Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick: Pinken Review

Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick: Pinken Review

Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick Pinken Review

Today, I am reviewing a shade that amazed me completely. I know we all have tried some or the other shade from the Elle 18 new range considering it comes with a price tag of Rs. 100.  I was surfing some time back and I found these new shades on an online shopping site and I wanted to try out the new shades that I had never heard or seen of. Now, this kind of guesswork can give you some bad and a few good shades, but out of the 5 I ordered, 4 of them were fantastic. One of the best shades I ordered by chance is this one named “Pinken.”

Pink Lipstick 1

I want to give you an overview of these lipsticks.  The earlier ones I think were priced at Rs. 55 when I was in college.  Those days, these were the best deal and we had such lovely colors to chose from.  Then, they revamped the collection and came back with better packing, but I think the formula has remained the same.  The nail colors are to die for in those tiny round bottles and I believe there are 25 shades of lipstick to chose from.

Pink Lipstick 2

The lipsticks are very delicate.  I have always faced a problem with them breaking at the base and melting and all sorts of things, but since these are just Rs. 100 a pop, these really don’t hurt much.  Another thing about these lipsticks is that I tend to use a lot of it as in I try to layer on to get some good amount of color. Because of that, thankfully, these lipsticks do end some day, so these are total value for money, but the fact that they are so feeble, you can take precautions about how you use them.

Pink Lipstick 3

This shade is an awesome peachy pink. In person, if you see, its dirty pink, not a regular pink and that is what made me fall for it.  This color can flatter all kinds of complexions because it’s a warm pink rather than a hot or blue-based pink.  This color is a perfect color for office or college or a regular outing any day.

The texture of the lipstick we all know has a moisturising core to it and the texture becomes very sheer due to that.  The lipstick is very saucy I would say and very glossy for me. Its not thick in texture, but light to wear. You can either layer it on to get some color or keep it light for a neutral lip. Its really versatile.

Pink Lipstick 4

This color will not brighten your face up remember. It’s a soft, neutral pink and every day color. Till now, this hasn’t broken, but I can see that’s going to happen very soon.  The lasting power is another problem with this one.  The maximum it stays for is 2 hours and because its so saucy, I tend to eat it up :P, no bleeding too so far.

Pink Lipstick 5

Last Word on Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick:  Pinken

You must get this color if you are in college or an office goer. It’s a little delicate but a gorgeous neutral pink with a saucy finish. Remember, it’s a sheer lipstick and will not cover pigmentation, but the color is universally flattering.  The whole problem is that I need to buy at least two back ups of these, but these aren’t available any where I look for them.

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34 thoughts on “Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick: Pinken Review

    1. and yes..this is sucha pretty shade..I love the smell of these lippiess…i too have 3 or 4 of them..dunno wer they are lying and never used for long time..:)

  1. Neha I don’t think that it was a part of the collection that was introduced….. There were 25 lipsticks n this one was def nt there…. Has elle 18 added some new shades to the collection???? I sooooo want this shade….

  2. Lovely. But then everything looks nice on your lips 🙂 I have no idea but when i saw this collection, I found all the colours so dark. LOve their packaging, so girllyyy!! 🙂

  3. oh vani im so glad
    this is half the texture of chesnut and may be same
    u can get this shade pomegrenate pie i have revud from elle 18 its a pink u will like it 😀

  4. Neha could you help me on finding a similar shade of Elle 18 dewlipz poppy rush 062 shade…i am dying to buy it but there is no shop in Delhi I think selling Elle 18 dewlipz :I hate them: is there any other shade in color bomb series or in streetwear….help help help help :p

  5. poppy rush dupe 🙁 is tough really
    i think chambor silk touch shoudl have some hot corals like those
    il try and see some

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