Elle 18 Color Pops Liner in Green Review

Elle 18 Color Pops Liner in Green

Hello pretty pretties, I am back with another review of Elle 18 products, the last from the list of colored eyeliners form the new range of products. Three colors Grey, Brown, Blue have already been reviewed on IMBB; here comes the fourth and final one – Green. By now the news has spread like hot air, about the new launch of Elle 18 products, so I am excited to review these for you all. Let’s begin.


Product Description: Elle 18 has recently introduced some colored liners namely Blue, Green, Brown and Grey.

Quantity: 5ml

Price: 75 INR

Shelf Life: 24 months

Ingredients: No where mentioned

My Experience with Elle 18 Color Pops Liner in Green:

I have been using the other shades of Grey and Blue so far and am quite satisfied. This one is Green, but very dark on a blacker side with shimmer. This makes it very wearable I guess, but not specifically for everyday use. But you can wear it quite often. This is also a regular Elle 18 black and pink packaging. The liners come in cute round bottles, identical with the nail pops of the same range. The bottles are made of glass, which is a little risky to carry and keep. But liquid liners are mostly packaged in glass bottles, but still I prefer glass over plastic as its more useful to check the quantity left and texture change, in a plastic bottle you can’t make out what changes happening inside.

The texture is right for a liner; I apply one clean stroke to avoid any hassle and messing up. This one I wear over a black liner, which makes it more highlighting. The staying power is great if you dry it completely. It won’t smudge or fade, until it comes in contact with water.


Pros of Elle 18 Color Pops Liner in Green:

• Affordability is a major pro for this one.
• At this price the quantity is good.
• Good quantity but compact packaging makes it easy to fit in your make up pouch, in case you washed off your liner, to reapply it.
• The round girly bottles make it look attractive and cute.
• Shimmer content is not overboard, giving it a special touch.
• Leakage proof, the cap is nicely secured and product won’t leak out.
• Glass bottle makes it easy to know how much product left and whether it’s getting dried up.
• Intense green shade.


Cons of Elle 18 Color Pops Liner in Green:

• If you keep your nail pops from Elle 18 and these liners in one place, they might be mixed together and its time consuming to sort out, as the bottles are absolutely same.
• The color is blackish green and not really green green, like the blue one. I had difficulty in swatching to take out the real color on lens.
• Availability till it spreads the market.
• It tends to crumble if you apply a thick line or over sketch a line. Idea is to keep it clean and mess free. So wear it minimal don’t bath your eyes in it.
• Ingredients list nowhere mentioned.
• Not suitable for lower lash line wear, though one needs to be careful and pro at applying on the lower line.

Will I repurchase?

Out of all the shades in this range I liked the grey one most for its wearability and versatility, so I will pick up that for sure. But others I am not sure about.

Do I recommend?

Yes this one is a intense green with black undertones, lovely shade for office wear too, as its dark in color can be wore as evening wear too.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

This finishes the list of eyeliners of new launch of Elle 18; hope you can make your choices with the help of these reviews here on IMBB. Thank you everyone for appreciating my efforts, love you all. Take care until I see you soon with something equally interesting.

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10 thoughts on “Elle 18 Color Pops Liner in Green Review

  1. Hey Khushi I got the grey one after reading ur rev.,,wld luv to check out green n blue as well *happydance* …..loving the grey for now.

  2. m so bad at applying liquid liners *cry* *cry*
    but since these elle 18 ones are super cheap, i guess i’ll buy them and practice *happydance*
    on ur suggestion will be buying the grey one tommorow only *jogging* *jogging*

    1. Hey thank you so much.
      Y dont u try following some youtube videos on tutorials on liquid liner application for beginners. It will gr8ly help u. lil Tricks n tips to learn from.
      N u must indulge in liquid liners, they r gr8 for upper lashline.

  3. I am tempted to buy the grey eyeliner from Elle 18 although I’ve never used a liquid eyeliner before. *preen*

    *thankyou* for reviewing all the shades for us. *puchhi*

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