Emo Eye Makeup Tutorial

Emo Eye Makeup Tutorial

Emo makeup is always associated with pop or rock culture. It is very famous among teenagers, youngsters and people who love heavy metal music. Well, I am not any of those, but I love all kinds of music and whenever I see the dark eye makeup in the pop music videos, I feel like trying them. So, after reading a bit about emo style and makeup, I tried my hands on emo eye makeup and did this tutorial for you all. In this style of makeup, eyes are always the center of attraction, whole face is kept bare and lips are mostly nu*e. One can do emo eye makeup with any dark color shadow, but I am using black and gray in this tutorial as these are the most famous colors used for emo makeup. For some people, black eye makeup makes their eye look messed up, but if the color is used in right way, it gives very nice results.


So, let’s get started with step-by-step instruction to get the perfect emo eyes:

Step 1:

Conceal area around your eyes to even tone your skin.

Step 2:

Prime your eyelids, this will help the shadow stay longer and look vivid.

Step 3:

Use black cream shadow or khol on your eyelid, leaving the inner corner as shown in the picture.

Step 4:

Take gray eye shadow and go dab dab all over your eyelid, on top of the black cream shadow.

Step 5:

With help of a brush, blend the shadow on eyelids and then apply the gray eye shadow on lower lash line, go all the way till inner V of the eye.

Step 6:

Take some highlighter color and use on your brow bone area to highlight them.


Step 7:

Use the same colour on the eyelids at inner V corner, the area which was left before.

Step 8:

Now, using a brush, apply black eye shadow on ¾ of the eyelid. Also, apply this on ¼ of the lower lash line starting from outer V of the eye.

Step 9:

Repeat step 8 until you get the desired intensity of color. Final look should be like shown in the picture.

Step 10:

Now, using liquid eyeliner line your eyes. The line should be little wider and make a wing at the end.

Step 11:

Line your lower lash line also with liquid liner to give more definition to eyes. Also, create wing at the inner V of the eyes too as shown in picture. Go for second coat if needed.

Step 12:

After lining eyes should look like this. This kind of lining gives a lot of definition to your eyes, which is needed in emo makeup.


Step 13:

Using kohl, tight line your eyes and use it on your water line too.

Step 14:

Curl lashes and apply lots of mascara. You can use colour mascara or fake lashes to add more drama to the look.

Step 15:

This dark emo eyes need defined dark eyebrows too. So, define your eyebrows using pencil or brow filling powder.

Step 16:

This is the final look.


With emo eye makeup, keep the rest of the face makeup to minimum. Use no blush or very natural shade and go for n*de lips to complete the look.

Hope you all liked the look and the tutorial, and will try it too 🙂

PS: Here is a quick tip, when doing this kind of dark eye makeup, use some tissue paper or sponge under your lower lashes so that the shadow fallout will not disturb your face makeup.

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18 thoughts on “Emo Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. So innovative and beautiful shweta.. 🙂 ur gorgeous eyes are making whole make up more appealing and tempting!! Too gud.. 🙂 keep up the gud work dear..

    1. keep trying mamta and I am sure with prectice you will be able to do it, you know few months back even I was scared about doing eye makup like you are but prectice and folling the tutorials on IMBB helped me big time 🙂

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