5 Embarrassing Skin Problems and Their Solutions

By Maya Ramchandani

Hello ladies!!

Skin problems are a great issue with all of us and every Indian girl suffers from one or the other skin issue in her life at some point of time due to our eating habits, environment etc. Many of us face some embarrassing skin problems that we hate to talk about, even with the dermatologist. But this is not the solution girls. The conditions may get worse and would trouble you later. So let’s break the barrier and talk about them.

1. Ingrown hair
Many of us face this problem of ingrown hair which is so annoying that even after getting your body waxed, these little ingrown hair are clearly visible on your skin which gives your hands and legs a very rough, patchy and untidy look. So the easiest solution for these ingrown hair is to scrub your skin before waxing, or even better if you scrub and exfoliate deeply your arms and legs twice a week. Try this with the sugar-and-honey homemade scrub or there are many good body scrubs available. The skin of your hands and legs is rough as compared to the whole body so a little stronger exfoliation and scrubbing is required.

2. Butt acne
Yes girls, this is not new but awkward to talk about. If you face the same problem, do not worry. Many women have red bumps and many have faded brown and black scars on their butt which is either because you have hereditary acne problem or some other issues relating to your skin. This can be treated by using acne washes on your butt too. Though this would dry out your skin, but to clean out these scars it is important to go for benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid washes. And this is possible by using some better acne body wash. You can also clean the area well and scrub gently once a week to remove black heads and white heads that are causing the problem.

5Embarrassing skin problems and solutions2

3. Spider veins
This is different from stretch marks as many people confuse spider veins with stretch marks. Though they look quite same but stretch marks are white in color and spider veins are reddish. The places are similar for both and both of these are quite embarrassing and at the end we hide these with makeup or some sought of clothes. These spider veins are blue and purple in color and are mostly around your legs and back side of your knee. This does not reflect any health problem or disorder but people find it uncomfortable when they face this issue. There is no particular solution to treat spider veins but to visit your dermatologist and he/she would most probably suggest you to go for a laser treatment. I haven’t heard for any other treatment or home remedy to treat spider veins. Stretch marks are another very serious embarrassing skin problem which happens due to frequent weight fluctuation. There is no proper treatment but various massage oils can help fade them.

4. Back acne
Many women have to face this problem of acne or bumps on upper arms and back. This is mostly with people who already face skin acne and dandruff. The best solution is to use your acne cream and gels on your arms and back too. This would heal the problem. Instead of using any harsh soap on skin, use your prescribed acne wash on that particular area of your body too. If you face a serious issue of bumps and they are increasing, use fuller’s earth pack mixed with rose water to heal your back and arms. It calms down your skin really well. In winters, you should not use it for more than once a week as it soaks the skin oil completely. In summer’s it is ok to use it twice or thrice a week. You can soften these bumps by rubbing equal parts of petroleum jelly mixed with water or cold cream.


5. Excessive sweating
This is quite a common problem with many people and is not really a skin problem but it is somehow related to it. Many people have excessive sweating on their palms which happens when they are tensed or nervous and many women face the problem of excessive sweating in the underarm area. This may happen due to hormonal issues but a sweaty palm is something different. This is probably because of hereditary tendency towards excessive and unnecessary sweating. You can overcome this problem by using antiperspirants with high aluminium chloride as it is a drying agent. Do not miss using these specially before going to bed at night and as you wake up in the morning. This would make you feel fresh and dry the whole day.

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