Elle 18 Eye Liners Review

Review: Elle 18 Eye Liners

I have been an eye liner person ever since I was 18 years old. My staple has been slightly winged black eye liner which I think suits all eye shapes, specially helping in opening up my eyes. I am always amused how much of a difference a black eye liner, eye lash curler and black mascara can make to our over all appearance. I can never leave home without an eye liner just for the fear that people may think I have come right from the grave if I don’t do something to open up my eyes. Recently, I found these extremely beautiful eye liners at a small beauty store those stocks up large cans for beauty parlours. Elle 18 def still manufactures these eye liners as my friend also ordered for more and he promptly got them for us the next day. So I guess the dealer definitely has stock.

Elle 18 Eye Liners

The pieces I got were all very fresh and full. It couldn’t possibly be old stock. I guess you have to look around for elle 18. 🙂 I could not believe that elle18 has colored eye liners as well. I have always known about their black eye liner in a small bottle with a tapered cap and an average precisely thin brush. I use a thick bristled eye liner brush by vega which has lasted me for 5 years, I recently bought another with a wooden handle as a back up. I also use oriflame giordani gold flat eye liner brush for only the black eye liner.

Eye Liner Brushes

Shades available: Black, bronze, aqua and pink. I purchased black, bronze and aqua just cause I could not think what I would do with a metallic pink eye liner!

Elle 18 liners

Price: Rs 55 for an enough quantity of 4.5 ml. they usually wont dry up before 6 months after which you can easily throw them away.

Packaging: We all have seen or used Elle 18’s black one. It comes with a similar bottle. The bruch bristles are very thin for a preciee line. I infact don’t like the tapered end of the cap as it makes holding the brush while application difficult. But you can always use your own flat eye liner or thin eye liner brushes.

Elle 18 Eye Makeup

Quality: Very good! They are just like the lakme ones. If you have used the lakme insta liners that come in fat little bottle for 9 ml, you can say that the balck one is ecactly similar to that in texture, quality and the like. The black one may flake, and easily dissolve in water. So no crying or going in the rain. I have had racoon eyes with this once. The colored ones are just like lakme intense shine eye liners. The swatch on my hand did not come off when I rubbed it with a dry tissue. That’s pretty good. The bronze one is very long lasting and rarely flakes. It may crack on the lids in between only if you use a very thick or more product. The color is fab and so subtle. It’s a true bronze and makes you pretty when people keep wondering wehether you arev wearing an eye liner or no. it does come off with oil and water easily.

Elle 18 Eye Liner swatches

The aqua one has a thicker consistency. It is very brightly pigmented and you will need very precise and thin line. It’s a totally aqua and sea blue kinda mildly metallic color. The color shows up easily and is very beautiful to look at. You can wear it over your regular black eye liner just in the middle of the eye lid and lower lid to brighten up if you are afraid to wear this colour on your entire lid. Don’t forget to use black mascara with this one as it looks superb. I did discover mild cracks in the line while I wore it for long hours but I don’t mind touching up. Looks great with curled black eye lashes.

Tip: Looks great with brown and hazel eyes. I wear contact in these colors and it looks great. For the complete look, line with black liner as close to the lash line as possible almost as if you are not wearing a liner. This should only make the lash line thicker. Secondly, take the aqua color and line very precisely only in the one third of the centre of the eye.

Heat eye lash curler with your blow dryer for 3 seconds and then curl your lashes to hold the curl. Then apply 2 coats of mascara. See the difference. Finish off with with a neutral pink lipstick and pink lip gloss to go with aqua.

For bronze, You can skip black lining and pair it with coral lipstick or lip gloss.


37 thoughts on “Elle 18 Eye Liners Review

  1. i had this one in bronze…and i loved it to the core but after i finished it looked to buy it again but i cudnt buy it..it really is gorgeous isnt it..it gets a :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: from me……

    1. ha ha ya fathima, its beautiful
      elle 18 has become a teaser
      i guess we are the rare ppl with some stock of elle available in our towns

  2. neha , the black eye liner was my first makeup product….i dint know that elle 18 has colored eye liners…do you know websites where can i check elle 18 products….

    1. nope i tried looking for their website myself but no luck
      try to look in smaller shops who supply to beauty parlors or something…i found it their by chance

  3. i have the black one… not soo happy with its tiny miny brush….

    Neha , even i ordered oriflame’s liner brush… but it is always out of sock… grrr…
    whr did u get it from ???

    1. oh deeptima trust me i had ordered two of these brushes from a leader of consultant
      i mean she is real big in oriflame but she could also get only one for me, sad
      but i think for eye liner persons like us, the standard one with a slim tip is better
      i think you will not like it that much…..
      try finding a set with a very slim angular blender,,,i got a set with revlon shopping…..that angular brush is much better than this one…i shud have clicked that too…its a non brand but very nice

  4. These tubes look so cute, Neha. 🙂 They look like nail paints.

    Btw the winged eye liner does not look good on long eyes. It make them look even longer. You will never see me wearing winged eye liner. 🙂

  5. i want to say two things and rati has already mentioned them both. the liners are pretty and look like nail polishes. i actually thought that the wrong image has been posted! and winged liner doesn’t look quite as good on looooong eyes. it’s a pity elle 18 isn’t readily available!

  6. I never knew Elle 18 has coloured eye liners. I have the black one and I have no complaint against it. Should chk out the store for the aqua one

  7. Neha it seems u had a mini haul at Elle 18!

    I have lakme intense shine liners in bronze, green n dark grey…these are a much cheaper version and since quality is the same totally worth it!!

    I hv to find elle 18 now!!!

    1. yeah but lakme packaging is better and the colors versatile
      do u mean you have olive, smoky grey named shades?
      i too have them …pretty good though

        1. Yes..infact bronze was the first one I bght and loved it so much that I got the other 2 shades too…I’ll check with the pack says n let ya knw

  8. Excellent review Neha

    Like Lakme, Elle 18 is also a brand which has a lot of memories attached to it. Missing the brand’s market presence.

    Luckily I could get hold of a few lippies yesterday from this brand 🙂

  9. I had these in bronze and black. unfortunately the bronze one has dried up and I can’t seem to find elle 18 anywhere. 🙁 🙁 🙁 These are so affordable…

  10. I am a huge Elle 18 fan and so are hoardes of others, so the stocks does not last in our area…I want those three colors badly and I am going to look around with a vengenance for them now….thanks for letting me know that there are more than one shade of eyeliner in Elle 18! 🙂

    1. :laugh: i really hope you find them
      i feel the same when i have to buy a product…..elle 18 should really come back

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