Elle 18 Glow Compact: Pearl

Elle 18 Glow Compact: Pearl

Hello pretty ladies, I was eager to write another review on the newly launched beauties from Elle 18. This time I am introducing Elle 18 Glow Compact.

Product Description:

Elle 18’s first ever compact comes in four shades suited for Indian complexion. The shades are Pearl, Coral, Marble, Shell.

Elle 18 Glow Compact Pearl


8 grams.

Price: 150 INR

Shelf life: 24 months

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My Experience with Elle 18 Glow Compact:

After having a bad experience with the Glow Foundation, I was petrified of using the compact, though I had purchased all the new range together, without much thought. I used the foundation first and then on another day used the compact. The compact comes in four shades as I already mentioned. I have bought the “Pearl” shade, which is suited for the lightest complexion. Though my complexion is wheatish fair I guess, but I thought of experimenting by buying two shades, one for foundation and another for Compact. Thus I chose Marble for foundation and Pearl for compact. I was more confused on the match of these two shades on my complexion, hence picked both which were most likely my match. After using both the products I feel, Pearl is best suited for my complexion.
The compact comes in the trademark Elle 18 black packaging. It has a double packaging, paper outer carton case and inside it a plastic compact case. The product is 8 grams in quantity, and the packaging plastic is not at all bulky, thus this comes very handy to carry in your make-up pouch  *toothygrin*. On opening the case, on the upper half there is a round mirror attached to the walls, Thank God for that. A compact without a mirror is useless I guess, to do last moment touch ups.
The texture is smooth on application, spreads evenly all over your face and neck. The puff provided is quite average, but thankfully soft. It helps in a smooth hassle free application, as its small in size fits easily in yours palms to help you touch up each time. For me, a compact puff texture and size matter for precise application, this one does a fairly good job.

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The pleasant fragrance makes it refreshing. The compact covers light marks and dark circles somewhat, but don’t expect it to be miraculous like other high priced compacts such as Maybelline Dream matte, Lakme Absolute. This one offers a good deal in an affordable price.

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Pros of Elle 18 Glow Compact:

• Smells pleasant and refreshing.
• Smooth texture helps easy application.
• Coverage is fairly good.
• Staying power is average on sunny days, but on cloudy days without humidity it will serve you long enough.
• Mirror inside the case is a big plus.
• Affordable yet again.

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Cons of Elle 18 Glow Compact:

• Coverage could have been better, but considering the price bracket, I don’t have much to complaint about.
• Ingredient list absent again, which is a huge negative for me. They never mention their ingredients used on any of their products I have used so far, be it lipsticks, foundation, gloss, compact and what not.

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Will I repurchase Elle 18 Glow Compact Pearl?

I don’t have any complaints with this one, but this one was a trial thing for me. I will stick to my Maybelline range.

Do I recommend Elle 18 Glow Compact Pearl?

Yes, it’s a good product with smooth application, lovely fragrance and good staying power in pleasant weather.

IMBB Rating:


For those of you who have newly started using makeup/compact, this one will come quite handy. Go get it. The ladies who are brand obsessed will obviously not prefer this. All in all its not at all a bad product, not great either. Choice is yours, if you trust this brand, this one won’t disappoint you. Hope this review helped you all. Take care until I see you next time with something interesting.

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