Essence Like A Trip To New York Eau de Toilette Review

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Essence has some of the cutest looking perfumes and the names are also super catchy. I just got attracted to these like a magnet because I love such cute stuff on my shelf. I had tried a couple of EDTs from Essence and had liked them, so I thought of trying a few more. I got one called “like a day in a candy shop”, which had a very girly and flirty fragrance. So this time, I thought of getting a completely different one called “Like a trip to New York” because the notes in this one had a vast difference. Let us see how this one worked for me.

Essence Like A Trip To New York Eau de Toilette

Rs 799 for 50 ml

Product Description:
Essence like a trip to New York, as exciting and upbeat as a short trip with your best friend! Soho, times square, 5th avenue. The big apple is expecting us! Cheerful, fruity and urban, this fragrance ensures a great mood.
Top notes: cardamom, elemi, grapefruit, cranberry.
Middle notes: rose, Datura.
Base notes: cedar wood, white wood, amber.

My Experience with Essence Like A Trip To New York Eau de Toilette:

Essence is one brand that I love because they have done a brilliant job with the funky and quirky packaging. There were many extremely cute named variants, but I decided to pick only 2 initially and would go back to others, if these two cuties worked well. The EDT comes in a very cute and girly looking box, which shows some tall buildings of New York with bold colourful alphabets “NY”.

Essence Like A Trip To New York Eau de Toilette 2

The vibrant orange box makes this EDT packaging look very attractive. The box is a tiny one and looks very nice for gifting. Their naming strategy is very catchy and the fragrances are very different from each other. This EDT is a 50 ml variant and is available in a smaller size of 10 ml as well. To me this looks perfect to be carried in hand bags.

The product comes a glass bottle, which is see-through and is filled with light orange liquid in it. This too has “NY” written over it in warm colour with a cute orange ribbon near the cap.  It has a circular shape with a similar circular cap, which adds to the cuteness quotient. The packaging is pretty sturdy but not heavy at all. Though, I think the quantity is pretty less according to the price because Essence is a drug store brand and not a premium one. I think I would rather put some more money and buy a good premium brand.

Essence Like A Trip To New York Eau de Toilette 3

A good 4-5 spritz are required each time I use this, hence the quantity keeps reducing a lot. The moment I sprayed it, I got a very refreshing feeling and it has a great invigorating fragrance. It just makes you all cheered up. It initially opens up with a very strong and noticeable scent of juicy pink grapefruit with some hints of lemons and oranges, which combines with pink grapefruit bringing up a very citrusy fragrance. Later on, it settles down to a citrusy and a musky blend.

Essence Like A Trip To New York Eau de Toilette 4

It portrays a very fun, easy going and a care free image of the woman wearing this. I felt like I wanted to travel and have fun each day because of the name, the pictures over it, the fragrance and very much everything.

The fragrance lasts for about an hour and a half which is pretty low as compared to the price we pay. Reapplication would need 4-5 spritz more, I mean do I finish the perfume in a week? I wish it stayed a little longer than this because it smells amazing and I love these cuties from Essence.

Essence Like A Trip To New York Eau de Toilette 5

Pros of Essence Like A Trip To New York Eau de Toilette:

  • Very cute and girly packaging in colourful, vibrant orange and warm colours.
  • The tiny size makes it travel friendly.
  • A lot of cute variants to pick from and available in 10ml and 50 ml sizes.
  • The bottle is see-through, hence we can keep a check on the quantity.
  • Sturdy enough not to break, if dropped.
  • It smells like a citrusy blend of pink grapefruit, lemons and oranges with a musky base.
  • It gives a very refreshing feel and after reading the name, and using it, I feel like travelling and enjoying.
  • The fragrance is very fun and care-free.

Cons of Essence Like A Trip To New York Eau de Toilette:

  • Limited availability.
  • Stays only for an hour and a half.
  • Pricey for the little quantity because it is a drug store brand.

Will I Repurchase/ Recommend Essence Like A Trip To New York Eau de Toilette?
It is a very cute product for gifting if you get it at a discount but it is not worth Rs.799 because the quantity is less and it does not last through out the day. Rather, I would recommend going for the 10 ml version. I will try other variants rather than coming back to this.

IMBB Rating:

I love the cute fragrances from Essence, but I feel it would have been better if they would have been more accessible. This is so damn pricey as Essence is just some drug store brand. By just adding a few more bucks, I can get some very good perfumes from good brands.

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10 thoughts on “Essence Like A Trip To New York Eau de Toilette Review

  1. I love how they have named all these perfumes. But, the staying power is so freaking low, even Archies deos stay for longer time, even if I use them to the gym.

    1. I know the names are soo cute and that is what convinces me to get these.. lol archies 🙂 the local deos stay even more 🙂 i wish they stayed even more 🙂

    1. I know why why why? 🙁 why does it always happen that essence products lack somewhere or the other.. despite the amazing fragrance.. the staying power 🙁 i am in love with the packaging 🙂

  2. Great review saloni. I would love to try these just for the packaging, even though they have low staying power. I can make them sit pretty on my table :p Are these available online?

    1. hahahahaha same pinch Priyankaaaa 🙂 🙂 i do the same.. they look so pretty on the rack 🙂 yup they are available.. put in the name.. you will get this and many more variants too 🙂

        1. Great Priyankaaa… glad you got them… review it too… so that i will get to know whether there exists something better than this in the range or not 🙂 welcome 🙂

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