Escada Precious Body Moisturizer Review

Escada Precious Body Moisturizer

Hello Beauty-holics,

I am back with a review on one of my favourite body lotion. Escada’s signature perfume has been one of my all time favourite perfume and I was totally delighted when my brother picked up this body lotion in the same fragrance for me on his Singapore trip! I had always wanted to buy this product, but the price factor (and availability) had made me chose more economical options. Finally I have laid my hands on this beauty and am totally savoring this rich and luxurious body lotion.

Product Claim:

Escada Signature Body Moisturizer by Escada for Women. Escada Signature Perfume is a sexy, refreshing scent for today’s modern and chic Woman. A girl’s best friend, this fragrance invigorates the soul and energizes the mind.


$20 – $25 for 200ml. (Prices vary on different websites)


My experience with Escada Precious Body Moisturizer

First things first, Escada’s signature perfume’s body lotion comes in a very simple yet very chic and lavish transparent pale plastic bottle with the same Escada Signature perfume’s iconic silver and transparent bottle cap. The bottle very closely resembles the perfume’s bottle in shape. There are no wordy descriptions or ingredients on the bottle which makes it even more stylish and it looks incredible on my dressing.


The lotion is a soft pale yellowish and is of the perfect consistency. It is not too thick, nor too runny and spreads very easily on the skin. The lotion is very light and is quickly absorbed by the skin making it soft, smooth and moisturized. It leaves a healthy looking sheen on the skin. It makes the rough elbows and knees very soft. But since it is so expensive, I use it quite sparingly and mostly for special occasions.


I wish these luxury perfume lotions and moisturizers (like Estee lauder’s pleasure, Escada signature and Calvin Klien’s Eternity) came with SPF. I hate to mix these exotic smelling lotions with sunscreen lotions and dilute or alter the smell. Coming to the smell, which is the best part about this lotion. The lotion smells simply luxurious. Like the perfume, the fragrance of the lotion is timeless and absolutely divine. The Fragrance has a fresh citrusy top notes mixed with green and floral notes and tempered with musk and amber for the base note. The body lotion has the same fragrance but is more mellow and sensuous than the perfume. It gives a very opulent and sophisticated feeling. I like the body lotion even more than the Eau de toilette as the lotion smells heavenly and the top citrusy notes settles down quicker to pave way for the musky seductive smell.
The fragrance from the lotion is quite strong for around 2 hours on the skin and lingers faintly for another hour at least. I love to use this lotion for special occasions. Its lift me up fragrance makes it my favourite product to lift up my mood. I also love to layer the fragrance by using both the Eau de toilette and lotion.
It makes me feel very glamorous and sophisticated.


Pros of Escada Precious Body Moisturizer

• Smells Divine
• Softer and more sensuous than the perfume
• Fragrance lasts for 2-3 hours on the skin
• Moisturizes and makes skin soft
• Light and easily absorbed
• Feeling of luxury

Cons of Escada Precious Body Moisturizer:

• Expensive
• No SPF
• No ingredients list

Last Word:

I simply love the lotion, even more than the eau de toilette. It gives you the feeling of being on the lap of luxury. A must try for fragrance lovers and those who love luxurious products. It is a wee bit expensive for everyday use, so I am going to use my bottle sparingly and simply wait for another bottle to be gifted to me.

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10 thoughts on “Escada Precious Body Moisturizer Review

  1. it must be luxurious…..these perfumed body lotions layered with the same range from perfumes work amazingly well 😀

  2. Yes a total luxury product *woot* *woot* and plus it has a more sensuous fragrance than a perfume than have to try it out *happy dance* *happy dance* will try it soon or probably will gift it to mom after sniffing it *happy dance*

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