Elle 18 Color Pop Liner – Blue

Elle 18 Color Pop Liner – Blue

Hello beauties, today I am introducing another eyeliner from the range of Elle 18 Color Pop, this one is Blue. I have already used the grey one, and I like the shade a lot. Bought the Blue one as well, used it recently lets see how this one fares.

Product Description:

Elle 18 has recently introduced some colored liners namely Blue, Green, Brown and Grey.



Elle18 Color Pop Eyeliner Blue

75 INR

Shelf Life:

24 months


No where mentioned

My Experience with Elle 18 Color Pop Liner Blue:

I have used the Elle 18 liner in Black since long and that was probably my first liner. I liked it a lot, have changed to another brand recently to give a break to that one. But then the brand came up with new colors, and I couldn’t stop myself from trying these cuties.

I swatched the color on my hand, and I liked it, so picked it instantly along with Grey variant. The shade is versatile I think, blue is a color which will look lovely on the eyes. I have used the blue shade previously for eyeliners and I personally love it to give a jazzed up look.

Elle 18 Color Pop Eyeliner Blue (6)

This one is exactly the same packaging of the Color Pops Nail paints; they look identical more because of the shimmer content in both the products. The round cute liner bottle looks attractive to me. Over the years using Elle 18 Liners, I have a complaint of the wand size, its quite small I feel, doesn’t feel comfortable to hold while application, it should have been a little longer. I noticed the difference as I am using another Black everyday liner, which has a longer and sleeker wand.The texture is liquid, with a hint of shimmer. The consistency is fine to go a long way as far as dryness is concerned. The staying power is great, it won’t come out or smudge/fade until you wash it or your eyes get wet.

Pros of Elle 18 Color Pop Liner: Blue

• Lovely shimmer Blue, great for evening wear. But I wear it anytime almost 😛
• Affordable price range.
• The quantity will go long.
• Shimmer makes it special for special days.
• Cute packaging.
• Leakage proof, the cap is nicely secured and product won’t leak out.
• Compact size handy for your makeup pouch.

Elle 18 Color Pop Eyeliner Blue (5)

Cons of Elle 18 Color Pop Liner: Blue

• Chemical smell, but not bothersome.
• Glass packaging is difficult to handle, but I haven’t been unlucky to break any of these so far.
• The wand should have been longer for easier application.
• Doesn’t work quite well for lower lash line as its liquid + shimmer, both my spread and make it messy.
• Ingredients list absent as usual.

Will I repurchase Elle 18 Color Pop Liner – Blue?

Not this particular shade, but the entire range is good.

Elle 18 Color Pop Eyeliner Blue (8)

Do I recommend Elle 18 Color Pop Liner – Blue?

Yes why not, go get it if you like colored liquid liners.

IMBB Rating:


Final Word: I have used all the shades so far. None of them are bad. This one is as per individual’s choice as its not a neutral shade. Though I like it. If you have used Elle 18 previously, this one won’t disappoint you quality wise. Hope my review will help you make a choice 🙂 see you soon again, til then keep it stylish. Take care 🙂

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  1. I m thinking of trying amny shades in this series…..it will be my first for colored liners…..nyways thnx for dis wonderful review… *thankyou*

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