Escada Absolutely Me Eau de Parfum Review

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Today, I will be sharing my views about Escada Absolutely Me Eau de Parfum. It’s a refreshing, sparkling fruity fragrance with sweet notes. Kindly continue reading to know how it fared for me.

Price: $34 for 50 ml
Product Description:
Following Desire Me and Incredible Me, Escada offers Absolutely Me. The fragrance is sparkling, refreshing and fruity, with sweet notes in the heart and a tender vanilla trail. Absolutely Me opens with fresh fruit accords and raspberries. The heart is filled with a delicate aroma of pink rose macaroon, followed by soft vanilla in the base. The bottle is created as its predecessors with the logo of two letters E facing each other, decorated with crystals. The bottle is transparent and the liquid colour is delicate purple. The outer packaging is dark, also decorated with glittering crystals.

Escada Absolutely Me Eau de Parfum comes packaged in a beautiful rainbow tinted glass bottle. It has a metallic spray and a black coloured cap with a metallic ring. The shape of the bottle resembles the company’s logo double “E” joined together. The cap is pentagon shaped and looks like a crown placed on the dainty bottle. The packaging is exclusive and feels nice and rich to hold. Plus, it can be termed as travel-friendly.

My Experience with Escada Absolutely Me Eau de Parfum:

I love experimenting and collecting perfumes. In fact, it is my hobby. I have been collecting perfumes since forever, even before I started reviewing them here on IMBB. Escada Absolutely Me Eau de Parfum was launched long ago and I bought it around two years ago. Its beautiful packaging and positive reviews lured me.

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It’s a sparkling perfume which opens with fruity notes. It has a heart of sweet pink rose macaroon, followed with tender vanilla. I am a fan of floral perfumes and also like fruity-floral or floral with musk scents. However, I am not a fan of sweet flavours and this one is quite sweet for my taste. This is the only reason I have used this perfume very sparingly.

It is wearable, both on clothes and skin. The scent lingers on and on, even though it is an intimate scent and only people very close to me can sense it. It lasts longer on my pulse points, compared to clothes and under arms. The only thing I do not like is the sweetness in the fragrance, which is a bit overwhelming for me.

I have tried similar perfumes and conveniently passed them on to friends or cousins. However, the packaging is the only reason I still have Escada Absolutely Me in my collection. It’s a beautiful and dainty bottle with a crown shaped cap, which any woman would love to own. Also if you are a fan of sparkling fruity flavours which end on sweet notes, this one is for you. However, in my case, it is not “absolutely me”; meaning it does not resemble my taste or love for perfumes.

The lasting power on clothes is mediocre – four to six hours and could be lesser in hot and humid weather. However, it lasts much longer on my pulse points, sometimes until next morning if I happen to use it in the evening. The perfume is fruity and refreshing, hence it is very apt for daily wear. However, it can be used for special occasions also.

Pros of Escada Absolutely Me Eau de Parfum:

• A beautiful, intimate, sparkling fruity perfume.
• Dainty and travel-friendly packaging.
• Lasts long on pulse points.
• Travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of Escada Absolutely Me Eau de Parfum:

• The fragrance is a bit too sweet for my taste.
• Poor lasting power on clothes.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Escada Absolutely Me Eau de Parfum?
I definitely recommend this perfume to the lovers of sparkling fruity and sweet fragrances. The dainty packaging is a piece of art and one would like to own it. I won’t repurchase since I am not a fan of such sweet notes.

Thanks and cheers!

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