Eskinol Ice Poretherapy Facial Scrub Review

Eskinol Ice Poretherapy Facial Scrub Review

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Today, I am going to review something that is a personal favourite and I just had to review it, it’s that good ! Its Eskinol Ice Poretherapy Facial Scrub.  I picked it up from a store in Dubai and it is very easily available on ebay as well. Let’s look at the product description:

Eskinol Ice Poretherapy Facial Scrub Review


Around Rs. 210 for 100 ml.

Okay, so I have open pore issues due to acne in my teenage years and I have tried a lot of stuff, but this one was really effective and this one is my second pack. I have already used one pack and though initially it seemed to me as if it would give me a temporary effect, but after using it for a long time (about 6-7 months), it has helped me a lot in the longer run too. Nowadays, even without the scrub, my pores look a lot smaller than they were earlier and doesn’t break me out at all.

Eskinol Facial Scrub

Also, the micro-exfoliating action removes dirt from the pores and gives a fresh and clean face and controls oil for almost 5 hours without over drying.  My skin becomes really clean, fresh and polished. The most wonderful part about this scrub is that it really gives that ice cold cooling effect, which feels so great.  It gives you that fresh feeling in the morning and wakes you up to the day !


Using it along with Pond’s smooth pore face wash has made a really noticeable difference to the pore size on my face.

Pros of Eskinol Ice Poretherapy Facial Scrub:

  • It does help a lot in reducing the pore size.
  • Gives you that cooling effect.
  • Polishes your skin.
  • Helps control oil without over drying.
  • Does what it claims.

Cons of Eskinol Ice Poretherapy Facial Scrub:

  • None that I can find!

IMBB Rating:


Would I Buy Eskinol Ice Poretherapy Facial Scrub Again?

Yep, probably for the rest of my life!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Lipi and Eskinol products have been getting good reviews on our blog….wish they were available here 🙂

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