How to Get an Emo Hairstyle

I read a great article by Era on IMBB yesterday about emo eye makeup. It reminded me of my age-old fascination for emo hairstyles. I’ve got them done many times, and I thought I would share my experience with them.
emo hairstyle
‘Emo’, as Era already told us, originated from the emo punk rock music culture in the mid-1980s. What started out with music soon became all about emotional expression in the form of music, art, fashion and culture. These people had their own characteristic style of dressing and wearing makeup, hairdos, etc. What I love about this hairstyle is that it looks great with long, medium and short hair alike!

emo haircut

Emo hairstyles of different hair lengths

Who Should get an Emo Hairstyle

1. People with straight silky hair.
2. Those who want to achieve a look that goes superbly with western outfits. I have found that it looks really cute and spunky with Indian outfits too, provided you can carry it off.
3. Those who like to experiment with hair colour will especially enjoy this haircut.
4. If you are looking for a cut that creates an illusion of volume, then the multiple layers in this one will definitely do the job.

Who Should NOT get an Emo Hairstyle

1. People whose hair is dry, dull, damaged or unhealthy in any way.
2. People with curly hair.
3. If you prefer to stick to traditional haircuts and don’t like anything off the wall, then steer clear.
4. Those who wear only Indian dresses may not enjoy this cut, and may find that it does not go well with a traditional style of dressing.

How to Get an Emo Hairstyle

You may go to your hair salon and ask for a choppy asymmetric cut with lots of layering and a heavy one-sided fringe. You may wish to print out a google image of your choice to show to your hairdresser.
Or, you may choose to customize your own look at home as emos originally do:
1. Place two mirrors in front and behind to enable a view of all sides of your head.
2. Start cutting jaggedly at the ends of your hair with a razor comb or sharp pair of scissors. If you make mistakes, you can trim off and redo it but If you start by cutting from high up, you wont be able to do that.
3. Don’t chop off too much off the back unless you want it really short and spiky.
4. The sides could emerge out front as longer than the back, but that is just one way to do it. You can personalize, emo is all about individual expression!
5. The fringe is very important, as it helps achieve the typical look we’re going for. Before shaping out the fringe, make the parting to the very right or left side, so that the fringe comes out real heavy, like a choppy curtain sweeping across half of your face.
6. When you’ve done a rough cut, you can work on your hair till you’ve made enough layers to get those jagged textures and asymmetrical proportions.
7. Usually, emo hair looks great dyed a dark brown or black colour, with brilliantly highlighted ends or with subtle streaks throughout. You can also sport the classic all-black emo hair.
8. You may want to keep your hair natural or occasionally spike it up with hair product if you’re in the mood for some funk.

Make sure you care for your hair with regular washes and oiling. Emo hair is supposed to look sleek and straight, so keep it healthy. If there are times when you want that fringe out of your eyes, you can pin in back with cute clips and reveal more of your face to the world. There you have a different look for the same cut! . As your hair outgrows the initial cut, you can redefine it in new ways again and again, giving it new shape and getting creative with it. Complete the look with some cool emo makeup, and you’re ready to roll!

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  5. I’d love to have emo hairstyle!! But I have wavy hair….I wonder Emo hairstyle can work on wavy hair :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: 🙄 🙄

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