EmaxDesign MB116 Makeup Brush Set Review

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How is life going? Watched any movie lately? Movie buffs are going gaga over Bahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan and both the films have already broken all the records and have set up some new ones. Anyway, coming back to the business, today’s review is going to be about a makeup brush set from EmaxDesign. As we all know, a right set of tools is the key to achieve a flawless look. But sadly, Indian beauty market lacks good quality drugstore makeup brushes. Last year, Colorbar came up with a set of attractive looking makeup tools with affordable price tags, but quality wise they failed to impress makeup enthusiasts.

EmaxDesign MB116 Makeup Brush Set Review4

It is only recently that I started my venture into the colorful world of makeup. So MAC and Sigma brushes were not fitting into my budget, keeping the fact in mind that I am just a beginner and not a pro. Luckily, a friend was coming back from the US last month and asked me if I wanted something. I quickly googled, read good reviews about this kit and decided to get it. Want to know my take on it? Please keep reading. 🙂

Product Description:
• EmaxDesign – My Beautiful Life
• For applying makeup perfectly.
• Discover the secret to a flawless look; EmaxDesign is your best choice:
• EmaxDesign cosmetic brush set will show your natural beauty and leave a flawless finish. Handmade with premium synthetic fiber materials provide amazing touch feel and prevent shedding as long as you own them.

Product Features:
• Premium synthetic fiber, soft and durable.
• Adopts bamboo handle that makes your brush unusual.
• Comes with a storage pouch, conveniently store your brushes.
• An essential for not only professionals but also DIY users.

EmaxDesign MB116 Makeup Brush Set Review

Set contains:
• Foundation brush
• Big eye shadow brush
• Highlight brush
• Eye smudge brush
Concealer brush
Eyebrow brush
• Small eyeshadow brush
• Blusher brush
• Multifunction foundation brush
• Multifunction blush brush
• Mini kabuki brush

USD 14

My Experience with EmaxDesign MB116 Makeup Brush Set:

The set contains total 11 brushes and comes with an orange velvet breathable bag. It also includes an instruction set which describes the function of each brush and the way of cleaning and maintaining them. The velvet pouch is nice and convenient and is quite big. So, if you are travelling, you can carry all your essential brushes in this single pouch. The pouch also comes with a zip lock plastic bag, as you can see in the image. Inside the velvet pouch, all 11 brushes come in separate plastic covers. So, packaging wise you cannot ask for more at this price.

EmaxDesign MB116 Makeup Brush Set Review1

Now coming to the brushes, as the image shows, each of them features synthetic bristles with black base and white tip which reminds me of Real Technique brushes. They all have wooden/bamboo handles and then aluminum ferrules holding the bristles. Overall, brushes do not look cheap or something like that. The set contains total 11 brushes, but unfortunately I cannot show the 9th brush, that is multifunction foundation brush here. I found multifunction foundation brush to be very similar to the multifunction blush brush with different handle design. So I gave it to my sister as it would not make the set incomplete. The bristles are feathery soft and do not feel harsh against delicate facial skin. So, sensitive skinned people do not need to worry. I have already washed them couple of times and there is absolutely no bristle shedding. They get dried pretty quick without losing their original shape. Pretty cool, huh?

EmaxDesign MB116 Makeup Brush Set Review5

Now coming to the tricky part, the way instruction set describes the functionality of each brush is quite misleading as per me. But when the quality is this good, you can use them for whatever works best for you. For me, big eye shadow brush works perfectly as a flat foundation brush giving absolutely streak free finish. I use the foundation brush as a powder brush for lightly dusting of powder over my liquid foundation. Highlighter brush is perfect for highlighting. I did not understand why a concealer brush has to be angular shaped. So, I use it as a crease brush and works pretty good at that. Blush brush is too small for applying blush.

EmaxDesign MB116 Makeup Brush Set Review6

The way I like to use it is to apply contour powder under my cheekbones, sides of my nose, temple and top of forehead. Multifunction blush brush is perfect for applying all kinds of blush. Mini kabuki brush is too cute and comes handy for powder or blush touch ups on the go. Small eyeshadow brush is basically a flat eye shadow brush to pat the shadow on lid. Smudger brush is not stiff enough to smudge waterproof kajal, but works wonderfully as a spot concealer brush. Eyebrow brush is an angled brush and works good to fill eyebrows as well as applying eyeliner.

EmaxDesign MB116 Makeup Brush Set Review2

To conclude I would say, I am totally satisfied with this brush set. The brushes are versatile, good quality, affordable and give lot of flexibility to experiment.

Pros of EmaxDesign MB116 Makeup Brush Set:

• Soft bristles, sturdy handle
• Bristles do not shed or de-shape
• Easy to use and maintain
• You can do any kind of makeup and experiment a lot with these brushes
• Good packaging
• Very affordable

EmaxDesign MB116 Makeup Brush Set Review3

Cons of EmaxDesign MB116 Makeup Brush Set:

• Bristles are super-duper soft. You won’t find them firm enough at times when you really want to blend some thick liquid product like MAC Studio Fix Fluid into your skin
• Description of the brushes is misleading. At least for me they do not work the way they are meant to work
• An addition of a lip filling brush and a big fluffy brush to dust bronzer or highlighter on arms and legs would have been nice

Would I Recommend/Repurchase EmaxDesign MB116 Makeup Brush Set?
I highly recommend this set. But, I may not repurchase as this set will last me really long. I will try some high end brushes once I am done with this and master all the techniques.

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  1. I have seen very similar ones on buyincoins and aliexpress. I was doubtful about them but I guess I should give it a shot! Great review! Also, this is my very first comment here! I was always a follower! 🙂

    1. Hey Emmy! it is good to know that you made your first ever IMBB comment on my post and liked my review !! Keep commenting like this girl 😀
      And yeah it is actually a good brush kit for beginners and easily available from amazon.com.

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