Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shower Gel Review

Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shower Gel Review

Hi Everyone!!!

Today, I will be reviewing Raspberry and Red Apple Shower Gel from Enliven.

Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shower Gel Review

Product Description:

This deliciously-fragranced shower gel with natural extracts of raspberry and red apple leaves your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Directions For Use:

Shower Gel 3

Massage over body to form a rich lather and rinse.


Shower Gel 4

My Take on Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shower Gel:

This shower gel comes in a transparent, rectangular bottle. The cap needs to be pressed on one side with thumb and the opposite side reveals a hole for the passage of gel. I am not able to explain the cap properly, but you know something like see-saw. I find the bottle to be quite simple, and I like my shower gels to have nice packaging. It seems like any medicine or oil to me. The gel is transparent in color and is slightly runny.

The first thing you would sense as soon as you pour out the shower gel is the fragrance of apple and raspberry. The fragrance isn’t weird or irritating, but I don’t find it to be very soothing too, maybe because I don’t like fruits. 😀 I like my shower gels to have citrusy/calming or flowery fragrances rather than fruity fragrances. The fragrance doesn’t linger on for long and won’t stay on the body for more than a few minutes after the bath.

Shower Gel 2

This shower gel doesn’t lather much and I always end up using the gel in double or triple the amount than my other gels. It cleanses the skin well. It doesn’t dry my skin but it doesn’t moisturize my skin too.

Shower Gel 1

It gets washed off easily. I don’t enjoy at all while bathing with this gel.

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Pros of Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shower Gel:

  • Some people might love the apple and raspberry fragrance.
  • Doesn’t dry out my skin.
  • Cleanses well.
  • Unique cap.

Shower Gel 6

Cons of Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shower Gel:

  • Doesn’t moisturize my skin, which is very much needed in this weather.
  • Doesn’t lather well.
  • Quantity required is more than other gels.
  • I don’t particularly like the apple fragrance.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shower Gel?

No, it is just an okay shower gel which would clean your skin but won’t do anything else.  You might want to give it a try if you like the fragrance of apples, otherwise, I would say you can skip it because we have better shower gels and body washes available at similar price.

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20 thoughts on “Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple Shower Gel Review

    1. Hehe.. No Rama.. I always try my best to stay away from fruits but sometimes i have to cave in because of anemia 🙁
      This was my first fruity smelling body wash.i didn’t like it. If u wAnna try fruity gels try body shop 🙂

  1. since i love fruits i might like the fragrance, but considering other cons, i might skip this.. thanks for the review surbhi 🙂

    1. You are most welcome Sukanya 🙂
      Yeah i green. It sounded so tempting to me in the store but it didn’t turn out be good 🙁

  2. When it comes to fruity smelling shower gels, I cannot think of a name other than Body Shop. Their shower gels are amazing. I am an all time fan of their strawberry shower gel. Right now I am using the olive shower gel and I love it. I have never used enliven products before and I am not planning to either because my mom is pretty particular when it comes to what products I use. I end up buying so so so many stuff but in the end its my brother who finishes it all up 😀

    1. I am definitely gettin Tbs shower gels next time i go to its store.i live in a hostel, so i generally shop for myself and most of my products just expire 🙁

  3. Hi5!! I live in hostel too. But when I go home ie once in some 6-7 months, I carry everything with me back home except the ones that I am very sure that I will use them (I get tags of fragile on each of my bags when I check in my luggage 😀 ). About things getting expired, well I always make sure I am buying the small units of the products unless of course its one of my routine products. You can do the same, it saves you money and guilt 😀 …lol I’ll be honest here, I like to try out new products and I buy so many of them n end up using not even 20% of them and then I feel like omg I waste so much money blah blah 😀

    1. hehe. Same here Astha 😛 whenever i see all the stuff, i am like why did i get all of this when it wasn’t needed and then i see how much it is left and i get a mini heart attack 😛 i have recently started gettin small packagings lol. this shower gel is also d smallest packaging available 😛

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