Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick Cocoa Creme 14-Review

Elle 18 Colour Pops Lipstick Cocoa Crème 14-Review

I was searching for pink and coral lipsticks. I had too many browns in my collection from recent time as you would have seen in my reviews. If they are not brown completely…they will have brown undertones. It was scary why brown was so appealing and why I was struggling so much to find the girly pink colour. And I went to the nearby supermarket to get Pinken from Elle 18 when as usual this caught my eye. It happens sometimes. I remembered I didn’t have any dark brown lippie without those awful glitters. I was so happy to have found a sheer lipstick at last. And I went out again and this time too I got a brown (groan) and the best coral lipstick shade I own… More on that later.

Elle18 colorpops lipstick cocoa creme




Iit’s brown as in cappuccino brown only a shade or two darker. It can be nude brown for few people. It looks orangey even from a distance. Orange is almost negligible but as it fades it can be noticed on lips without any pigmentation like mine. And it looks darker than the pictures here in natural light.


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Elle 18 colorpops lipstick cocoa creme swatch

It’s really really creamy than any other lippie from this collection I have…and believe me I have a lot from this collection. It’s sheer (yippee) and takes multiple swipes but gives complete coverage after everything.
Staying power is for 2 and half hours or so. And it turns orangey a bit after it starts to fade.


It has the same bubble gum fragrance though i feel they should opt for appropriate flavours for the names. A chocolat-y flavour would have been apt for this.

brown lipstick

God, I love this part. It’s the coolest packaging I have seen in budget lipsticks like Elle 18 till now…of course I love lotus pure stay packaging most.

Elle 18 colorpops lipstick cocoa creme (4)

 Pros of Elle 18 Colour Pop Lipstick Cocoa Crème 14:

  1. Excellent rich colour.
  2. Easy application.
  3. Pigmentation is very good.
  4. Looks glossy and beautiful brown and without glitters….yippee.
  5. Available easily.
  6. Full coverage.
  7. It’s very soft on lips.

Brown lipstick

Cons of Elle 18 Colour Pop Lipstick Cocoa Crème 14:

  1. Staying power as usual.
  2. And it’s sheer and requires a lot of swipes to get full coverage.
  3. Get out of my head brown (LOL).

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Elle 18 colour pops lipstick cocoa crème?

Poor thing not its fault that it caught my eye…and I will get once I finish with this one. It’s really a great colour and it’s without glitter…Finally. It’s so creamy and gives full coverage.

I would really recommend this to everyone who likes soft brown without glitter and sheer lipsticks.

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    1. i am right now in my homw town aarthi…tirupati…andhra pradesh….if u know tirumala lord balaji temple…world’s richest god…u can guess i think

  1. I love love the color dharu, i think i have it few years back when elle18 comes in silver tubes and that time also it was very dear to me as i was in my teens age so the sheer coverage suits me, now i will definitely going to get this… for the past time sake atleast 🙂

  2. recently i bought “caramel” shade and regretting it. didnt suit me atall and making my lips look darker! the SA said cocoa creme would be darker! :-/this is the color i exactly wanted!

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