but looks pretty on the lips. Although I don’t like brown. I don’t know why I got this color. An impulse may be.

The color payoff is okay. I guess the color pay off would be good for some lippies the way they looked. But this one is a bit sheer. Let me show you the swatches

Elle 18 Color bombs Color burst lipstick
Elle 18 Color bombs Color burst lipstick

This is a single swipe and I was left with this much of color. I don’t mind going over more than once while putting on my lips. I’ll be able to finish it sooner then: P

The product smells sweet and good. I find it quite pleasant. It is not overwhelming and goes away after a while. So, for those who cannot stand strong smells it is good for them as well.

Pros of Elle 18 Color Bombs Color Burst Lipstick

  1. They are cheap. This is a positive advantage surely. I can carry it around and lend it to friends as well (Of course I don’t lend it to every one for hygienic reasons ).
  2. The color pay off is good.
  3. The package is cute
  4. Stays on for quite some time

Otherwise there is nothing too great. But then, what more do you expect?

Cons of Elle 18 Color Bombs Color burst lipstick

  1. The package is flimsy and it feels cheap to hold in hand.
  2. All the colors are not yet available. Can’t tell if those will be available later on. I always find all the colors are never available in a single store which is definitely a disadvantage.

I can’t think of any other cons because I don’t have too high expectations from this lipstick. Serves my purpose well.

Besides, I noticed some thing. I get the feeling that is just old wine in new bottle. Only the package has changed. Because, I saw a shade called Pomegranate pie which looked exactly like the shade that was called Frutopia. Also, I found an Apple Spring(s?) which was there before. The shade Maroon Iris also looked good. The other shades are not all frosted. Only a few are frosted.Here is the Spice Ginger on my lips. Let me know if you like the shade. It looks pinkish because I took it in day light and my lips are deep pinky brownish whatever a color it is, somewhere between them. But it actually looked more brown from a distance.

Elle 18 Color bombs Color burst lipstick
Elle 18 Color bombs Color burst lipstick

Elle 18 Color bombs Color burst lipstick
Elle 18 Color bombs Color burst lipstick

Will I repurchase Elle 18 Color bombs Color burst lipstick ?

Yes, I will. It comes dirt cheap and I’ve always owned an Elle 18. They are the deep holed pockets’ best friends. 😛

Have you used Elle 18 Color bombs Color burst lipstick ? Please rate in the box below

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34 thoughts on “Elle 18 Color Bombs Color Burst Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. i was waiting for this soulmate O:-)
    i am losing interest in elle pop stuff blah blah :-/
    i just wanna check out all shades thats it
    shade is looking good on nivs
    wear it …
    me not into browns either 🙁

  2. They look grreat on the lips, look very moisturising.
    Nivedita, you have become the brand ambassador of this collection on IMBB, you have reviewed almost all products from this collection!! :yes:

  3. Good review Nivedita. Are you going to review the elle18 gloss? As for these lippies, I too noticed quite a few names were the same as the previous collection. But I still want to check it out. How does it feel moisture-wise? Same as the old lot?

  4. Nice review nivedita..waiting for lippies too.. 🙂 wotz itz staying power on single applicatn? Can v xpect 2-3 hours?
    Can anyone plz tell th official website url of elle 18?

  5. I am soooooooooooo lookin around for this lippies…i had an intution that it might be “old wine in new bottle” as u said….i just had a feeling…..but i am still getting these…we all are soooooooo obsessed!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  6. Nice review..I have bought 3 colors wildberry wet,cocoa creme,grape rain. but I want to know if there is any nude browns or pinks? also I want to know if the color jamm is true purple or not! I just need 1 true purple color and some nudes too. plz help

    1. You’ll find it at City Centre, the cosmetics shop just at the wooden staircase, level 1, Goregaon sv road. Very close to the station. :yes: :jiggy1:

  7. i love ur blog.. :waytogo: i bought berry brook and frosted cherry shades recently..the shades are very soothing tinted with a shimmery effect but not well defined on the lips during evening..most of them are day wear colors…i felt that all the shades are not available too..i wanted apple springs and raspberry ripple..didn’t find them 😐

  8. i like the old shades of elle 18 , i need this old shade no : 8,51, 52, 18,17
    but i cant find the same shade in new elle 18 color burst , can u suggest me th :jaiho: e new colours as same as old. i am using this elle 18 lipstick from also 5 yrs ….
    i m madly luking for this lipstick shades but i am not able to find in any shop in thane :scream: …
    pl suggest me .. my old shock is over …. :waaa:
    and i dont want to go any other brand other then ELLE 18 🙂

  9. m using elle 18 since ma school days……… new collection is awesome bt want d shade no: 066(orchid blaze)….. hv nt found same shade anywhr….. m desperately luking fr it……. :smug:

  10. i too recently got elle 18 color bomb and the shade is rosy blush .it gives a nice red color to my lips.plus it stays on for 5-6 hours.the taste also feels good.to me it was easily available .there were many shades but specifically i was looking for red color so i purchased this one from elle 18 since i was having elle 18 lipsticks before since 2008.i think in this price its giving a good payoff.

  11. anyone use the pink i want it too but its my 1st time to use ele18 i want pink color for everyday use for clg going. i m going to market but confusion to buy all colors looks similar .plz suggest which shade (with no.) i buy. i have fair skin plz reply soon

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