Epielle Collagen & Vitamin E Cleansing Tissues Review

Skin type: Oily-sensitive, acne prone
Skin tone: Fair-light with yellow-neutral undertones

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How are you doing today? I am all set for the trip though I need to re-think and re-load my makeup stash. Lol. I usually take lessons from previous mistakes; hence this time I made sure to keep alternatives for my skin care and beauty regimen as I am in an experimental mode once again. I also missed cleansing wipes on my last trip; hence this time I shopped all kind of cleansing wipes beforehand like baby wipes for multitasking and my kiddo and beauty cleansing wipes for my oily face exclusively! So my today’s review will tell you more about my newly purchased Epielle cleansing tissues which are very cost effective and pretty good in quality. Epielle is one of low-end drugstore brand which is really famous here for being light on pocket but real effective in results and claims. I have tried many quality products from this brand and they never failed to impress me. So let’s read more about Epielle Collagen & Vitamin E Cleansing Tissues!

Epielle Collagen & Vitamin E Cleansing Tissues Review

Price: $2-$4 for 30 pre-moistened tissues

Product Description:
Collagen & Vitamin E Cleansing Tissues have special dirt-trapping fibers that gently cleanse away dirt, oil, make-up, and even the toughest waterproof mascara. With the convenience of pre-moistened cloths, they work in seconds to leave you feeling smooth, fresh, and completely clean – anytime, anywhere!
• Hypoallergenic
• Won’t clog pores & moisturizes skin
• Safe for contact lens wearers
• Oil free

My Experience with Epielle Collagen & Vitamin E Cleansing Tissues:

The tissues come in ordinary paper packaging with a flap opening which is re-sealable to secure pre-moistened tissues inside. It does have strong fragrance which might bother you but personally I am fine with it. Over all I find it pretty user friendly and travel friendly packing.

flap open

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Epielle cleansing cloths are available in variety of fragrances and ingredients like Green Tea, Argan oil, Citrus and the Collagen-vitamin e. I am not a fan of Argan oil variant but I like green tea and citrus fragrance too. Considering my ageing and uneven texture skin, I decided to try the collagen variant which seems pretty similar to other variants. It is just that the fragrance and results vary but nothing unique to mention.


The tissues feel non-scratchy and mildly exfoliating on skin; they are not as soft as baby wipes. Probably they are called tissues because they feel more like paper tissues unlike soft wipes. But no complaints as it does not aggravate my acne prone skin nor does it ever aggravate my oily skin concerns further. In fact the dimensions of tissues are good enough to cover whole face and neck in one stroke. I need one wipe at a time regardless of using it for full face makeup or simply cleaning the oily, dirty skin. I just need to pat it at places and then rub gently to get rid of dirt, makeup and oil off skin.


Surprisingly I was habitual of noticing red skin post cleaning or using facial wipes but these fragrance tissues are way gentle that I hardly see any redness or bumpy face post cleaning. Oh yes, I am glad that these tissues never caused any break out or leave any oily-irritating residue on my skin. However, I do see slight slippery liquid on tissues but it soon dries down on my skin and I need not to follow with rinsing it off; I have real tricky skin type so I make sure to rinse my face even after using facial wipes. But I have been in situation many times when I could not wash my face and thankfully these wipes never proved me wrong. They neither feel overtly drying nor oily on my skin.

makeup removing

Talking about their performance, they effectively remove every last trace of makeup off my skin and eyes which can put any brand to shame. To be honest I never expected these tissues to be so mild on my skin and so effective on tougher waterproof makeup and I am amazed to see how the tissue removes high- to low-end foundation, mascara, eye shadows and even your primer off skin without ripping off my skin thankfully. I was bit hesitant to use it close to waterline, but it works pretty fine in removing eye makeup and mascara up to good extent. I never rub it hard and gently remove makeup by tapping or dabbing.

I think that I am more concerned about presence of parabens in the tissue rather than their texture and performance which is very impressive. I just wish parabens were absent in the formulation to make them my hg facial wipes.
Let’s sum up pros and cons,

Pros of Epielle Collagen & Vitamin E Cleansing Tissues:

• Mild facial cleansing tissues suitable for oily, acne prone skin.
• The tissues do not feel scratchy or irritating on my sensitive skin.
• The tissues do not leave any oily, irritating residue on skin.
• The tissues effectively remove every face makeup with gentle strokes.
• The tissues work fairly in removing eye makeup.
• I never felt red bumpy skin post using these tissues.
• They neither feel overtly drying nor oily on my skin.
• I just need one tissue to remove full face makeup.
• Quite cost effective and travel friendly product.

Cons of Epielle Collagen & Vitamin E Cleansing Tissues:

• Contain parabens, alcohol.
• The tissues are not very soft.
• Has fragrance.
• I do need mild rubbing for removing eye liners and mascara.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I Recommend Epielle Collagen & Vitamin E Cleansing Tissues?
Well honestly for the price and quality these are unbeatable as they seem decent enough for my weird skin type. Moreover, I find them pretty handy for cleaning my brushes for multitasking apart from removing face makeup. I might not use them on regular basis but if you are fine with parabens, then you should check them out.

|BUY: Epielle 30 Pre-moistened Collagen & Vitamin C Cleansing Tissues|
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  1. Ever since I’ve heard about parabens, I’ve become very very skeptical in using anything that contains parabens.
    Bdw, I loved your trip pics!! :-*

    1. yes roshni once you are aware about certain things you wud never like to commit the mistake again 🙂 thanx for your warm words dear!!

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