Elle 18 Color Burst Wild Berry Wet

Elle 18 Color Burst Wild Berry Wet

Elle18 Colorburst wildberry wet 24

Main Ingredients?

Not mentioned on the pack, it says coco butter, but I think its more of leftover coco butter than any real coco in this!

What the Product Claims?
There is no claim on the pack, which at least hints that they knew this is just nothing! They claim nothing, you should expect nothing either!

wild berry

The story behind my purchase of this product?

I purchased it after reading many online reviews on how this is a cheap inexpensive lip color that doesn’t promise much, but can at least give you some sunshine for an hour or two.


Why Did I Purchase this Product?

I was looking for a nice baby pink or any innocent pink out there; this has been a total fail just like my other attempt with Baby Pink from NYX. Please check my other review on the latter.  I have been using this since October 2011, I bought it from an e-shopping site.

berry lipstick

What Do I Like about Elle 18 Colorburst Lipstick:

  • The color showed on the poster is beautiful.
  • It has a faint smell of bubblegum which is pleasant, but any which way, its not long lasting or strong so…


What Do I Dislike about Elle 18 Colorburst Lipstick:

  • Fragile, easily breakable.
  • Very oily, I suspect this is made from a large amount of mineral oil, color and additive shimmer and parabens.
  • Many people say that its only for 100 rupees, so you shouldn’t expect much, but today, we live in a competitive market, there is nothing like its for Rs. 100, so don’t expect much.
  • This has ABSOLUTELY NO COLOR! This is transparent burst, not color burst, false advertisement.
  • This tastes so toxic and bitter that I had to wipe my tongue out!!

Cost:  100 Rupees for 4.3 ml, 2 $, available online, but never heard or seen it in any shop in Mumbai at least!

Pink Lipstick


Lipstick, soft, semi-solid, easy to break.

Most effective Usage:

In my honest opinion, don’t use it!

Will I Repurchase?

Over my dead body!!

Who Do I Recommend This For?

No one!

Who Should Try This?

No one !

Also, I was doing a background check on Elle18 and this brand has no website or customer care contact service or anything. If anyone knows, do let me know, I would like to send a written complaint because according to consumer laws:

1) They cannot sell a product with no ingredient list mentioned on the pack.
2) False advertising, even if the color doesn’t, the poster, the color of the bar is actually transparent.
3) Poster shows the color number is 25 , but the e-shopping site I bought it from and my pack shows 24 ?!

Image Source: From Google.

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34 thoughts on “Elle 18 Color Burst Wild Berry Wet

  1. Wow!!! i knew Elle18 color bombs isnt as good as Elle18 dewlippers, but never thought its as bad!!!
    Elle18 is owned by Lakme and i guess Unilever in the end.
    I dont use any of them as they do animal testing.. :yikes: :yikes:

  2. Caramella, I have the 24- Wildberry wet too. It leaves a waxy coat on my lips and i too do no use it anymore. I actually wanted to pick another grape colored hue along with this, now am happy about my decision to try one first. O:)

  3. I have this. I hate it. 😐 I just open it to sniff it once in a while. :dumb:
    I thoght I’d et cute baby pink lips when I bought it. This is bakwaas! :yuck: No color at all. :huh: :huh:
    I like the baked peach one though. That one worked real good for me! :haanji:

    And :hunterwali: :hunterwali: for animal testing.

    1. haww..I like baked peach and pomegranate pie, bought caramel and cranberry too only to give away….I like these only because I use them when I’m taking my kid out to play for an hour or half… otherwise, really bad staying power…it just vanishes away.. :-/

        1. Haaiin? :stars: It lasts three and half hours on me! ?:) 😐
          And I was actually planning on getting pomegranate pie next…but I’d rather not now that I’ve actually tried other lippies.I can live without it. :nono: :nono:

  4. i had 3 of these duds
    the new ones
    they broke at the base
    and tehy melt
    and then they smell :yuck: :yuck:
    i need to review those three

    i also wanted to reveiw them to all NO ONE GET THIS

  5. sorry you have been having such a bad experience. i have a few of the Elle ones and quite like it. my only problem has been staying power but other than that the smell etc werent so much a problem for me.. :stars: but this particular shade I dont have..

    1. Aruna, sure uve the latest ones in the color bomb range?
      I remember the old elle18 dewlipperz were decent enough, but i think color bombs are actually “colorless” bombs!

  6. first of all fab pics :waytogo:
    i have never used Elle18 lippies yet but I wanted to try these are they sounded very reasonable but didnt know they tasted so bitter and had weird smell.. :spank:

  7. Lovely pics caramella……it does look verry good the way you have clicked the lipstick….and of course very good review :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  8. wht pictures :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: u made this dud look so very tempting :drool: :drool: :drool:

    bt on a serious note nice review n thanks 4 sharing ur experience. i hvnt tried these yet n now i wudnt ever :tongue: :tongue:

  9. That shade is completely different from what it actually is!

    Anyway, I really liked your pictures! which camera are you using? 🙂

  10. i purchased it for its beautiful pink color… n it did no9thing to my lips :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
    i swear by lakme enrich satin 651 suggested here at IMBB… they make my lips oh so pink oh so natural…. :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :preen: :preen: :preen: :preen:

  11. This is a disaster frm the entire so called elle 18 collection…..i think the nivea fruit shine lip balm gives more colour than this lippie :hihi: 😀 most of the shades are dark and are definitely nt keeping in mind the teenage crowd who normally buy elle 18 as its affordable….however a nice pick shade frm this range is no 23…. :thumbsup: if u try lemme knw
    great review :thumbsup:

  12. Thank you SO much for this enlightening review!! I was about to purchase it myself online..but just thought of checking some reviews first (thank god!). Conclusion: Not buying it now..you saved my 100 bucks 😉

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