Escenti Tea Tree Facial Wash Gel Review

By Shainee Chakraborty

Hi everyone,

Although it’s beginning of autumn here, it “feels like” winter to me. I have already been busy burying myself under layers of clothing. I think “Escenti” is a new entry on IMBB. I had never heard about it before! I had first bought this facial wash gel in summer. Its ingredients such as natural peppermint oils and cooling menthol sounded perfect proposition for summer. You can look for it in Bodycare, Sainsbury, Morrison’s or Superdrug stores. I was looking for a face wash which is gentle to my skin and can be easily washed off. When I came across this product from Escenti, I promptly bought it. Let’s get started with the review!

Escenti Tea Tree Facial Wash Gel

£0.90p for 150 ml.

Product Description:
Escenti Facial wash Gel is specially formulated with Tea Tree, peppermint oils and menthol to remove dirt, excess oils and other skin impurities. It is suitable for all skin types and help to leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Escenti Tea Tree Facial Wash Gel

It comes in a blue, green non-transparent plastic tube with a flip open cap. There is nothing fancy about the packaging. It looks like a regular drugstore product. All the details are mentioned on the back of the product. Again, there is no mention of manufacturing and expiry date.

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My Experience with Escenti Tea Tree Facial Wash Gel:

I have sensitive and acne-prone skin and it behaves differently under different climates and places. I do not experiment with face wash too often. I stick to one because I understand that my skin problem is internal and no products or medicines can treat it completely. This is my second bottle. I haven’t used any gel face wash before.

Escenti Tea Tree Facial Wash Gel

The gel is transparent in color and smells like peppermint. It does feel a little bit cool on the face because of menthol and peppermint content. It does not create too much foam on wet face and gets washed off easily with water. Though they had mentioned to use warm water, but I do not prefer using warm water on my face, it makes my skin more dry (maybe I am wrong there).

Green tea face wash

It feels very gentle on the face and doesn’t make it dry. One thing I have noticed is that it controls oil for a few hours in the summers. I am so happy with this product that I will not change this cooling menthol face wash gel even in autumn.

Pros of Escenti Tea Tree Facial Wash Gel:

  • Paraben free.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Affordable.
  • Washes off easily.
  • Doesn’t make face dry.
  • Gentle.
  • I like the gel texture.
  • They export their products to India.

Cons of Escenti Tea Tree Facial Wash Gel:

  • None!

Do I Recommend Escenti Tea Tree Facial Wash Gel?
Yes! I am soon going to finish my second bottle and will repurchase it. Affordable, gentle, no harmful chemicals what else do I need?

IMBB Rating:

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