Essence Happy Hour Mono Eyeshadow Review

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Today I am here with the review of an Essence single mono eyeshadow in the shade Happy Hour. I bought a couple of shades of the Essence Mono Eyeshadow in a haul and today, I am finally reviewing this product. Read further to find out how this shade fared for me?

Electrified eyes… the popular mono eyeshadows ensure color highlights on your eyelids and are sure to give all girls that extra-special added touch.

Essence Happy Hour Mono Eyeshadow Closed

Price: INR 199 for 2.5 grams.

Essence Happy Hour Mono Eyeshadow Price

My Take on Essence Happy Hour Mono Eyeshadow:

Packaging: The shadow comes in a small, rounded pan. It has a transparent lid, so one can easily look at the shade. The lid shuts tightly with a click. Some beautiful patterns are embossed in the shadow.

Essence Happy Hour Mono Eyeshadow Packaging

Essence Happy Hour Mono Eyeshadow Open

Shade: Happy hour is a frosty mint green. This shade has a silvery sheen to it, which has been called the metallic effect. The shimmer particles infused in the shadow are very tiny. The shade will basically look good on very fair and cool skin tones, it’s not a very apt shade for Indian or darker skin tones.

Essence Happy Hour Mono Eyeshadow Shade

Texture, Finish and Pigmentation: The shadow is not very creamy and is moderately chalky. But it is quite smooth and soft to touch. Because of the hard pressed formula, the shadow doesn’t apply easily onto the eyelids. The shadow doesn’t get picked up well on brushes either, unless the brush is wet. One will have to swirl the brush multiple times to get a desired amount of color on the eyelids. The shadow can be applied in both wet and dry form.

Essence Happy Hour Mono Eyeshadow Shade

I think it’s better to use this shade in wet form, as it becomes easy to apply the color on eyelids without the need to layer it on. The shadow is easily blendable when used in both, wet and dry form. The shade gives a frosty effect on eyelids; it’s neither too metallic nor very pearly.

Essence Happy Hour Mono Eyeshadow Swatch

The shade is very poorly pigmented; it doesn’t give enough color on lids even after it has been swiped multiple times. Even a good primer base won’t help to intensify the color. One can intensify and apply the color easily only when it is used with a wet brush.

Staying Power: On applying dry, the shadow doesn’t last long at all and fades away within half an hour. But when applied wet, the shadow lasted on me for hardly 2 hours with mild creasing and fading. Even a primer base didn’t work in making the shadow stay longer on eyelids.

Pros of Essence Happy Hour Mono Eyeshadow:

• A nice cool toned shade, hence is perfect for summery days.
• Affordable.
• Packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.
• Shade is suitable for fair skin tones.
• Easily blendable.
• No fall out during application.
• Pigmentation can be increased by applying the shadow in wet form.
• Can be removed easily.

Cons of Essence Happy Hour Mono Eyeshadow:

• The shadow is hard pressed.
• The color doesn’t apply easily with dry brushes.
• Poorly pigmented shade.
• Not a suitable color for every skin tone.
• Poor staying power.
• Has a silvery or frosty sheen to it, which I personally don’t like.

IMBB Rating: 2/5.

Will I Recommend or Re-purchase Essence Happy Hour Mono Eyeshadow?
No, I am not recommending this dud shade from the collection. I mean it’s poorly pigmented and the color is not buildable at all. And also the shade is not at all suitable for most of the Indian skin tones. Are you kidding me? I am not going to buy this shade again.

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