Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot Lotion Review

You must be wondering who in their right mind would buy a “cool” foot lotion with peppermint and menthol in winters. But trust me, I really had hard time finding a mere foot cream here in UK.  I visited several stores here like Boots, Superdrug, etc., but couldn’t locate foot cream in any of them. I still can’t believe it! Did I really somehow miss them in the aisles or are there only a few options available here for foot cream in drugstore brands? Finally, I found this product in Bodycare store standing like a neglected child. There is another variant available from this brand which is meant for very dry skin and to heal cracked heels, but I picked up this because I wanted just mild protection for winter.

Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot Lotion

£0.90 for 150 ml.

Product Description:
Escenti cold feet softening foot lotion is enriched with menthol and peppermint to help cool and refresh tired aching feet. With regular use, its active moisturizing formulation will help soften dry hard skin leaving your feet feeling smooth, soft and supple.

Directions For Use:
Massage lotion gently into clean, dry feet.


Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot Lotion

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My Experience with Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot Lotion:

Packaging:  This foot lotion comes in an opaque white plastic tube which looks cool, but you will not know how much of the product is left inside the tube. The packaging is very strong and user friendly. It has flip open cap which is quite strong as well. You will need to put slight extra pressure to open it. The product is safe to tuck inside your suitcase or in your handbag. All the details are mentioned in the body including expiry date. Tube packaging is also good for maintaining hygiene.

Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot Lotion

I had bought this foot lotion to keep my feet hydrated during winters. I do not have crack heels but I do have dry skin. I exfoliate my feet almost daily and apply foot cream religiously daily either after taking bath or before going to bed even in summers. I take good care of my feet 😛

Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot Lotion

The lotion is white in color. It has the consistency of a body lotion, but the texture feels like gel while applying on the feet. My skin drinks up this lotion in 30 seconds and it doesn’t leave any trace behind. It just gets absorbed into the skin completely, just like a serum that would get absorbed into the skin.

Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot Lotion

For this reason, you can use it during day time also and walk around your house wearing flip flops. This foot lotion would not make your flip flop slippery. If you suffer from bad memory, then you might forget that you have applied anything on your feet, but the mild cooling and tingling sensation will remind you of that. The cool sensation is understandably caused by the presence of peppermint and menthol in the lotion, but it doesn’t feel “Zandu Balm” on the feet.

Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot Lotion

Escenti lotion is great for summer and at the same time not bothersome in winters as well. It smells like peppermint, but I am afraid I would not be able to tell exactly how long the smell lingers because I wear socks immediately after application. This lotion is working okay for my feet. I do not see any dryness and that means my feet are getting a good dose of hydration from this lotion. Overall, I am happy with this product as my feet look healthy.

Pros of Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot Lotion:

  • Pocket-friendly price.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Gel-like texture.
  • Does not fee sticky.
  • Gets absorbed within 30 seconds.
  • Tube packaging, travel friendly.

Cons of Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot Lotion:

  • Contains paraben.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot Lotion?
Yes, definitely! If you’re looking for a foot lotion that will provide hydration in winters, then give it a try!

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