Equate Beauty Smoothing Keratin Shampoo Review

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For quite some time, I have been using Tresemme Keratin Shampoo to wash my hair, but recently, I found its competitor – a keratin shampoo by Equate which blatantly claims to be to the former’s dupe hence I decided to add it to my shower caddy. It looks and performs just like the Tresemme keratin shampoo, but at a much lower price.
Read on further for more details about this keratin shampoo by Equate.

Equate Beauty Smoothing Keratin Shampoo

Product Description:
Equate Beauty Smoothing Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner system is formulated with wholesome keratin proteins to fortify and heighten hair’s natural health and beauty. Velvety in touch, it soothingly saturates from root to tip, cleansing gently while deeply imbuing a rich shield of moisture. Enjoy super sleekness in style, braced by softening, replenishing nourishment. Use often for vibrant, sensuously lush results your hair is sure to love!

Equate Beauty Smoothing Keratin Shampoo:  Helps control frizz.  Helps control fly-aways.  Nourishes and replenishes.  Keratin-rich formula.




My Take on Equate Beauty Smoothing Keratin Shampoo:

I have used regular shampoos like the one by Dove or VOV and have also used more luxurious ones by brands that have their own dedicated aisle in Ulta, but I found that Tresemme Keratin shampoo performs just as good as any other expensive shampoo and and can be bought to avoid unnecessary splurge. The product in this post is comparable to Tresemme shampoo and is slightly cheaper hence I am contemplating purchasing another bottle once I run out of this one.

Packaging:  This shampoo comes in a big 25 fl oz bottle with a flip cap on top to cover the opening which dispenses product when the bottle is tilted or squeezed. It is long and cylindrical, hence easy to store in my shower caddy.

Equate shampoo

Consistency:  Since it is a moisturizing shampoo, it has a thick lotion-like consistency and a small quantity is enough for one shower session.

Fragrance: Smell is subtle and reminds me of the usual body and face moisturizers. I was a bit skeptical about this particular feature before I sampled the product, but after the initial usage, I was okay with it.

A large dollop is enough to cover my entire hair which falls below my waist. For someone with shorter hair, just a small dollop should suffice. I wash my hair only after an overnight oil regimen and that is why it is imperative that I rinse my hair twice with shampoo to get rid of all the excessive oil.  This shampoo gives a generous amount of lather and easily removes all the dirt, oil and other residue in my hair and leaves it squeaky clean.

Cap shampoo bottle

It does contain sulphur-based compounds which generate lather but most shampoos and soaps anyway contain these chemicals, so can’t complain much about it. Most manufacturers make sure that shampoos leave our hair a bit dry so that one has to apply a silicon-based conditioner to soften up the hair and such is the case with this shampoo.

Shampoo swatch

This is a good and cheap shampoo which would do well in our shower routine and the best thing is that it is a close dupe of a slightly more expensive hair product and is perfect for thrifty buyers like me.

Pros of Equate Beauty Smoothing Keratin Shampoo:

  • Packaging – long cylindrical bottle which is easy to store.
  • Just a small quantity goes a long way.
  • Very soothing aroma – reminds me of face and body lotions.
  • Gives a generous amount of lather.
  • Leaves hair squeaky clean.
  • Easily removes oil and dirt from the hair.
  • Easy to wash off with minimal product build up.
  • Does not make hair too dry or brittle.
  • Close dupe of Tresemme Keratin shampoo.

Cons of Equate Beauty Smoothing Keratin Shampoo:

  • Bottle is not travel friendly – too bulky.
  • It has to be followed by a conditioner for better results.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Equate Beauty Smoothing Keratin Shampoo?

Yes, I would buy this product because it performs well and is close dupe of Tresemme Keratin shampoo which is slightly more expensive. I recommend it to my readers so that even they can enjoy the goodness of this product.

IMBB Rating:

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