Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, EOTD

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I am a total makeup junkie and like trying new stuff to create various makeup looks, but there is one area where I have to learn a lot and that is – eye makeup. I am very amateur at eye makeup. But when I saw these cute little palettes, I was tempted to explore this section. I got a very starters kind of a kit to experiment with first and then I will review some larger palettes. For now, here I present “All About Chocolates”!

Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, EOTD

Rs 399

Product Description:
All about… beautiful eyes: a gorgeous look is guaranteed by the eye-shadow palettes with six trendy colours each. The smooth texture of the eye-shadows contains shimmering, matt and metallic effects – for endless looks.

My Experience with Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow:

Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, EOTD7

I was really tempted to pick this palette because it looked very neutral to me and would be my on-the-go palette. The palette is very small and handy. I love how cute it looks! It actually looks like a beginner’s palette, very sweet and simple. It comes in a plastic pan and I can easily see the shades from outside. The pricing is also very reasonable since they are offering an entire palette at that cost which is a good deal for beginners and college goers. Coming to the shades, they looked very different when I tried at the counter on my hand. Also the name “All about chocolates” doesn’t seem very apt because the colours are not as chocolaty.

Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, EOTD1

Three shades are metallic browns, one is a warm copper metallic brown and the other two more of beiges and whites which would actually do a job of a highlighter. When I actually tried doing the smokey eyes look, I was surprised! The shades did not appear different from one another. They looked pretty much the same and very close to each other. I blended them to create a simple eye makeup look but only the darkest shade of the palette looked a little different. Hence, my eye makeup became very restricted. But the colours are really great for a simple festive look or just to add a little more spice to the simple everyday eye makeup.

Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, EOTD2

The shades contain a bit of shimmer but these shimmer particles altogether form a metallic base which looks glamorous and stunning. The shades cause a minimal fallout but may irritate the eyes if a lot of product enters the eyes. It went in my eyes and irritated a lot for some minutes and plus I am a contact lens wearer, so imagine how difficult that situation would have been for me. It added a dose of redness to my eyes which settles down after 20-25 minutes; either my eyes are too sensitive or the formula has some issue.

Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, EOTD3

The addition of the highlighter shades to the makeup look makes a lot of difference. It enhances the eye area so much and the eyes look wide open by highlighting the inner corners, but the highlighting of inner corners vanishes in just an hour while the highlighting on the brow bone stays long. The shadows stay for 5-6 hours on my eyes as it is and even more with a primer. So overall, I think it is a nice, decent palette for beginners. But if you are more into eye makeup and know various tricks, then you will end up not liking this one because there are so many better palettes than this one.

Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, EOTD4

Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, EOTD5

Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, EOTD6

Pros of Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow:

• Very sweet and simple palette for beginners and college-goers
• Very reasonably priced and a lot of variants to choose from
• “All About Chocolates” is a very neutral palette and it can be used daily as well occasionally
• The shades have a metallic base which looks absolutely gorgeous and classy on the eyes
• The texture is very smooth and glides easily on the eyelids without a lot of fallout
• The highlighter works very well and defines the brow bone brilliantly
• The eyeshadow stays on my eyes for 5-6 hours without a primer

Cons of Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow:

• On my hand, the shades look different but on the eyes they all look the same or say very close
• All the shades blend with each other making only one shade noticeable on my eyes
• The name isn’t very apt because they are not chocolate browns; they are more of grey, brown and beige
• The palette looked like it has the potential to create smokey eyes because the shades were available from light to dark, but it failed totally
• The little fallout caused a lot of redness in my eyes and irritated my eyes for long

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Essence All About Chocolates Eyeshadow?
I recommend it if you are starting to explore the eye makeup field but I have seen a lot of better palettes than this. I would buy palettes with more variety of shades rather than something like this.

IMBB Rating:

Essence is one of the best drugstore brands to try if you like using makeup regularly with poppy and vibrant shades.

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