Enliven Kiwi and Fig Shampoo Review

Enliven Kiwi and Fig Shampoo Review

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am going to review a shampoo. I actually bought this one for my mom after having read many recommendadtions about this brand . I have also been using it on and off and I am in a good position to review it now. Let’s see how this product fared.

Enliven Kiwi and Fig Shampoo Review

Product Being Reviewed:

Enliven Kiwi and Fig Shampoo.

Product Description:

Enliven Shampoo has been specially formulated with natural extracts of kiwi and fig to leave your hair feeling renewed and refreshed. For best results, use with Enliven conditioner!




It comes in a sleek cylindrical plastic bottle with a flip cap. All the variants of this shampoo come in a translucent white cylindrical bottle only. The packaging as such is not fancy but it is quite practical, the right amount of shampoo is dispensed from the hole. The flip cap is sturdy and clicks shut.


INR 160 (I got it for Rs. 120 from an online site) for 400 ml (quite a good quantity being offered at the price!).


My Take on Enliven Kiwi and Fig Shampoo:

I am quite choosy about the shampoos I pick as I have periods of excessive hair fall, so I was a little apprehensive, but my apprehensions proved otherwise as I found the shampoo to be decent. It is a transparent liquid which has a moderate consistency that is neither too thick nor too runny. It lathers on the hair but not as much as the other shampoos . It does not weigh down my hair. Also, it has a very pleasant fragrance , very true to its main ingredients kiwi and fig. I love dried figs a lot (yummy! ) and I could actually smell the main ingredients in the shampoo. The smell fades away quickly after the head wash. Though my hair was squeaky clean, I did not find my hair to be very soft, not that the shampoo in any way made them dry.

Enliven Shampoo

My hair did feel smooth and it also helped me control the frizz (please note that I don’t have excessively frizzy hair).  It did not lead to any excessive or even moderate hair fall which was quite a relief.  All in all, its an average shampoo which is economical.

Summing the pros and cons:

Pros of Enliven Kiwi and Fig Shampoo:

  • Quite a budget buy.
  • Made my hair clean and did not weigh down my hair.
  • Silicon free.
  • Controlled the moderate frizziness in my hair.
  • Did not lead to any hair fall and I do get hair falls whenever I switch shampoos but this one scored here.
  • Smells amazingly nice of dried figs and kiwi.

Cons of Enliven Kiwi and Fig Shampoo:

  • Does not lather much.
  • Contains parabens.
  • Did not make my hair softer.
  • Availability might be an issue.
  • Fragrance does not linger for a long time.

Will I Repurchase Enliven Kiwi and Fig Shampoo?

No, I am quite happy with the L’Occitane shampoo and shall stick to that.

Will I Recommend Enliven Kiwi and Fig Shampoo?

Yes, for a change, it is a decent buy.

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21 thoughts on “Enliven Kiwi and Fig Shampoo Review

  1. i totally love my locctiane shampoos as well. i shift between FE and locctiane shampoos and I am highly staisfied with both. 🙂 thanks for the heads up though. 🙂

    1. rati which shampoo do u use from FE, i recently got a face mist from them and it smells of cow dung, sachi,,,,,,i shall review it shortly.

  2. I don’t like this shampoo – too drying for me. And yeah, smells good though. I have a huge bottle of it that I still use – as a body wash 😛

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