Essence Kabuki Brush Review

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I have never really been into makeup brushes, but when I saw this cute little brush sitting over the Essence counter, I instantly fell in love with this. I hadn’t tried any kabuki brush before this; I would always use a big brush to apply loose powder, blush and highlighter. So here is the review of this little baby for you guys!

Essence Kabuki Brush Review1

Rs 499

Product Description:
Perfect application! Whether you prefer loose or compact powder, the soft and supple kabuki brush made of fine synthetic fibres harmonizes with any powder and ensures a smooth application on your face, neckline and body.

My Experience with Essence Kabuki Brush:

Essence Kabuki Brush Review

The kabuki brush caught my attention just because of its cuteness. The brush is fat yet tiny and comes inside a round packaging made up of thick plastic sheet with the name and description written over it. I like that the brush is accompanied with this packaging which will help to protect the bristles of the brush when carried for travels. It costs a little lesser than other brands, and I would prefer this since Essence doesn’t use animal hair or test on animals. The brush has a nice baby blue coloured bottom and this shade looks just so perfect. It raises the cuteness quotient of this brush. It has “kabuki” written over it with some floral design.

Essence Kabuki Brush Review3

I like how they have added the two-toned colour to the bristles of the brush. The bristles are super soft in quality and I just feel like a baby when I rub these bristles over my face. It actually feels like a baby brush, which is used to apply baby powder. I can use this with a foundation, a loose powder, a compact, a highlighter and probably all the face makeup products. The quality is amazing but if you have tried kabuki brushes from high end brands, then you might not adore this as much.

Essence Kabuki Brush Review2

But if you are new to kabuki brushes, then I am sure this new launch from Essence will impress you to the fullest. I saw 2-3 bristles shed, but I think that is acceptable since they did not shed later on. Washing it is easy – if you have a brush cleanser then it would be the best, if not then water might clean it well. But I feel that washing it over and over would reduce its smoothness. So concluding I would say that you have to try this little cutie and it will be totally worth it.

Essence Kabuki Brush Review4

Pros of Essence Kabuki Brush:

• Super cute and compact in baby blue colour
• It is very handy and the bristles are always protected since a box is accompanied with it
• Affordable as compared to kabuki brushes from other brands
• The bristles are baby soft; it actually feels like a baby brush
• It applies all the makeup products flawlessly, giving a super natural and well-blended look
• It can be easily washed
• Essence does not test on animals

Cons of Essence Kabuki Brush:

• Bristles might shed, though just a few
• Regular washing will reduce its smoothness

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Essence Kabuki Brush?
Yes I do recommend it if you are looking out for a good quality, soft-bristled brush. Only get it if you are new to this “Kabuki” thing. If you have already used high-end kabuki brushes, then you might end up calling this an average one.

IMBB Rating:

It is a really nice tool to get a flawless complexion with any makeup product because the blending looks very professional and natural.

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  1. An eye catcher for sure.. love the colour.. i dnt apply makeup (foundation, blush etc ) but when I start I’m definitely gonna buy this 🙂

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