Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow Review

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Hello Beautiful Ladies,

These days, I am into Essence cosmetics and this is the reason that I am back with another product from this brand. Today, I am gonna review a 6-color palette called “All About Candies.” Essence has a range called “All About,” which has 5 different palettes. All about candies is the lightest of all the 5 palettes and it is filled with light pastel shades.

Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow

Product Quantity:

8.5 gm.


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AED 22 i.e. around INR 385

Packaging:  This eyeshadow palette contains 6 different colored shadows in a square pan. The lid of the palette is transparent which not only helps to recognize the colors easily but also makes it look pretty on the vanity. The palette does not have any brush or mirror, but considering the price of the palette, that’s completely fine. The packaging is not super sturdy, but it is safe to travel with.


A long list of ingredients are mentioned on the back of the pan as well as the site.

Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow

Product Description:

All about….beautiful eyes: a gorgeous look is guaranteed by the eyeshadow palettes with six trendy colors each. The smooth texture of the eyeshadows contains shimmering, matte and metallic effects – for endless looks.

My Take on Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow:

As I have mentioned before, it’s a six-color palette with all the pastel colors:

Shade No. 1 is a pretty pastel yellow that is perfect to be used as a highlight or in the inner corners of the eyes.
Shade No. 2 is a pearly pink color.
Shade No. 3 is light lavender.
Shade No. 4 is a pretty peachy orange shade.
Shade No. 5 is a light shade of blue.
Shade No. 6 is a light green.

Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow

Basically, the palette contains one color from each color family. It does have many overall colors and a highlighter color too, but as it is a pastel palette, it does not have any color that can be used on the crease. Though it does not have any darker crease color, I have tried using 2-3 different colors from the palette to create a look, and the colors go well with each other creating a soft look.

Pigmentation:  All the colors are decently pigmented, I cannot select a single color that is more pigmented or one that is less pigmented than the other colors in the palette. The color does come out good when swatched with fingers, but when blended with a brush, they lose pigmentation. A minimum of 3-4 coats are required to get the color on the lids. This can be improved by using a white-colored base on the lids, but in that situation too, at least 2 coats are required.

Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow

Texture:  All the colors in the palette are satiny soft to apply. They blend really well with each other and do not crease for a long time. But on oily lids, if applied without a good primer, the colors might crease a little after 3 hours.

Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow

Staying Power:  The colors do not have an amazing staying power, but for a cheaper palette, it is pretty decent. I personally did not expect the colors to stay on for the whole day and so I wasn’t disappointed much when the shades started fading after around 2 hours. The fading does start after 2 hours, but if 3-4 coats are applied at the beginning, the whole eye look can stay up to 4-5 hours.

Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow

Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow 7

Pros of Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow:

  • Affordable.
  • Contains 6 beautiful pastel colors.
  • Perfect for creating a soft day look.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Average staying power.
  • Soft satiny texture.
  • Minimum fall out.

Cons of Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow:

  • Colors lose their pigmentation on blending.
  • Not-so-amazing pigmentation.
  • Colors might crease without a good primer.

Would I Repurchase Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow?

Not this one, but I would like to try a palette called “chocolate” from the same collection.

Would I Recommend Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow?

If you like soft satin looks, then this is a good palette, especially because it’s so affordable.

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