Essence Cold Wild-Berry Soufflé Touch Blush Review

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I have been experimenting a lot with blushes lately, and have developed a soft corner for cream blushes. They give such a cute flush to my cheeks which I am totally getting addicted too. The ‘Soufflé’ from Essence seemed very tempting to me, hence I picked up a dull plum rose shade called Cold Wild-Berry. I want to shout out so badly that this is the worst product I have used till date. I mean, I could still wear frosty lipsticks, but this is more disgusting than frosty lippies. Read on to find out why!

Essence Cold Wild-Berry Soufflé Touch Blush Review1

Product Description:
A fresh complexion is essential for perfect style! You can set gorgeous, natural-looking highlights in soft as well as brighter shades on your cheeks with this blush.

Rs 249 for 8 ml

My Experience with Essence Cold Wild-Berry Soufflé Touch Blush:

Essence Cold Wild-Berry Soufflé Touch Blush Review

I am a big-time lover of cream blushes since they give such a natural and long-lasting flush to the cheeks, that looks adorable. The moment I saw “Cold wild-berry” soufflé blush from Essence, I imagined a stunning plum flush on my cheeks. Hence, I got it! The blush comes in a little tub packaging like most of the cream blushes. The lid colour resembles the blush shade which makes it very easy to spot to blush. It is made up of plastic, hence we do not have to worry even if this gets dropped a hundred times. The shade I picked up looked like a very lovely dull rose shade that would give a very natural rosy flush to my cheeks. But, the moment I opened the lid, I was taken aback. The blush was put in the container in such an uneven manner, it looked disgusting.

Essence Cold Wild-Berry Soufflé Touch Blush Review2

Initially, I felt that it is an expired product, or the store has given me a damaged piece. Hence, I referred to some other pictures of this blush and I am very disappointed to tell you that this is the actual product that Essence launched in the market. Are they insane or what? Really giving out such a tacky blush at that cost? This is not the end, I have more to nag! The consistency is very much like a mousse when you see in the tub, but it turns out totally different when you use it. It is nothing close to a soufflé. It is like clay to make dolls and animals. 😛 I took a little whip to apply on my cheeks before going out.

Essence Cold Wild-Berry Soufflé Touch Blush Review4

I felt a very soothing and cooling sensation on my cheeks which was amazing. I started to blend it and realised it does not take a literal scoop to apply on my cheeks. The fragrance it had is also very weird. I kept blending and blending, the blush entirely crumbled on my cheeks and was clinging to certain portions creating uneven patches in that shade. Yet, the colour did not show up. I have fair skin, but not even a hint of colour. I can really not mention how long does the blush last because in order for me to count hours, it should appear first on my cheeks, which it did not! I am throwing it and do not put your money in this useless and cheap product.

Essence Cold Wild-Berry Soufflé Touch Blush Review3

Pros of Essence Cold Wild-Berry Soufflé Touch Blush:

• Convenient tub packaging, which is very handy

Cons of Essence Cold Wild-Berry Soufflé Touch Blush:

• Limited shades available
• The consistency is nothing close to a soufflé; it is uneven, gooey and crumbly
• I took a lot of product, but the blush did not appear on my skin at all
• It does not spread smoothly; it crumbles on the skin, creates uneven patches and clings to certain portions
• It feels very sticky on the skin
• It smells weird
• Expensive for the disgusting quality they offered

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Essence Cold Wild-Berry Soufflé Touch Blush?
No no no! I don’t know what Essence had in its mind while making this. The brand must really have been out of its mind when it made this tacky and crumbly formula. I am just going to throw it away because it does not work at all.

IMBB Rating:

Essence products have worked really well for me; either they are average or good. Most of them
have scored high points, but this was more than a disappointment.

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11 thoughts on “Essence Cold Wild-Berry Soufflé Touch Blush Review

    1. I know… even i came across such a bad product after a while.. atleast the other bad products showed up lol.. this did not even do that 🙁 seriously what did they have n mind while making this.. i ma sure they might have realized about this 🙂

    1. Exactly it looks like an expired one.. but khushi they make it this way only because i saw the same consistency in a lot of pics 🙁 it looked more than horrible.. actually it did not come up only lol 🙁

    1. Even i was tempted the same way because you know souffle claim got me in.. but sadly it was more than a disappointment 🙁 glad emmy to help you guys out.. thanks a lot
      🙂 🙂

    1. Exactly Mariyam.. it goes the same with me 🙁 i had a very bad feeling even while trying this.. i was actually rubbing it on my cheeks 🙁

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