Enliven Aloe Vera and Cucumber Hand & Body Lotion Review

Enliven Aloe Vera and Cucumber Hand & Body Lotion

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A long time ago in one of my reviews I mentioned about a goodie bag which my friend gifted me when she visited my place. There were four things in all in that hamper. One was a shower gel which I have already reviewed here. The remaining items consisted of two body lotions and one shampoo. Out of the two body lotions I am reviewing one here. The shower gel was a bulky bottle while on the other hand the shampoo and lotion bottles are pretty small and very compact and can fit in easily wherever you want them too. Out of the two lotions the one which I am reviewing here is “Enliven Aloe Vera and Cucumber Hand & Body Lotion”. Please read on further to know about the other things.

enliven aloe vera cucumber body lotion
What the company claims about the product?

Enliven is a modern range of high quality health & beauty products especially created to satisfy today’s consumer needs.

The Enliven range is made in England at our own factory called DCS Manufacturing in Stratford-upon-Avon where we are BRC certified and thus can ensure consistent high quality products.
By creating both high quality and good value we aim to gain our customers lifetime loyalty to the Enliven brand. We have sold over 20 million bottles since the brand was established and had hundreds of letters of compliments. A big thank you to our loyal customers.

Enliven Skincare:

For all your skincare needs- specially formulated for beautiful, healthy skin

Enliven Skin Care. A range of great products to help keep skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy.




The body lotion comes in a transparent rectangular bottle with screw cap having a press down opening for the dispensing of the lotion. You actually need to press the bottle 2-3 times to make the lotion come out of the opening. You can control the amount of lotion you need. There are no chances of leakage as the cap shuts tightly and hence making it travel friendly.

Price: 65 INR for 100ml

Shelf Life: Unfortunately there is no mention of shelf life on the bottle.

My Experience with Enliven Aloe Vera and Cucumber Hand & Body Lotion

The cute packaging and the description of the product on their website was enough for me to get tempted to use that at the earliest. I just back benched my favorite Lotus White Glow Hand & Body Lotion reviewed here (https://makeupandbeauty.com/lotus-herbals-whiteglow-hand-body-lotion-review/) so that I could use this. The ingredients mentioned i.e. Aloe Vera & Cucumber are well known for doing good to skin. I was very happy with the fact that I was using that. I just massaged in the normal amount of lotion into my skin and man! My skin absorbed it within seconds as if it was thirsty from ages. It made my skin soft and smooth to touch and healthy at the first sight. I fell in an instant love with it. But wait this is not the end of the story. As the time passed by my skin started becoming dry and I felt the immediate need of applying something to soothe the dryness. Let me mention here that I am in a habit of using thick lotion for my skin which is non-greasy as I have dry skin on my hands and legs. I was totally disappointed by the results it gave me in the very first application… ☹ However it kept my legs hydrated for a long time. It is having a faint smell of cucumber which you will not notice until you sniff it very hard. The lotion is of medium consistency and on application you feel that it is more of water and less lotion you are applying.


Pros of Enliven Aloe Vera and Cucumber Hand & Body Lotion

  • Contains the goodness of Aloe Vera and Cucumber.
  • Leaves no oiliness or greasiness on skin.
  • Nice packaging.

Cons of Enliven Aloe Vera and Cucumber Hand & Body Lotion

  • Not at all hydrating. Made my skin dry within hours of application.

Finally, I would like to say that I was lucky enough that I did not put money in this lotion and got it as a gift. If you still want to buy it, buy at your own risk.. ☺ I would not recommend this at all. Now I have to try that other lotion. Let’s see how that comes along.

IMBB rating: 2/5

Enliven Conditioners
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Enliven Pro-Vitamin Everyday Conditioner


2 thoughts on “Enliven Aloe Vera and Cucumber Hand & Body Lotion Review

  1. Nice review.. Even I have very dry body skin and can understand the dilemma and disappointment! Have used the Lotus white glow one as well and found it very nice.

  2. thanks for the review I was planning to buy it but nw i will stick to my Lotus white glow. i have used their handwash anti-bacterial handwash and luxury shower gel, both of dem were disappointing 🙁

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