Elle 18 Dewlipz Lippers Review

Elle 18 Dewlipz Lippers

Poppy Rush, Peach Play and Bronze Blast

Its difficult for me to pick up just one lipstick when they are selling it for 70 rs! The last time I bought dewlipz, it cost me 85 rs! God knows what is up at the stores in Pune. I bought these lipsticks from big bazaar in pcmc Pune(for Pune readers). They had a decent number of shades and very wearable ones. I already have brownie and frutopia on my wish list which I had to leave because hubby was just round the counter. wth! As of now I am exceedingly pleased with these lippies and these shades specially. I already had some old ones named blueberry waves and honey crush ( fantastic day time colors). My god but the shades are getting better at elle 18 or may be the counter just stocked old shades, IDK I was out of touch with the brand(guilt) sorry elle 18 . 😛

Elle 18 Lipsticks

I think I am repeating myself but I love peaches and bricks in lipsticks and really cant get enough of it. Also, I just keep on slathering on the neutral shades coz they are just to so beautiful even when u layer it up and that way I go through the lipstick fast and find a reason to buy new ones 🙂  so two out of these days shades named peach play and poppy rush are similar beautiful colours and you wont believe how pigmented these are.

Elle 18 Lipstick

Peach play 056: hence forth my favourite, it’s a day time light colour with mild frost. Its basically a super peach colour and has a mild watery finish to it on application. If you want to keep it glossy, use more. I like it matte so I actually dust loose powder on my lips, line them and then use this color. I discovered that this way, it comes out more pigmented and lasts longer. You can use any lipstick base you may want or mattify it with a single ply tissue but other wise too the peachy frost is so beautiful I cant stop looking at the swatch right now. Great for fair to olive complexions.

Elle 18 Lipsticks
the left one is poppy rush and then bronze and then peach play

Poppy rush 062: when I opened the pack at home, I saw a brightest corally light orange lipstick I had ever seen; you can compare it to some crayon colour. It a true orange coral color and does not have frost as far as I noticed, it super smooth and had a water shine to it. Wearable at day time. Mix and match with other colours if you want an orange tint to any lipstick or want to match it with some outfit. Such a versatile colour will never go waste. cool for light application for fair complexions.

Elle 18 Lipsticks Shades
topmost is peach play and then bronze blast and then poppy rush

Bronze blast 057: the most beautiful and super pigmented golden yellow undertoned bronze color as you would have come across in bronze looks in magazines or the like. The very first application gave me a deep bronze color and what I loved best was that this particular bronze color had yellow gold undertones and thankfully NOT brown undertones like many of my colorbar bronze shades like (Bronx, tuskan bronze and greek goddess)
It is obviously frosted being a bronze and a must have for all party goers. Great for sizzling summers and a very wearble color if u are into bronzes and haven’t yet found out the correct bronze color for u! it great for 70 rs and equally great for all complexions, totally safe bet!

I am just so amazed how much can elle 18 offer for a price of 70 rs. Even my loreal lipsticks have not turned out to be so true to their price. I am definitely picking up more specially a shade called frutopia, do check these out, although, the lipstick I feel some times is loosely fixed into its tube, but I have no complaints for the price I paid for a 4.3 ml of lipstick that is almost good enough to eat. The lipsticks are scented which I comprehend as rose that you may or may not like. I am still wondering!

PS: its raining here and there is humongous green and black striped dragon fly outside my window. I have never seen such a colourful huge one and wondering why it chose the sixth floor to perch on!


50 thoughts on “Elle 18 Dewlipz Lippers Review

  1. Hi Neha,
    You’re so lucky you found elle 18. These days they don’t seem to stock the brand anywhere in chennai 😥 :pain: :reallyangry: . I used to love these a lot coz they’re just sooooo cheap and pretty good quality for the price. Btw, in the swatch I thought the middle was the bronze, the bottom poppy and the top peach. Am i right? Seems like a duh question, but I wasn’t quite sure.

    Also I wonder if Elle 18 as a brand is still around. I mean they used to have a website as well, but I don’t think its functioning anymore. sad 🙁

    1. oh its my bad , sorry
      i did mail the names of the swatches to rati
      u are absolutely rite…top is peach play and then bronze blast and poppy rush
      what a coincidence..i was recently looking for their website but did not find anything….
      surprisingly the lakme counter had these lipsticks….quite rare

  2. Hey Neha….Its always fun to read your lipstick reviews!!! and very informative too since because of your lipstick collection you review tends to be much more comprehensive as far as comparison with other brands is concerned…

    First Fathima’s review and now your review on Elle 18…I definately have to buy these lippies now!!!

      1. yeah…never bght…since I tght they might not be a good quality due to its price…i knw my bad :silly:

        Most of my initial lipsticks have been gifts given by aunts visiting from US and they were kind of enough for the limited use I had then and when I myself started buying it was mostly Lakme (like most of us) before I discovered other brands so never ventured towards Elle 18 🙂

  3. i sooooo want peach play..as u already know i love it!! but it cost only 48.50 here….i guess i got the better deal!!

  4. Looks really tempting.. I think a lip gloss person like me can try this one initially and then get on to other ones. Nice review Neha 🙂

    1. yup aarthi def…cause they have this white lip balm kinda centre….supposedly delivering dew lipz 😛
      but it does have a water shine to it…do try

    1. :-)) thanks
      i have a couple others but not sure whether those shades are still manufactured…
      my fav is blueberry waves!old one

  5. hi Neha glad to read u after a along time….
    My experiance with Elle 18 lippie ws nt too gd….. but u r temping me to give them a try…. 😉 i liked the poppy rush…

    1. thanks oh is it….ya it may be a mixed reaction but choose a shade which you feel is pigmented…some of them are just duh…

    1. yeah i have long list of many more …wont leave you easily
      also i am trying to review many lipsticks together….like a single brand together in my collection…

  6. Hi Neha,
    Where were you for so long?Was longing for your lipstick reviews.Remember I requested you to do some lipstick review some time ago.Love the Elle 18 shades.Will buy them for sure.You tempt us so much with those nice shades!

    1. you wont beleive i just told rati that rs had wanted a review on lakme and street wear…
      i def remember …will do reveiw on 3 street wear i have
      and the lakme ones are so many…you tell whats your fav shade category…like pinks or corals or like wise….i mostly have peaches and corals and few pinks
      but i have to do this one for you surely..elle 18 was recently bought…so i started with this 😛

      1. Hi Neha,
        I am glad to know that you haven’t forgotten my request.You have a very nice and sober taste when it comes to lipsticks.Till now,I have loved almost all the lipstick shades which have featured in your reviews.So I don’t think I need to suggest anything.I am sure I will like whatever lipsticks you will review.

        1. oh thats so nice of you
          so i will carry on lipstick reviews of my taste ….thanks but will surely categorise in some way for you

    1. oh thanks ..i was wondering
      .u up till late too ….
      this is such a peaceful hour to read the blog in peace… :clock:

  7. I loved the bronze blast the most….but will not find that here in Hyd……no stocks it seems, though I have the nail polishes from elle 18 🙂

    1. Mrun and Jomol…..just pick up all your fav shades at one go….elle 18 is becoming so rare to find these days….so thats y i bot three 😛

  8. I’m not a lip stick person and I don’t own a single lipstick!!! Your collection is tempting me to check them out 🙂

    1. ha ha ha …….you will consider me insane then priya due to my extreme collection
      wondering whether you have seen my collection and read my lipstick reviews on IMBB …..go ahead and see those ….if you buy a lipstick i will think mission accomplished….

      1. Priya…I cant believe you dont have a single lipstick in your collection!!!!!!!!!! How is that possible….I mean of all the girls I own even those who are not as much fond of makeup have a couple of them…or is it that you are a lipgloss person and have a lipgloss collection like Neha’s?

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