Elle 18 Lip Smoothie Burnt Choco, Peach Afterglow Review, Swatches

Elle18 Lip Smoothie Burnt Choco, Peach Afterglow Review, Swatches

It’s been quite a while since they have been launched and caused a frenzy. The biggest disappointment being the availability issue with the elle 18 color bombs, and the old wine in new bottle kind of lipsticks which I was really hoping would improve texture wise, and not just packaging. Im not a gloss person and found some lipsticks and eye sparklers and lip smoothies in a local grocery store and very few shades of nail paints mainly deep glittery maroons which I did not intend to pick up. Six of these smoothies were launched including the above , melon flame, vanilla heat, berry bomb and strawberry blast. I could not find all to choose form but found two regular ones out of which I really liked the peach afterglow.

Elle 18 Lip Smoothie Burnt Choco, Peach Afterglow Review, Swatches

About the elle 18 lip smoothies:

If you remember elle 18 had a lip gloss called “dewlipz ” in tubes long long back and which was like a lip cream with gloss and used to leave a nasty deposit on the lips. Years later elle 18 launched similar tubes in lip smoothies which is like a cross of lip cream and gloss. They claim to have “deliciously beautiful lips in yummy fruit favours. Smooth, glossy and super kissable” with these tubes.

elle 18 lip smoothie peach afterglow

What I found nice about these is that they are cheap and the texture is not all glossy but has some kind of creamy color too in it for people like me who are trying to test the waters for glossed apart from their safe zone of cream lipsticks. They are conveniently sized in 9 ml tubes for Rs 85  I guess without a wand applicator or anything just a flat tube top for application. These are very good to go over a matte lipstick as they do have a hint of color to them and the peach one particularly is very creamy without glitter shimmer and goes very well on the centre of the lips on coral lipsticks. The burnt choco is nothing great and too much of a transparent fluid separation has happened in that and It comes out all glossy for me. Otherwise it may go well with girls who like brown lipsticks. Both look decent when worn alone too for gloss lovers. 🙂

elle 18 lip smoothie burnt coco

Burnt choco:

This one is a soft brown with more of gloss texture than cream as opposed to the peach afterglow one. it comes out more liquid than I expected and has a super strong minty flavour to it . Most importantly both of these cause a tingling sensation on the lips for a minute or so and the mint flavour in this one is so strong that I could feel it inside my throat through the mouth. It is almost like I just brushed my teeth :stars: some of use may like the fresh tingling feel they give and literally leave us with a fresh mouth . it really remind me of mint chocolate because it s names burnt choco and feels all minty fresh. Itis not a great gloss or anything just a different minty tingling gloss with some brown color to it which does show up little on the lips, for 85 rupees I cant complain much.

elle18 lipgloss swatch

Peach afterglow:
I got this one for my love of peach lipsticks. I am not a gloss person but I really liked this particular one because it’s a creamy gloss with no shimmer/ glitter in it and less glossy than creamy . it leaves a beautiful hint of peach on the lips and look so good on top of coral lipstick. You would want to take very little on your finger tip and dab it on the centre of the lips post lipstick. Looks nice even alone because of the pretty color. I really like this one and has a lesser minty feel but does leave the lips with a tingling sensation.

Last word:
I am not saying these are worth buying but I do say these are worth trying. With six colors you may find one for you for trial. You may like the choco one if you like minty flavours. Don’t expect them to last long but they do a decent job of a lip cream plus gloss.looks nice alone or paired with a lipstick. For 85 rupees I find it hard to complain about these. Berry bomb and strawberry blast may be worth a try too, some online shopping sites like urban touch have these too in case u aren’t able to find them locally and are keen to buy them. Hope I was able to help! 🙂

Rating: 2.75 on 5

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44 thoughts on “Elle 18 Lip Smoothie Burnt Choco, Peach Afterglow Review, Swatches

  1. neha…i somehow liked the peach afterglow….its looking nice as a swatch…. 🙂 ….or may be even I am always bang for all things pink or peach so…..

  2. minty flavour and u can feel it down ur throat :stars: :stars: sounds like “Vicks ki goli lo khich khich door karo ” :tongue: loved the peach one :inlove: nicely reviewed :thumbsup:

  3. neha i like peach aftrglow :yahoo: i have tbs ki peach waali tube gloss but its slighly shimmery though shimmer does not show up much, i luv that too :yahoo:
    how many days a week do u shop neha :toothygrin:

      1. haan i have three tbs glosses only na; 1 peach, 1 red, 1 clear :toothygrin:

        but tell me na how many days a week u shop :tongue:

  4. As you said Neha, it’s worth a try, but it always seems to be out of stock near my place….but now I don’t regret getting it :yahoo: :yahoo:

  5. i went to fabindia yesterday. is so pretty. i wnat to buy everything. :(( I need more monies. then i went to hidesign and liked one bag so much .. was for rs 3800. so i thought i need more monies plus i need to save. 😐 😐 😐

    1. do one more sunday bazaarrr…… :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:
      u knw there was this dastkar (handicraft) bazaar happening in bang and i dont want to tell wht all i bought…my house is full of fabrics now …spent a lot of money there 😐 😐 😐

      1. you toh keep having these exhibiions there na.. :(( hawww what all you bought .. tell… and these are before telling spanks :spank: :spank: :spank:

        1. bagalkot silk fabrics in all colors, pin strip fabrics in 3 colors, few cotton rajasthani veg block print fabrics… some cut fabric prints 😐 😐 😐

  6. Decent colour no? I have resisted picking up these…The peach looks good. One advantage with cheaper stuff is you can experiment with colours…and if you find one you like, you can try and duplicate it/buy from the same family of shades in a more expensive brand.

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